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There are a number of issues I'd like to broach with the general forum - these are my opinions, and I welcome any feedback.

1. Extant copy of the Zapruder film. As per my knowledge of the film, drawing from numerous sources, the authenticity of the film has been severely compromised. According to numerous accredited sources [Jack White's work foremost], this film, has undergone splicing and excessive 'doctoring.' I discount any claims that, 'if this is fact, then Nix and Muchmore, etc., must have also been doctored,' as I believe sufficient evidence exists to suggest, yes, in fact, they were; and how could they not have been, considering the scope of the cover-up, the location of these films over the years, the resources available, the mission and the BUDGET involved!

Did we miss the first shot striking Kennedy in the throat from the front? Did we miss the Stemmons Freeway sign being struck by bullet number 3, coming from an angle that didn't coincide with the Dallas Book Depository? Did the film continue 'unmagnified' until the grassy knoll, directly to the right, and about 10' away from where Abraham Zapruder was standing?!?

What's required is a copy of the original film; not a refilmed, spliced, magnified and edited version of the original reshot through the same Bell & Howard camera used by Zapruder. How can we get it?

2. Disinformation. In my opinion, any attempts at supplying or planting disinformation on this site should be immediately identified and the author discredited.

References should be supplied, especially when providing a quotation, or made available upon request in the case of paraphrasing, or referring to a specific researcher's findings.

Again, in my personal opinion, I believe that IRS investigations should be conducted of certain individuals that continue to promote the charade of a lone nut assassin, through the use of selective witness accounts, bogus documentation, alleged interviews and 'doctored' evidence.

The case isn't closed, and won't be until the Warren Report is officially overturned. And I am extremely displeased about a special that was broadcast on A&E -- directly following Nigel Turner's 'The Guilty Men' -- which suggested that some loonie named Lee Harvey Oswald, a.k.a. 'xxxxbird' in the Marines due to his inability to strike the broad side of a barn, could have fired 3 shots in rapid succession [1.8 seconds] with a bolt action, low velocity CARBINE -- which had its sites badly off, through dense foliage [Texas Live Oak I believe?], from a window with a pipe blocking the entire left side, successfully hitting a moving target more than 100 feet away twice, resulting in ~6 different wounds in 2 individuals. This broadcast was in 2003!

The IRS investigation would include a complete audit - total assets and holdings compared with total income, year-to-date. Unless a sufficient accounting can be drawn, where instances exist of greater holdings than income, I would propose that these individuals be penalized for accepting bribes or being in a state of unreported income. If this particular method is ineffective, given that the IRS is simply another government agency, and therefore subject to 'orders,' then the individuals in question should be sued for libel, or malfeasance, or something.

Another item of significant note would be bringing to trial any living individual guilty of manipulating / altering / destroying of evidence or in any other way impeding the initial, and subsequent investigations of the JFK assassination. This would include relocation of wounds, providing doctored autopsy photos, interfering in an autopsy, removing the President's body from Dallas, altering the Zapruder film, creating scenarios in which a single bullet could cause more than 4 wounds and remain intact, etc.

I would like to see a website devoted to known 'fraudulent' authors of such deliberate fabrications, disinformation and suspected collaborators. Fight fire with fire.

3. Continued vigilance in a full frontal assault of the media for failing to perform it's duty. I am interested in the idea of supplying the Press and the networks with the most recent information concerning the assassination, and then bringing litigation against any who fails to make public this information. Just a thought.

[it's interesting to note that even publishers of the vast majority of JFK Assassination related material - the majority of them do not appear to be well known names, e.g. Catfeet Press, Quasar Ltd, Viking Studio?].

4. Witnesses, etc.

Judyth Vary Baker - I for one believe that Judyth Vary Baker should be given the benefit of the doubt. Let's wait until after she's released her book before targetting her and questioning her credibility. Let's recognize that she could potentially be one of the greatest heros in the history of the country.

Marina Oswald - dangerous subject. Whay did she say what she said, why has she changed some of her position, what's her motivation, and really, what could she know anyway? I'd tend to downplay any statements made by this individual, as potentially untrustworthy. Why won't she authorize the release of LHO's W2's?

James E. Files - what can we do to convince you that we need that diary?

Jack Lawrence - Alive today? Anybody looking? What was his role on 11/22/63? Was he a shooter - if so, what was his position, did he hit his target, and who contacted him?

Umbrella Man - Did anyone compare photos of 'Mr. Witt" against the man sitting on the curb in Dealey Plaza?

Hancock's "Somebody would have talked" and somebody did - great concept - there's bound to be more. I know it [i'm halfway through it now, and it's simply packed with information - an excellent piece of work]. Who's missing?

5. Re-opening a new trial, or pushing the Justice Department on the basis of the conclusions of the HSCA. Any ideas?

6. JFK 'Buffs' - Anytime that Nixon wanted to discredit someone, he used a label. Typcially it was associated with the color Red or Pink, using Communism as the means to bring question against the individual's integrity.

I think that this label 'Buff' is a similar tactic, and I resent it. Wouldn't anyone in this forum be content if the US Government decided to officially state the truth of the matter of what occurred November 22, 1963 and why?

For the record, why does anyone care what happened 40 years ago? For myself, it's very simple, as I've had to explain many, many times over the past years: It's not so much the case that, "It can happen again," it's more of a question as to the basic tenets supporting the foundation of the United States - that it maintain a balance of power, that it has freedom, that it has a democracy [despite the fact that it is a Republic], etc.

How free are we? If you are a citizen of the US - How free do YOU feel? How free were the countless individuals that died under mysterious causes, guilty only of giving evidence in the case?

If it happened then, how could it have happened? Unless there were significant and powerful forces at work beyond the Executive Office, superceding it. And then the ultimate question, "if it happened then, where are the powers that effected it, today?"

And then you look at the USS Liberty and the present Iraq crisis, and you have to wonder! Is it all just about money?


Does the US have a balance of power, and are elected bodies representing the rights and needs of the constituency, or are changes necessary and a requirement for this Country?

Wouldn't the recognition by the US Government of a coup detat in 1963 confirm this fact?


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Hi Lee,

In regards to your question on Jack Lawrence, I can tell you he is a Pastor at the Abney Street Church Of God in West Virginia. He may have done a stint between 1979 and 1984 at the Kodiak Church Of God in Alaska but I haven't been able to confirm that.

You can try and contact him at the following email addresses -



I tried some time back and the good Reverend Lawrence was less than helpful.


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"James E. Files - what can we do to convince you that we need that diary?"

Unfortunately: Nothing! He was tortured to near-death for it. Why would he give it up now?

I think he would gladly prove the existence of the diary and the entrance made in it for John F. Kennedy. The only problem is: Giving up the diary would finger many of his former friends (including himself) in some 600 unsolved contract murders. Files just won't do that. I offered him the possibility to give the location to someone he really trusts, like Pam Ray. His answer: She would be dead in 24 hours. Made me realize how silly the question was. Ya know, the biggest problem with that diary is that it will show how the CIA/Government and the Mob were (are?) two sides of the same coin.

What about using the one page? Silly question again. He would still have to tell the location, since he is in jail. Besides, JFK is not the only entry on that page.


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