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Gender neutral theory

Guest Mark Valenti

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The shooter could have been a woman.

Hi Mark,


Ian Fleming's short story "Living Daylights" is about 007's assignment to shoot a Soviet KGB sniper, who turns out to be the women babe chello player in the visiting symphony orchestra. Russian women snipers were heroes of WWII.

In addition, David Phillips pointed out, more than once (Nightwatch and Carlos Contract) that there were more women CIA case officers and agents than you would imagine, and that his case officer in the early years was a women.

Possible women sniper at Dealey Plaza? All of the eyewitnesses of man with rifle in TSBD saw man in white shirt, some saw two men, the other wearing a fedora hat and brown suit coat and tie.

Two MKULTRA tinged subjects do place a women in the TSBD with them, giving orders.


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President Ford would concur.

Probably not. From an interview with Larry King that aired on February 3, 2001:

KING: There's no doubt in your mind it was Lee Oswald acting alone?

FORD: Lee Harvey Oswald committed the assassination, and our commission found no evidence -- no evidence of a conspiracy, foreign or domestic.


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