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July 2005 London Bombings

Sid Walker

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The farcical 'Hutton inquiry' into the Kelly affair showed how 'inquiries' can be managed to run rings around the truth. Not once did Hutton even consider the evidence for murder! A generation earlier across the Atlantic, the Warren Commission served a a prototype for cover-ups dressed up as 'public inquiries'.

Nevertheless, there is surely some value in holding inquiries. Apart from anything else, inquiries are undoubtably incovenient for the perpetrators of heinous crimes - who are trypcially forced to state an (improbable) case in some detail and actively defend their lies. If nothing else, historians can pick over these lies after the event.

Even more importantly, perhaps, is the need to follow due process when investigating all deaths. Coroner's inquiries and / or inquests play a crucial role that should not be usurped or circumvented.

In this context, I understand that the London bombings of July 2005 - in which scores of people died - led to neither a Coroner's Inquiry (or inquest) or any manner of public inquiry. It is now nearly 18 months later.

Am I correct about this? Can anyone who's been watching this more closely, perhaps from within Britain, please fill in the detail?

If it IS indeed the case that there has been close to zero due process in subjecting these heinous crimes to proper public scrutiny, I have a fuirther question.

Are Brits generally aware of this?

Where are the demands for a full public inquiry into the 2005 London bombings?

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Naeez Ahmed wrote a book on the 7/7 bombings and has a website and a blog http://www.independentinquiry.co.uk . For those who haven't already done so, I reccommend his book 'War on Truth:9/11, disinformation and the anatomy of terrorism'.

You might find something of interest at this site and also find a way to contact him.


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