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Biography: Greg R. Parker

Greg R. Parker

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My name is Greg Parker. I live in NSW, Australia. I started researching the assassination of JFK (having almost fallen into it by accident) in 2000. It now concerns most of the ever-diminishing spare time I have. I believe my major contributions have been firstly in uncovering the fact that the work done by John Pic in at least two military hospitals involved human radiation experiments, and that at the time Oswald lived with him, he was working for the Port Security Unit of the Coast Guard. This involved using FBI and ONI informants to rid the maritime industry of alleged subversives; and secondly, in showing that Jack Ruby was, during the 1956/57 period, acting as a conduit for funding of medical experiments tracing back to a corporation involved in WMD research.

But that is just some of the hidden background scenery.

As for Oswald guilt as a lone gunman:

-Lee Harvey Oswald was not on the 6th floor at the time of the shooting. First day statements to the Dallas police and to the media of others in the building prove this beyond a doubt

-Lee Harvey Oswald, imo, did not pull a weapon on the arresting officers. Nick McDonald told the media in the aftermath that Oswald had "given no trouble" and was "calm", and the evidence linking him to the purchase of the weapon is deeply flawed.

-Lee Harvey Oswald did not have Hidell ID on him when arrested (5 officers rode back to ciity hall with him. Not one mentioned two names being found in their initial statements). It was very likely left in a wallet at the Tippit murder scene to implicate Oswald, and was transferred to Oswald's arrest wallet sometime the following day.

The following people may hold significant keys to what happened, and though some have been interviewed under oath already, the right questions were not asked, nor was there any effort to corroborate statements and untangle contradictions.

- 112th MIG and their agents within the Dallas DPD and the media

- John C Jackson - Ruby associate

- Larry Jones - a founding member of CUSA. Was not interviewed by the FBI. Bernard Weissman claimed Jones had left Dallas before the assassination, but strong evidence indicates otherwise.

- Larrie Schmidt

- Bernard Weissman

- Robert B Payne - lawyer for a number of the Birchers who paid for the Black Border ad. May have been the "Mr Payne" who met with Ruby on the morning of the assassination.

- Alpha 66


- 30th of November Group

- Ruth Hyde

- Michael Paine

- Greg Olds

- John Pic

- Marina Oswald Porter

- Marilyn Murret

This thing can be solved. It has to be - for the sake of history, and for the lessons such resolution would bring.

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