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My Website Update

Robin Unger

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That's a very good thing you have done, Robin. I had hoped it would be possible. It will also make me less 'timid' at linking/referring to it more often.

Yours, bravehost, spartacus, maryfarrell and lancer image pages are all very valuable resources to the researcher.

Thanks John.

I appreciate the good work you do here.

Hi Myra.

Thanks for the comments.

Any resources which i use all the time i put up on my main page, so as to gain easy access in case i lose my bookmarks.

Hm, that could mean you use firefox. It sometimes loses my bookmarks when it crashes, and it crashes a lot.

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Hi Anti.

Thanks for the comments.


I had to format my computer hard drive, that is why i lost my bookmarks.

Courtesy of forum hackers who locked up my computer.

Considering that my vocabulary defines "Firewall" as an artillery barrage behind which one advances, rest assured that the virus problems has crashed mine as well.

Many times.

Nevertheless, for Robin & James;

You have done a great service in furtherance of JFK Assassination research and it is certainly wished that the internet and your works would have been available long ago when I first stuck my nose into this can of worms.

I did not see the attached photo on your sites, and although you may in fact have it, will nevertheless provide it again for all to see as well.

It sort of places James Altgens testimony as well as the personal statements of Malcolm Summers into their proper perspective in all things.


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