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  1. Korth was one of the ambitious young Texans who were swept up into Lyndon Johnson's ambit during Johnson's 30's and 40's search for loyal homegrown talent. Caro's portrait of the collective angst of some of this group during a pivotal time for Johnson ( the vote of the State Executive Committee of the Texas Democrat party which would decide whether Johnson's fraudulant win over Coke Stevenson would be certified by the party) is telling: "Standing in the ballroom that evening were Jake Pickle and Raymond Buck and Fred Korth and John Connally, men who had, some of them many years before, tied th
  2. I, too, doubt that Johnson would have personally selected Wallace. If Johnson was aware that the assassination was being organized, he probably would have wanted to distance himself as far as possible from the planning details. The "plant" theory is not unreasonable. The follow-up question here (to be put to someone with the forensic chops to comment on it...) is: Do we have the tools to detect a fake latent, and how would an expert go about examining that issue? If Wallace was there, it doesn't necessarily mean that he was to shoot at the President. I can conceive of many other logistical
  3. In 1998, A. Nathan Darby executed an affadavit in which he confirmed a match between a latent fingerprint found on one of the cardboard boxes that comprised the TSBD "sniper's nest" and the inked print of Malcolm Wallace. Subsequently, Darby's match has been criticized by some people who have the requisite qualifications to critique his work, and by many who don't. A few observations on the debate that has surrounded the fingerprint issue follow, based on a wading through the mire of opinions over the years (with the significant caveat that I am certainly not professionally qualified in this f
  4. Searching up a chain of command for orders or approval for many of the early '60's activities of Phillips (or several other suspect movers in this case) is akin to trying to grip Jello. In 1963, Phillips flitted from Mexico City to Washington to JM Wave, wearing several hats. It is arguable that his nominal superiors (Win Scott and Desmond Fitzgerald) frequently had little knowledge of his contacts and day-to-day movement. He apparently enjoyed a great deal of autonomy, and free-lanced often. It is well to remember that, at the height of the Cuban Missile crisis, Phillips (as Maurice Bishop)
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