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  1. How Important is Bill Kelly's Thread?

    I wasn't implying any problem. I was just remembering back when the forum was very good.
  2. How Important is Bill Kelly's Thread?

    Whether pinned or not, if Bill Kelly started a thread or made a post, it was important, to me at least. This forum misses Bill Kelly. I don't post, but, other than the past couple of months, I've read most of everything from the beginning. In my opinion, Bill Kelly, James Richards and Larry Hancock have been the best contributors to the forum. They have also been among the most civil as well. I'm glad Larry still has a presence here. The forum would be much better if Bill and James did as well.
  3. The Education Forum's Future

    Thanks for all you've done with this James.
  4. Education Forum to Close

    I'll give $100.
  5. Education Forum to Close

    It will be like losing an old friend. Like John, I'd be willing to contribute, but, not administer.
  6. View from the Sniper's Nest

    I appreciate your work Bill.
  7. Debra Conway

    When does the renewal come due?
  8. Out of curiosity

    I've never wavered in my belief of conspiracy, so, I can't personally respond to this topic; but, I would be interested in seeing Vince Palamara respond, as if I remember correctly, he switched from CT to LN then back to CT.
  9. It's a pleasure to read the conversation between two of the absolute best JFK researchers on such an important topic.
  10. John Koch Gene

    I second that Steve. I hope all is good in your world James.
  11. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    I took it as sarcasm.
  12. Am I Detecting A Pattern Here?

    It certainly makes one miss reading the early threads, when high jacking threads seldom happened. When there was civil discourse and threads stayed on topic. It was nice to read every post and not skip over so many as today. The forum surely misses the steady influence of James Richards. Still, it's all worth it when Bill Kelly, Larry Hancock and a few others honor us with their posts.
  13. Dedicated threads? A good idea?

    I agree. I would like for this to be protocol. I get tired of wading through crap to find on-topic posts in threads like Mr. McBride's thread.
  14. Thank you for that history lesson Bill, interesting.
  15. Reopening of the JFK Forum

    Thank you John.
  16. The Future of the JFK Forum

    Mr(s)Trejo and Morrow have both hijacked this thread.
  17. JFK and the Ku Klux Klan

    There's always the extraordinary claims and evidence of the Warren Commission, if you'd rather. Obviously you don't believe it any more than you do my statements, otherwise why are you on this thread? Did you read my answer to you? That explains it for me. "Our" house, "their" house, we had both lived there and I never thought of Uncle Bubba's place as my "home". You don't understand that? Did you also check to see if Juanita Way in on Mount Davidson? Peggy, the woman who lived there had invited me to stay there, so when I say our house, i mean, where I lived with Peggy, Tim, Craig, Joe, and Uncle Bubba at one time. (seems kinda nit-picky to me) No, my story has never changed. I have held onto this information for fifty years. No one has been able to dismiss it from my mind with their theories about how I am delusional. That happens when people are not lying; no one on Earth could convince them they did not see what they KNOW they did see. I stand by my claims. As for "evidence", if my letter to JFK were not being kept by someone else, I could produce that. But you omit answering my request to know how I can go about doing the research myself and exaggerate my claims, twisting it all around. I will never denounce what I have claimed. It is what really did happen. It kinda puzzles me why the police or FBI do not investigate my claims. "because I am a nutbar" is a very slim excuse and there is NO evidence that claim is true. Never has been, I am not lying. However, much of what I claim is substantial enough the FBI or police SHOULD have investigated it long long long ago. The first person I tried to tell about it was Marshal Reece Lewis, good friend of Albert Lewis, no relation, so my mother said. I was only twelve at that time. He of course, laughed at me and called me a crazy little girl, which he was neither licensed nor trained to determine. I found out later that he was a White Knight. My gullibility has been believing the police and FBI are investigative agencies. Obviously they want everyone else to do their work for them. It would be most helpful at some point, if someone really does know how to trace the green truck, if they could tell me how. I will do it. But I think one needs to be a police officer, no? Can a civilian investigate and find records somewhere? Please, is there someone capable of answering that for me? I am convinced many here know how to research. Finding out about that truck might be the evidence you need to see. Please anyone? You quoted me, but, I think you're talking to Tom.
  18. JFK and the Ku Klux Klan

    Respectfully, certainly Terri should do her own research in this matter. And, Paul should do his own regarding Terri's "leads" and for his own theories. Both urge others to do it for them. That has been bugging me. Investigate your claims, present your evidence. Unsubstantiated claims do not suffice in Terri's case, be they true or not. And, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks doesn't work in Paul's.
  19. JFK and the Ku Klux Klan

    Daniel, I think "superficial" and "sounds good arguments" are apt descriptions of the support Paul offers for his theory.
  20. JFK and the Ku Klux Klan

    So Paul, in light of your thinking Terri's "claims have merit", does that mean you think Gabaldon enlisted Terri's uncle?
  21. "JFK, Oswald and the Raleigh Connection"

    LOL a mod baits, then complains about baiting. I get it now. I read you loud and clear, Mr. Scully...and Mr. Colby. This forum is no longer about the JFK assassination; it's about the personalities of the few remaining argumentative posters, and playing "bait" and "gotcha." What a waste of such a once-valuable educational resource. I couldn't agree more and I'm equally disappointed. Another example of this is the Thomas Graves thread. Thankfully, there remains a few whose posts I appreciate and eagerly anticipate, such as Bill Kelly. I must say, I miss the old days of civil discourse, back when James Richards was here. That being said, I appreciate John providing this forum, despite it's flaws. I suspect there will be some who think or say that I don't have the right to state this opinion, with me being someone who doesn't post. But, I say I do, as a member since 2007 and someone who has read nearly every thread ever posted on this forum. I just choose not to post. Happy Thanksgiving.
  22. Specter to Switch Parties

    I am no fan of the two party system; but, like the Republicans or not, or the Democrats for that matter, Specter ran and was elected as a Republican. He should have to fulfill his term as he was elected. That is only fair to those who elected him. If after his term is completed he chooses to switch parties, so be it. What a tool he's been for nearly 50 years.
  23. Music and the JFK Assassination

    quote name='William Kelly' date='Jul 19 2008, 05:00 AM' post='150083'] My friend Michael Tierson does a show every Friday night on local college station WBBC, each show having a theme. He also does a show on Sirus Radio but I don't know when. In any case, his show tonight, Friday, July 18, has a number of songs about the JFK assassination, but none that I've heard before, beginning with The Byrds, He Was A Friend of Mine. Traditional with additional lyrics by jim mcguinn He was a friend of mine He was a friend of mine His killing had no purpose No reason, or rhyme He was a friend of mine He was in dallas town He was in dallas town Form a sixth floor window A gunner shot him down He died in dallas town He never knew my name He never knew my name Though I never met him I knew him just the same Oh, he was a friend of mine David Crosby and Roger McGuin sing it at Monteray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noswW9LtXGU MT also played a blues song about Dallas hate, and then a Phil Ochs song. "Systems, not men, are the enemies," - Phil Ochs quoting Fidel Castro. Jim Clover? Jim and Jean. Jack Ruby Camper Van Beethoven I remember his hat tilted forward His glasses are folded in his vest And he seems like the kind of man who beats his horses Or the dancers who work at a bar We saw on the screen his face for a moment No time to plead or even ask why Jack Ruby appears from out of nowhere Then disappears in broad daylight 'Cause he's a friend of that cloven-hoofed gangster the devil He's been seen with the sheriff and the police Drinking whiskey and water after hours, saying "Let's do business, boys. The drinks are on me." So draw the box along quickly Avert your eyes with shame Let us stand and speak of the weather And pretend nothing ever happened on that day Grant us the luxury, 'cause all our heroes are bastards Grant us the luxury, 'cause all our heroes are thieves Of the innocence of the afternoons Now we think it's a virtue to simply survive But it feels like this calm it's decaying It's collapsing under its own weight And I think its your friend the hangman coming Choking back a laugh, a drunkard swaggering to your door Now do you feel that cold, icy presence ? In the morning with coffee and with bread Do you feel it in the movement of traffic And days are terrible, simply forget Jack Ruby Deep Purple There's no method in my madness, no craft, no guile No expertise, no self assuring smile No wizardry or witchcraft, no crass deceit No dark conspiracies, I stand on my own two feet I'm coming through just like Jack Ruby I ragged around the edges but I got control There's no way around it and I got control I reach out for my program, still got control Straight down to business, who needs control I've got panache just like Jack Ruby I don't beg forgiveness, I don't beg at all But I beg to differ cos I got the ball There was no invitation, you're not my type And what's gone, it ain't worth having, kiss it all goodbye Right on the money just like Jack Ruby Thank you for posting this Bill. I am a fan of CVB.