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  1. Well maybe new in paperback but it came out in 2013.
  2. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/erroneous-jfk-bulletin-fueled-conspiracy-theories-say-phantom-shot-authors-300171092.html
  3. Mark Groubert

    Ruth Paine

    Ruth Paine was in a lesbian relationship with Marina Oswald, IMHO. If you read the "love" letters it's fairly easy to see that if you read between the lines. In addition, she never remarried and as we know, the Dallas police carted off her lesbian film collection and a projector that she argued about them taking. The third "love" letter that she never sent to Marina, she tried very hard and succeeded to get back from the Warren Commission as I recall. Now, spies do sexual things all the time and Marina, was certainly highly sexualized from what I understand. The lesbian relationship could have been a relationship of convenience for one or both. It could have been real or part of one of their or both person's job. Nevertheless, there is so much more to Ruth Paine than has been disclosed. "Forgetting" the higher paying baggage handling job offer for Oswald and tossing away the info has always been suspicious just on its own IMHO.
  4. Bobbie-soxers led to RFK's death according to Evans.
  5. Mark Groubert

    LBJ talks on telephone to Jackie Kennedy on 3/25/65

    I guess it is classic. LBJ was a bipolar, sex-addicted alcoholic, meglomaniac who was into bovine pornography. Can't get more Americana than that!
  6. David Talbot's new book says he was. Is there any evidence of this?
  7. Mark Groubert

    Mark Groubert

    BIO After attending Bard College, The New School for Social Research and New York University Film School Mark Groubert decided it was time to get a serious job. He became a staff writer for National Lampoon Magazine. Following in the tradition of his political satire mentors: Doug Kenney, Tony Hendra, John Hughes, and Michael O’Donoghue, Groubert created such iconic features as Mass Murderer Trading Cards, The Klaus Barbie Doll, Capitalist Hall of Fame Plaques, and Sexual Jeopardy: The Home Game. Groubert, also co-wrote the immensely popular National Lampoon Dirty Joke Book. He then created, published and edited MTV Magazine; the first nationally distributed desktop publication in America. Magazine Week nominated the monthly publication for its Publishing Excellence Award. Groubert also produced the hit show Mambo Mouth, which won an Off-Broadway Obie Award for star John Leguizamo. Groubert followed by producing the filmed version for HBO and Island Pictures. For the HBO Network Groubert then co-produced On The Ledge, an avant-garde variety show, as well as talent producing the award-winning documentary: Mo’ Funny: Black Comedy in America. He did a stint as editor of The Weekly World News. He has written for High Times, Penthouse, LA City Beat and numerous other publications. Groubert serves as the Senior Film and Book Reviewer for the popular political website Crooks and Liars.Com. He has been an investigative reporter/features writer for the LA Weekly (Village Voice Media) since 1994. His recent work includes Rehab City – a three-part investigative series looking into the Los Angeles drug rehab scene, as well as, Box of Dreams: In Search of a Soul Lost and Found in L.A. He recently wrote the book "Rehab Nation: Inside The Secret Work of Celebrity Drug Rehabs” currently doing well on Amazon. He is a life long Dodger fan and bleeds Dodger Blue.