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  1. The fading of interest in the JFK case is inevitable due to the passing of time. I am one who believes there are actors who help the public 'wait out' (Angleton's words?) the desire for truth, but history is forgotten, eventualy. I think since I have taken an interest (about 3/4 years) some conspiracy theories have certainly faded : Mafia did it, Cuba did, Russia did it., these are all theories whose support has diminished, but at least within the research community there are other theories that have diminshed. For example ; few think the medical evidence supports the Warren Commission. F
  2. Former CIA officials say Trump can’t be trusted with US secrets once he’s no longer president – Raw Story
  3. I am willing to listen to the argument that there was no back wound on the body when it left Parkland but I wonder if two questions can be addressed relating to the assumption. 1. To those accepting of the theory : Why wasn't the hole created to match the single bullet concept? Or any downward trajectory to the throat wound.? 2. To those rejecting the theory: Where in the Z film is the reaction to being shot in the back?
  4. Pat Speer's article doesn't get us very far, and doesn't debunk the Dictabelt evidence. He doesn't really even try to debunk it. Lets say from the beginning the mystery of who recorded the shots has not been definitviely determined. If you're looking for film backup then you have two problems ; Firstly the community is not agreeing on potential crops to films and secondly the Dictabelt recording likely has 'skips' in it (See D B Thomas's later work on this, he postulates where they may be.) So if you want to say 'voila! McClain wasn't in the right place' then I can't counter that a
  5. I would say 'I don't know, but the CIA share the guilt. Until the CIA come clean The State is sadly not to be trusted to act on the will of the people'
  6. Can anyone direct me to an accurate map of the Zapruder film? What I'm looking for is a guide from frame 1 onwards as to what exists, if missing/damaged then a date for this and where are the confirmed splices and alleged splices. This information doesn't appear to be in one place and I struggle with spliced/damaged copy stories as opposed to what frames actually exist. I just read that Robert Groden matched an acoustic evidence 'shot' with 2 missing frames but I can't tell if these frames ever turned up. Thanks for any guidance.
  7. I had a minor exchange with Photon. He was arguing about the throat shot and resorted to something like JFK had a funny neck!
  8. The theories regarding an abort team and two different groups attempting the assassination don't seem well substantiated to me. I think equally plausible is that some shots (possibly from the TBSD) were merely to create a distraction, whereas silenced shots were fired by the assassins. How did Hargis get hit?
  9. This video is extremely convincing concerning the Direction of two shots from the South Knoll and unconvincing about everything else. I am now logging this as a fact demonstrated to my satisfaction after years of ignoring South Knoll theories. As I understand the evidence the gap for the gunman to aim for the headshot through was pretty small and opens up with the limos travel down Elm Street. I would suggest the head shot from this location is likely a bit farther down Elm.
  10. Hi Mark. Thankyou for your extensive reply. I was trying to make a point about the Dictabelt that is more general than the shot location on the knoll. I haven't read about the following information for a long time so please correct errors. 1. Shots from a rifle were test fired from the snipers nest. 2. The wave form created by the shots was recorded by microphones along DP. 3. The wave form created by these test shots matched with a high level of significance the wave forms recorded on the dictabelt . A complex form caused by the acoustics of DP. 4. The microphones t
  11. Hi Mark, I would really urge you to avoid discounting the Dictabelt recording too easily. In terms of supporting evidence I would go as far as to say it is a much more robust starting point than the Zapruder film. If you look into the methods used to test the recording used around the HSCA and consider the Statistical Significance of the data it is astonishing. I believe any unbiased scientist would be forced to changed the burden of proof question from ; 'Is this an audio recording of the assassination?' to 'How can this audio recording be seriously challenged?' . You can read essays by
  12. Hi Mark, I am delighted you have continued your research but intrigued by what I perceive is a change in your perceptions. Please could you confirm : You believe the evidence suggests more than three shots (six shots)? You believe the Dictabelt recording is indeed recorded around the right time, and within the location of the assassination but doesn't match the films?
  13. I get nervous when posters conflate the positions of wounds to the Direction of shots. Chris Davidson's thread (Revealing the limo stop) explores the possibility there are frames missing around the time of headshots. Therefore Kennedy's head position on impact is unclear. Secondly bullets do not necessarily travel in a straight line after hitting something. Bullets from silenced weapons have less momentum and are thus more likely to deflect more. I judge the evidence strongly suggest an entry in the temple. Burkley told Kilduff this and he repeated it twice. Its a straightfor
  14. Thank you Mark, this is extremely helpful. I understand what you are saying now more clearly about knowledge of the camera filming speeds. I think I conclude that none of the cameras rates can be relied upon. I hope you read the Alvarez article I posted in this thread, as it suggests a method of assessing film rates, possibly an inaccurate one. I think your list of options is incomplete as the Zapruder film could be missing more or less than 2 seconds of film. I would repeat the evidence is quite strong that some frames are missing. I tend towards believing a small number around Z313.
  15. I hope Mark Tyler will respond to this post to clear up the apparent difference in his view to Chris Davidson's. 264 Weigman frames are timed to pass through the camera in 11 seconds. Do you agree this shows that Weigman's camera ran at 24 fps? If you don't agree I would be very grateful if you could explain why? If you do agree, could you then confirm if you then accept that the mismatch in the two films indicates that the extant Zapruder film has approximately 2 seconds missing? I value your opinion as you've demonstrated excellent understanding of how to combine
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