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  1. Eddy Bainbridge

    Russell's question

    Hi David, many thanks for your excellent reply . You have reinforced my understanding of the troubling adjustment of the survey plat and the plausible but complex explanation of the reasons for it. I am convinced by the acoustic data, but not by D B Thomas's matching of the shots to the Zapruder film ( http://www.whokilledjfk.net/d_b_thomas_report.htm ) He uses the Film speed as 18.3 fps and you are challenging this. Are you able to use the acoustic evidence to assist in yours and Chris's analysis? I think the first thing you would have to address is your assertion that there was multiple shots fired at exactly the same time, since the acoustic evidence and analysis does not support that.
  2. Eddy Bainbridge

    Russell's question

    Hi Michael, The Ignore function on The Education forum is extremely valuable. I have you on Ignore. I have edited your reply to my post to demonstrate why you are on ignore. You have used two phrases that set my alarm bells off. "We all know that that's what really happened" is a phrase that will never be used by someone honestly interested in JKF's assassination. The phrase "Now try to keep an open mind here" has been used by you to convey the impossibility of keeping an open mind 'here'. I find reading anything I don't have an open mind about intolerable. Its a pity you don't. On the subject of the ignore function. I had hoped to monitor the people I ignore, in case they said something worthwhile, by seeing how their posts were reflected by others. That bit of the plan hasn't worked yet, but I'll keep trying.
  3. Eddy Bainbridge

    Russell's question

    Hi David , I don't understand your post. I am interested in understanding it, but rather than explain I would greatly appreciate your help in another area. Would you be willing to provide a guide to the work of Chris (math rules) Davidson. I have asked him to explain his thread and I suspect you are one of the few people who understand what he has done. You have shown great skill with explanatory diagrams and unravelling complex issues (Oswald's Mexico travel for example) and I suspect he is on to something very significant. He doesn't however seem to have a desire to appeal to the masses.
  4. Eddy Bainbridge

    Russell's question

    I fear one can make an argument for National Security which gives little succour to anyone seeking the truth. If the Intelligence Agencies have any culpability in the assassination or any culpability in its cover up, then it demonstrates there is a severe weakness in American Democracy. A severe weakness in Governance is a threat to National Security. Perhaps its better not to reveal such a weakness?
  5. Eddy Bainbridge

    Harvey justifies the assassination of JFK

    In the clip linked below note how vehemently the friend(Ruben Carbajal) of David Morales ( who worked with Harvey on assassinations) makes the moral case for the hatred of Kennedy. The witnesses in the clip are persuasive that Morales was a man of action and who was willing to indicate the CIA 'got' JFK, an action he fully backed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzOs-jTOo-Q I would suggest the evidence shows Morales would affirm Harvey's justification of the assassination.
  6. Eddy Bainbridge

    Harvey justifies the assassination of JFK

    Yes, go to Mary Ferrell foundation for transcript. Eddy
  7. William K Harvey's testimony to the Church Committee is fascinating. It illuminates a highly intelligent, and morally motivated man. Several times he returns to topics he has testified upon, to ensure he is not being misunderstood, or has not given a clear and honest answer. He is meticulous with his wording and respectful to the committee, this is a man who appears to have a highly considered moral code. He demonstrates this when asked by Bissell to investigate the CIA's capabilities for executive action: "Well I'm not trying to be humorous, but the first thing I did quite honestly, was to go back and think about it, and try to think out my own thoughts...' In his own words assassination of high ranking officialdom is justified. (my highlights added) "I can conceive of it being perfectly within the province of an intelligence service, one, on proper orders, from the proper highest authority in case of utter necessity to eliminate a threat to security of this country by any means whatever, whether its a nuclear strike or a rifle bullet, if I may be that blunt." "The second category of case is the one where not the Constitutionally defined treason, but treason in the ethical sense is involved, and where a given individual is guilty of such treason, either has to be eliminated or one of more other lives of a great deal more worthiness and a great deal more value obviously have to be sacrificed. I would not personally exclude assassination or any other technique as a proper weapon under such circumstances." I think 'proper highest authority' is a carefully chosen phrase. He is talking to Senators. The audience-specific phrase is a choice of 'The President' , 'The White House' or 'The Democratically Elected Government'. The phrase used suggests William K Harvey himself determines 'the proper highest authority' i.e An authority he deems worthy of that name. The phrase "treason in the ethical sense" I would suggest can only convey one meaning: That is , 'treason in my ethical sense'. So, from Harvey's own analysis: If Kennedy's Bay of Pigs decisions are an act of "treason in the ethical sense" then executive action is justifiable when the order comes from 'the proper highest authority'. His wife referred late in life to the Kennedys as 'scum'. Presumably the type of people who can be removed so those of "a great deal more worthiness" can live.
  8. Eddy Bainbridge

    The JFK Assassination (2018) by James DiEugenio

    Mr DiEugenio , First there was 'On the trail of the assassins' then there was 'Reclaiming Parkland', surely your comments point to a new film!!
  9. Eddy Bainbridge

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    Hi Mr Kamp, There was a question I guess would have been hard for you to ask in public: But I would like to know what Malcolm Blunt thinks of your research on Prayerman? Can you enlighten me?
  10. Eddy Bainbridge

    FOIA Request tutorial thread

    I live in the UK and there is a piece of Freedom of Information requests I would like to clarify. In the UK we have had cases where the debate has been over whether the body requested to provide information is in fact a 'public' body to which the law applies. If this avenue of challenge is open in the USA are there any supposedly non-public bodies that FOIA requests about the assassination could be made? For example : Is a body that holds public records a public body?
  11. Eddy Bainbridge

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    Mr Hancock, the best compliment I think I can give you is that I hope you live a very long time! We need you. Thank you very much for your clarifying words on 'Deep History'. I entirely agree with your sentiment that the term 'Deep State' has been hijacked, by lazy hijackers. Without wishing to make assumptions about any hypothesis you have on the assassination, I wonder if there may be a tantalising means of evidencing a 'Rogue element': If there was a surface element of the CIA who were unaware of a plot to assassinate JFK, then when it happened it must have created an element of shock. I have read that there certainly is evidence of this shock. I read that Jefferson Morley thinks Angleton may have been unaware of the assassination for example. "All I can say is there is a lot we don’t know. Was Angleton running Oswald? Or was someone else? There’s some evidence that makes me think Angleton was surprised by Kennedy’s assassination. Bill Simpich thinks Angleton was not part of a plot to kill JFK for reasons that make sense. So rather than commit to a speculative position without direct evidence, I’ll just say I don’t know. Because I don’t." - J Morley So, like the people running up the grassy knoll, because their senses indicated the direction of fire, is there evidence of shocked actors metaphorically focussing on the guilty?
  12. Eddy Bainbridge

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    Mr Hancock, I have just listened to your fascinating presentation and wondered if you might answer a couple of questions on it: 1. You mentioned Harvey being brought into Staff D and an assassination attempt being made on Lamumba. Does your research indicate that Harvey initiated assassination attempts? The short History you gave of Harvey suggested an intelligence gatherer, not necessarily a character who was going to embark on regime change actions. 2. A subject of general fascination in this field is speculation on the motives of RFK post-assassination. I think you are suggesting RFK was pursuing the elimination of Castro while JFK was pursuing détente. Do you think this explains RFK's failure to pursue or facilitate investigations? 3. You are expounding an interesting alternative to the 'Deep State'. You are suggesting the 'Socially Connected State'. Am I getting that right? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Eddy Bainbridge

    Trump Caved: Three More years

    Dreaming of an end to this misery I wondered if Oliver Stone would be able to get finance for another film ; 'JFK 2018' (or 2020 if it takes a while). Since the 90's the original films premise has been enhanced. I think the people who advised on the film (still living) could colour in some more of the story and the reputation of the original would get the crowds flocking in. Whilst the first film looked at events in New Orleans the new one could look at Mexico City and really hammer home the cover-up of medical evidence.
  14. Eddy Bainbridge

    Ted Kennedy

    I think a far more interesting question is ; Why did the Kennedy clan react to JFK's assassination in the way they did? I think a potential good answer to this is the involvement Bobby had with Castro Assassination attempts. It may have seemed a real risk that Bobby was tarred with killing his own brother. Winning the Presidential election and enhancing his brother's legacy may have appeared to be a better option.
  15. Eddy Bainbridge

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