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  1. Document Restoration

    With limited time this is the best I have managed. I guess to someone who knows what they are looking at it may spark an interest, or dismiss as a dudd. DOC 104-10211-10186.doc DOC 104-10211-10186.docx
  2. New document release today 10,744 documents

    Just had a quick scan, lots of stull about De Mohrenshildt, back to 1942.
  3. Document Restoration

    I have tried to attach a CIA document https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146988 in Microsoft word format after my first attempt at repairing it. I decided my eyes were pretty good at character recognition but also that my brain might recognise patterns to fill in the blanks. As it is a CIA document I assumed it would contain cryptonyms but alas the only one I thought I could recognise was AMSPELL. I haven't looked deeply into the records released and some of the illegible documents don't look like they can be saved. I suspect some aren't even genuine text. The one I have chosen is tantalising to me, as I suspect someone with greater CIA document knowledge would see more in it than I do, and someone with greater I.T skills could take advantage of the visible marks that may be converted back into discernable letters. DOC 104-10211-10186.docx
  4. Rachel Maddow, JFK and Easy Money

    Mr DiEugenio , I always read your posts with great interest and there is an area that I would like to read your comments on. The CIA's official position has morphed into stating there was a 'benign cover-up'. Can you comment on the what/when/why of this change? You could hardly say the MSM forced the change?
  5. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Hi George, I am extremely grateful to you for posting this data, but unfortunately I am too stupid to understand it. Please could you help me? I understand there are several points at which the 'shots' on the dictabelt can be compared with the Z-film. In order these are; Kennedy lifts arms, flap of Connally 's lapel (I can't see this but I think analysis was done which found it in the film), and Headshot. I'm guessing your references to blur analysis for other points are predictions (or is there evidence I am missing?). How does your table align the results of blur analysis with acoustic (is there a start point somehow?, and what are your references to seconds, I don't understand what they refer to. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Hi George, I am very interested in the above statement. I am convinced by the correlation between the acoustic evidence and other evidence , but my confidence in evidence does not stretch to believing the Zapruder film has not been altered. When you say that the correlation is not exact can you clarify where it is inexact? The commentary by experts on the film appears to leave open the possibility of some frame removal. If the acoustic evidence doesn't quite match the blur analysis, could that be because the Zapruder film doesn't quite match actual events?
  7. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    In "Politico’s JFK story may be wrong but it is not ‘disinformation’ Jeff Morley wrote:- "I know Shenon and Sabato. Both are very knowledgable about the JFK story. There is plenty to debate in their journalism and scholarship but nothing that indicates they would intentionally lie. While I disagree with their analysis of the JFK case, I have no reason to believe they are making assertions they know to be false. No evidence is presented for the insinuation of intentional deception, so I believe the charge is baseless and should be withdrawn." The statement above rather defeats itself. If Jeff Morley 'Know's Shenon and Sabato' then why have they failed to use him as a signpost to the Facts of the JFK case? unless they have reason to avoid the facts? I fully agree with Jim DiEugenio , Shenon is deliberately attempting to limit the impact of any document release and has wasted his airtime, when an honest journalist would at least provide a considered review of why some of the unreleased documents could be revealing.
  8. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    The acoustic evidence, which has yet to be effectively impeached by anyone to my knowledge, is the starting point for me. From that we get a sliding scale, definitely 3 shots, almost certainly 4 four shots, up to 6 discernable shotlike sounds. Claims for more and you have to claim silenced shots, juxtaposed shots etc. I would suggest the acoustic evidence is sufficient to eliminate a single rifle shooter (shots too close together) and to determine at least two locations (In front and behind limousine). Other than the acoustic evidence, determining the number of shots is pretty speculative since any witness testimony is subject to potential misinformation/alteration.
  9. Document Restoration

    Hi Glenn, all docs are on the Mary Ferrell website. This looks like a straightforward to repair illegible document https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146988 This looks far harder https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=147148 . Even the tough one, when you zoom in on the image appears to have dark pixels which MAY be able to be reformed into characters based on their estimated positions. I hope you have some success. Eddy
  10. Document Restoration

    I have looked at some of the ineligible documents released, and feel there is sufficient data within them for restoration to be attempted using Optical Character Recognition Software. In the typewritten documents there are sufficient legible letters (or perhaps similar clearer documents could be used) to map the fonts and identify letters by means of elimination. The final weapon in the restoration armoury would be contextual evaluation (e.g if we get 'Ogwals' from the software, a human can have a good guess what the original word is). Has anyone tried this?, could it work? is there anyone in the research community who could try?
  11. 16 mind-blowing facts about who really killed JFK

    I do not think that Oswald being an FBI asset is an established fact. What I don't know is how we get from a Warren Commission memorandum stating he is, to no reaction?. Can anyone explain?
  12. The National Security State and JFK

    If LBJ was a plotter for war then something made him change tack, what was it? If Kennedy was killed , LBJ would come to power. If he was not in on the plot what level of confidence would the plotters have that he would go to war with Cuba? Did the plotters completely misjudge LBJ's response? I am willing to be persuaded there was a plot to provide a pretext for war, but only if I can understand why it failed. Otherwise a plot with the sole goal of killing Kennedy is just as likely in my view, and that then opens up more potential culprits again.
  13. The National Security State and JFK

    Thank you for responding. Can you give your opinion on why LBJ's response wasn't anticipated by the plotters?
  14. The National Security State and JFK

    I watched several of these videos. The one that really interested me is Doug Horne's. The Northwoods document outlining the suggested Joint Chiefs of Staff pretexts for war with Cuba is scary. I could not help imagining the obvious unlisted pretext that may have been implemented. I would like to know what views people have on this idea ( That the assassination was planned as a pretext for war) Specifically I want to know what stopped it working? I have never read a plausible answer to that. Could Oswald have inadvertently stopped war, by sounding sane/ calm\believable in the brief TV appearances, and thus spooking the conspirators. Or, was the problem a mess- up in the Mexico City cover story, again spooking the conspirators. What spooked the conspirators?
  15. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    Please David could you help me follow your thinking by describing some possibly common ground; 1. Suspiciously quickly after the assassination claims are made that Oswald was a commie with known associations to Cuba (Russia trip,FPCC New Orleans, and MC visit) 2. The claims can be traced to the DRE, and thus to Phillips and the CIA. 3. You believe that Oswald was never in MC at the relevant time, thus blurring the argument that the MC episode was a sheep dipping exercise by the CIA to prepare Oswald for his Patsy role. It's taking a big risk with the Oswald part of the cover-up if any investigation can quickly refute Oswald was in MC. Wasn't there a risk the FBI might blow the story? You certainly provide a strong argument they had the evidence to do so? 4. The Oswald as Commie story seems to have been superceded/covered up/rejected by the establishment, but its hard to make the case that this was because they realised his links to MC were bogus. Do you subscribe to a possible explanation that the 'Oswald as commie' and perhaps the assassination itself was a rogue/compartmentalised CIA plot? and that the realisation of the consequences of this plot caused the wider CIA/wider establishment to cover up? This, I feel is a good explanation of the failure to provide actual photos of Oswald in MC, since less questions about covert operations are asked if the 'myth' of Oswald in Mexico is maintained.