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Oswald was not in MC

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41 minutes ago, David Josephs said:

The 10/10/63 memo from the CIA https://statick2k-5f2f.kxcdn.com/images/pdf/chapter6_3c.pdf 

to Navy, State and FBI tells them specifically that LEE OSWALD was heard on Oct 1st via a sensitive source tapping the Russian Embassy in Mexico...p2 of the pdf

As mentioned, we have very few reports on Oswald from Sept 23 until Nov 1st....  we have the IN&S cc mentioned to Hosty by Jeff Woosley on Oct 18....

It would be natural for the FBI to CYA and do a little checking of their own....  remember, Hoover said to LBJ that the man was not his photo or his voice so there must be a "second man down there".... (not that Ozzie was being impersonated of course...)

I THINK...  again "THINK" that Hoover.FBI/Hosty knew exactly where Oswald was Sept 24 - Oct 4th --- on his way thru Austin to Odio then on to Dallas and finally the YMCA...
Oswald did not call Marina until the 4th to get a ride home... she hung up on him...




Thanks David.

Can you make it so that your link works. It says I am forbidden.

I do recall that the memos were sent out. However, I thought they were manipulated in some way by the CIA so as not to raise a red flag. Like a change in the name and the wrong description. Lee Henry Oswald?? This was one of the first things I read about when I got started with the JFK assassination, and so I didn't really understand what was going on.

Do you think the memos were designed not to raise red flags?


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use this and then any chapter you’d like...


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