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Lee Forman

'UFO' connections to the JFK Assassination

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.....When I started the thread that was referenced earlier about Maury Island UFO, the idea was to help remove the stigma of the linkage, [i.e. the dynamic of juxtaposing the UFO issue, side-by-side to the JFK Assassination, IMO the book is a must read, [Kenn Thomas is a real asset to the JFK research community] and offers as much clarity concerning the events surrounding the Maury Island incident and the characters contained therein, to help de-mystify it, to the optimum degree, that I think is possible.

I tend to agree with most, if not all of the author's assertions in the book.....

It was Robert Howard's earlier thread that induced me to purchase and read Maury Island UFO by Kenn Thomas. I'm forced to agree completely with Robert's assessment of the book. For me though, the subtitle "The Crisman Conspiracy" is indicative that Thomas' book sure raises a lot of seemingly unanswerable questions.

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Just finished Cooper's book, 'Leap of Faith.' Highly recommended. Cooper, one of the original astronauts, was part of Mercury, and set multiple new records in space travel for the US. He also had a lot to say about a number of different topics - affirming quite a bit of material I have learned from other sources - some that I attempted to capture here, and some that I did not. Very familiar with the discs - he had the luck to have seen one in Germany, and another from photos taken which were immediately seized by Washington. He was forbidden to make prints of the negatives or film - but he looked at them closely. Gordon was an interesting character - I set about trying to contact him, only to learn that Cooper passed on in 2004.

Anyway, one interesting aside is that Cooper was allegedly asked by Kennedy to accompany him in the Dallas Motorcade [for support], the evening of 11/21/63 - he had to decline because of a previous engagement. Cooper assumes that had he been able to join, he would have been sitting with Kennedy in the Lincoln. Cooper was very impressed with Kennedy, and not as impressed with Johnson, who severely cut the NASA budget on multiple occasions, and even allegedly gave the order to classify and seize photos Cooper had taken of the earth from orbit, since he had unfortunately taken a few photos of Area 51.

Cooper's book also gave me a different perspective on Werner von Braun. Braun does not appear to have ever been a Nazi.

- lee

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From a bit of reading, it seems apparent that quite a lot of testing resulted in multiple failures. Pretty interesting article however. Hit the link to see the illustrations.


America's Nuclear Flying Saucer

by John Wilson

illustrations: Tom freeman



In 1949, the biggest black hole in the universe wasn't in space, but across the Bering Strait. Stretching across 12 time zones, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was, as Winston Churchill would so memorably describe it, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

The few things that most people knew about life behind the Iron Curtain seemed to be pieces of an incomprehensible puzzle. For the handful of intelligence experts who saw how the pieces fit, the "workers' paradise" presented a clear and present danger to the American way of life.

What the intelligence community knew, and most people did not, was that in the final frantic hours of World War II, the Soviet army had hastily raided Germany's most advanced weapons research laboratories.

And, on Aug. 29, 1949, only four years after Hiroshima, the technological booty from those raids turned a country whose farmers still used horse-drawn plows into a nuclear superpower.

The fireball of the communist atomic bomb cast a sinister new light on an event that previously seemed quite inconsequential. In the summer of 1945, an unusual rumor had begun to circulate within the intelligence division of the European Command. During interrogations, captured German aircraft engineers referred to an extraordinarily fast rocket plane under development at a secret base in Bavaria.

Unlike theMesserschmitt Me 163 rocket planes that had begun to attack Allied bombers in the last months of the war, this aircraft had an odd-looking curved wing that blended into its fuselage. The aerodynamic advantage of this configuration had been known to American designers for more than a decade.

It created more lift than a standard wing, especially at low speeds, and provided more internal capacity for carrying bombs. In the early days of the war, the U.S. Navy had briefly experimented with circular wing design for those very reasons.

Anticipating that the first generation of communist atomic bombs would be as heavy as those America had dropped on Japan, it seemed reasonable to U.S. defense planners that the Soviet air force, which then lacked a nuclear bomber, would try to adapt German disc technology. The United States was, after all, doing exactly the same thing with the V-2s and Nazi rocket scientists it had spirited away in Operation Paper Clip.

In our July 1997 cover story, "Roswell Plus 50," POPULAR MECHANICS detailed how Air Force interestin duplicating Nazi technology led to two American flying disc projects. Project Silver Bug sought to build a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Project Pye Wacket was to create small discs for use as air-to-air missiles. Documents declassified since then point to a third secret project, a 40-ft. "flying saucer" designed to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space.

HOW IT WORKS: Helium balloon carries vehicle back to the launch site.

The official designation for America's nuclear flying saucer was the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV). It was designed by engineers at the Los Angeles Division of North American Aviation, under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The project was managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, where German engineers who had worked on rocket plane and flying disc technology had been resettled

Escape_capsule deployment

The LRV escaped public scrutiny because it was hidden away as one of the Pentagon's so-called "black budget" items—that is, a secret project that is incorporated into some piece of nonclassified work. On Dec. 12, 1962, security officers at Wright-Patterson classified the LRV as secret because: "It describes an offensive weapon system." The project remained classified until May 1999, when a congressionally mandated review of old documents changed the project's status as a government secret, downgrading it to public information. The Department of Defense did, however, successfully seek to have the document's distribution restricted to defense contractors. PM obtained its copy as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

MULTISTAGE CONTROLLABLE CHUTE: In normal operation, the LRV would use its saucer shape to dissipate re-entry heat and then provide lift for atmospheric flight.

Inside the LRV

"The operational mission design is six weeks' duration at a nominal orbital altitude of 300 nautical miles, with a crew of four men," according to the report. The weapons bay would hold "four winged weapons" that could be either launched or detached and parked on orbit. There are repeated references to the LRV launching weapons-carrying clusters.

A considerable part of the design study focuses on the details of building a 40-ft.-dia. airframe and strengthening it against the acceleration of 8 g's and wind shear it would experience during launch. However, no mention is made of the type of booster the disc would ride into space.

Most likely, the LRV would have flown atop a multistage rocket, like the Saturn booster used in the Apollo moon program. The engineering study, however, suggests a more intriguing possibility. At some point, the LRV could have been powered by one of the nuclear rockets then under development by the Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. Several of these rockets were in fact built and successfully tested in Nevada. Although the government claims all of its nuclear rocket program records have been declassified, a search of the Department of Energy (DOE) human radiation experiment database indicates otherwise. PM has learned that 40 cu. ft. of records related to the human health effects of the nuclear rocket program, compiled between 1956 and 1975, are stored in a secured location—Building 1001—at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M. A DOE spokesman told PM that the only reason these records would have remained classified was if they dealt with an operational military system.

The four-man crew would ride a wedge-shaped capsule built inside the LRV. The capsule would divide the front portion of the disc into separate work and off-duty areas. The nuclear-tipped rockets would be stored in the rear segments.

Although these rockets were not called multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRVs), they match the description of these multiple-warhead-delivery devices, which were later banned by disarmament treaties. An MIRV-equipped LRV would have been able to eliminate the war-making capabilities of the Soviet Union, China and North Korea at the push of a button.

In normal operations, the capsule would function as the LRV's flight control center. In an emergency, the crew could fire the capsule’s independent 50,000-pound-thrust solid-fuel rocket motor and return to Earth. The capsule’s final descent would be slowed by a parachute, much like the X-38 "lifeboat" planned for the international space station now under construction.

A textbook mission would conclude with the entire LRV returning to Earth. It would fire its nuclear or liquid-fueled main rocket to brake, then travel edge-first into the atmosphere. Its disc form would dissipate the heat of re-entry, then act as a wing. Its flattened tail structure would provide directional stability and control. A minute or so before landing, skids would extend and the LRV would settle onto a stretch of dry lakebed.

The engineering study does not describe how the LRV, which would weigh just over 17,000 pounds without its crew, weapons, fuel and stores, would then have been returned to the launch pad. One possibility, suggested by the inclusion of a high-pressure helium storage tank, is that it would have been ferried by a heavy-lift balloon, as shown in the drawing on the opposite page. While the LRV would not have had sufficient helium to inflate a balloon, the tank would have had sufficient capacity for replenishing the lift-bag to permit trips of several thousands of miles.

In 1997, as part of its effort to debunk the Roswell alien landing myth, the Air Force revealed details of several heavy-lift balloon research projects. Among those were experiments in which 15,000-pound payloads were lifted to 170,000 ft.

While not specifically acknowledging the LRV by name, an Air Force spokesman conceded that during the Cold War it routinely used high-altitude balloons to lift unusual airframes for aerodynamic tests.

Airframe tests of secret planes were most likely the cause of still-unexplained UFO sightings.

And a balloon-lifted LRV test flight would certainly match the classic UFO reports of a silvery disc hovering motionless in the sky, then silently shooting upward.

Click to enlarge

Illustration by John Batchelor

Crash Debris

The engineering study obtained by POPULAR MECHANICS contains language that describes a re-entry heating test that, at the time, could have been accomplished by only a high-altitude drop of a flying prototype. A further indication that the LRV flew comes from a retired Air Force contractor. He tells PM he personally saw a craft fitting the description of the LRV at a Florida base that he had been visiting on unrelated business in the late 1960s. However, what is by far the most compelling evidence that the LRV, or a flying prototype, was actually built comes from Australia.

In 1975, Jean Fraser found an odd bit of honeycomb-like debris on her family’s ranch south of Brisbane. The area is in the vicinity of what was then a secret Australian testing range where the British and Americans conducted some of their most secret atomic experiments. Since the LRV was to carry a small nuclear reactor to provide electricity for flight systems, it is conceivable that tests would have been conducted at this isolated location.

Local legends claim the honeycomb was debris from a flying saucer that exploded over the test range in 1966. The remaining pieces were supposedly collected by the military and returned to the United States aboard a U.S. Air Force plane. Interested in learning if the debris was extraterrestrial, Dick Smith, a Sydney businessman, arranged for the University of New South Wales to perform a chemical analysis.

The debris contained minerals commonly found in aircraft-grade fiberglass panels. Based on the university's report, the Mufon UFO Journal, the monthly magazine of the Mutual UFO Network (http://www.mufon.com/), debunked rumors of the debris having any alien origin.

LRV Specifications

Crew 4

Weapons 4 nuclear missiles

Mission Length 6 weeks


Diameter 40 ft.

Center 90 in.

Edges 6 in.

Wing 1548 sq. ft.


Launch 45,000 lb.

Landing 33,395 lb.

Empty 17,042 lb.


Booster Chemical/Nuclear

Main Hypergolic/Nuclear

Capsule Solid fuel

Electric Power 7 kw (thermal nuclear)

Designer North American Aviation

Unexplained Residue

PM became interested in revisiting the Australian debris analysis when we noticed a similarity between a photograph of the mystery honeycomb and a cross-section diagram in the LRV engineering study.

We've put the two images next to each other (right). Let us know what you think.

We were also curious about two points that were raised in the university's chemical analysis, but not pursued once it was determined that the debris originated on Earth. The first has to do with the presence of small amounts of titanium. Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal used extensively in spacecraft. While some fiberglass products also contain titanium, it is not in the chemical form found in the debris.

The second curiosity has to do with chemical residues. Those found on the honeycomb were similar to those typically found in the vicinity of high-temperature chemical explosions. A possible explanation for such an explosion can be found in LRV engineering drawings. Like the German Me 163 rocket plane, the main engine of the LRV was designed to burn hypergolic fuel, highly reactive fluids that can explode on contact, releasing tremendous amounts of energy. Plans show that the LRV would have carried 9375 pounds of nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine.

In Germany, landing Me 163s were plagued by on-board fires, caused by the sloshing of a type of hypergolic fuel in mostly empty fuel tanks. According to the design study, the tanks aboard the LRV could never be completely emptied either, making accidents like those aboard Me 163s all but inevitable. LRV project managers would have been well aware of this unique danger, as one of the members of the Wright-Patterson aeronautical research team was Rudi Opitz, one of Germany's first Me 163 test pilots.

The materials recovered from the Fraser farm bear a striking resemblance to LRV engineering drawings.

LRV documents released thus far tell only part of the story. But in time, the secrecy on progress reports, construction drawings and perhaps even operational records will expire and we will be able to tell the rest of the story. Perhaps they will reveal that the LRV remained a general's pipe dream, a multimillion-dollar paper plane that never took flight. Or they may tell the story of the most astounding adventure in the history of flight.

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I think there is a bit of a mix-up regarding the Australian connection mentioned in the article.

There are some bombing ranges south of Brisbane, but they have hardly been secret. You'd have a hard time concealing a flight test as the area is reasonably populated & there is a fair bit of air traffic. I think they mean either Woomera or Maralinga.

The nuclear test area was Maralinga, and a missle test area is Woomera, both located north of Adelaide in South Australia.


Edited by Evan Burton

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Lee, & Co.

Did you notice in his video spiel, William Cooper mentioned that not only did the secret CIN PAC ONI documents he read as asst. to the Commander of the Pacific Fleet say SS agent-driver and former driver for Henry Cabot Lodge kill JFK with a shellfish toxin dart shooting silver pistol, but that one of the reasons was that JFK was going to reveal the truth about UFOs?

This is of course, supported by the Spirgilio document and other sources.


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Lee, & Co.

Did you notice in his video spiel, William Cooper mentioned that not only did the secret CIN PAC ONI documents he read as asst. to the Commander of the Pacific Fleet say SS agent-driver and former driver for Henry Cabot Lodge kill JFK with a shellfish toxin dart shooting silver pistol, but that one of the reasons was that JFK was going to reveal the truth about UFOs?

This is of course, supported by the Spirgilio document and other sources.


Hey Bill.

Yes. He also has it in his book in a transcription of a telephone conversation where he receives back-up concerning reports of IACs and what the acronym stands for [identified Alien Craft].

The idea of the throat wound being some sort of poison dart was a popular theory also - the techniques existed, as did the poison. The idea that Greer would have fired a poisonous dart at point blank range - only to have the President's head explode - ludicrous - however, I don't know what Bill Cooper is trying to get at. He may be trying to back into something. I don't know the answer, but it almost appears as if William Cooper was leaking information concerning some future programs which never came about. Again, I could be all wet, but that seemed to be his leaning.

MJ, the disc stuff, Manhattan Project, AEC, MK - it's all very interesting. Especially the crossover stuff and connections - like Boris Pash and White Russians, 'wet ops,' Bloodstone, Alsos, AEC, Manhattan Project, Barnes, etc. However, I don't personally see this as the overriding motive - whatever the truth may happen to be here. As per the write-up pasted below, it's as if the final blow was due to some correspondence created by Kennedy 12 days before the assassination - highly unlikely, given what appears to have been the case with respect to the planning.

I do believe that the Germans successfully created discs - and that at a minimum, the US seized the technology through one of the Paperclip type programs and began doing the same here [much like it did with the V2, the transistor, nuclear technology, swept wing technology, etc.] - whether or not the discs were patterned after something else remains to be seen. The UFO community appears to be chock full of BS artists. I still get the impression that Cooper [William] was doing what he believed was right, even if he was incorrect. Gordon Cooper also did what he could as well. Never heard of Timothy Cooper before [below]. An impressive piece - wouldn't mind seeing some of the documents.

I don't think we have reached into the bottom yet for what Barnes, Bissell, Harvey, etc., initiated, and for whatever the hell it was that Dulles was doing.

"I came to believe with hindsight that it had been a great mistake to have involved the Maffia in any kind of assassination attempt."


The shocking truth of the Soviet atomic weapons espionage program, Enormous, dealt a tremendous blow to US and British security when it was learned that British diplomats operating within the US State Department, as well as US Army technicians at Los Alamos National Laboratories, had not only supplied blueprints and materials for the atomic bomb to their KGB handlers in New York, but had stolen the proposed plans for the hydrogen bomb as well. Security officials were left guessing as at what else the Soviet spies had stolen from under their noses.10

As far as we know, there was no successful penetration by KGB or GRU agents into the CIA's UFO program - in large part, due to the disgraceful and unlawful actions taken by Angleton's CI Staff. After the fallout from the Burgess-MacLean-Philby defections and the execution of the Rosenbergs, Angleton tightened security and dedicated himself to safeguarding whatever secrets still eluded the Soviets. Thus he embarked on a vicious mole-hunt that would almost paralyse the CIA until his departure in 1974.

During the time of the Eisenhower administration (1953-1960), the CIA was at its apex in covert operations, piling up one success after another where cores of Soviet moles were detected and sent home to Moscow. However, comments from the White House were nil when it came to the UFO problem, although Eisenhower's supposed meeting with extraterrestrials in 1954 was given some publicity. While it was largely discounted by the Press, some did try to connect Eisenhower's heart attack with the meeting. The national media were downplaying the UFO sightings in the US and abroad as part of a Cold War hysteria that accompanied the "duck and cover" scare that seemed to grip the country. No real problems popped up until the 1960 presidential elections when Democratic candidate Senator John F. Kennedy accused the Republican incumbent President Eisenhower of allowing a "missile gap" to exist, and charged that the United States was getting too close to the Soviet Union through détente.

Soon after Kennedy became President, he began to needle the CIA for information on UFOs,11 which was unnerving at the outset to Allen Dulles after he was burned over the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Castro's communist-enslaved Cuba in April 1961. The once cordial relationship that had existed fell apart, and Dulles knew his time as DCI was short - as evidenced in his 1961 draft directive to MJ-12.12 He knew that the explicit instructions contained in the September 24, 1947 Truman directive - prohibiting the DCI from making disclosures to a chief executive who obviously did not have a "need to know" clearance - would compromise the CIA, but also that the lengthy and costly UFO program, deemed so necessary to national security by all involved, simply could not be jeopardised for anyone - not even the President of the United States.

Knowing the character of Allen Dulles and James Angleton, I can only speculate as to what kind of response Kennedy got. The DCI Top Secret/ MJ-12 document leaves no doubt that Dulles was not going to cooperate with Kennedy's request of June 28, 1961, which he forwarded to Angleton for consideration and feedback.

Majestic Twelve/MJ-12 included spin-off projects that were obviously equally sensitive activities of the CIA, such as Parasite, Parhelion, Enviro, Psyop, Green, Spike and House Cleaning. Other sensitive and covert programs could be affected as well, such as MK-ULTRA, Artichoke and Domestic, which all appear to have been operational projects associated with Majestic Twelve. The full implications of the above are not clear at present, but it is obvious that the other projects were held in readiness for some kind of mass indoctrination and deception undertaking in a national crisis.


The pressure put on the CIA by Kennedy was reaching a flashpoint of wills; and with the Noresenko affair13 driving Angleton to obsession, a UFO leak crisis brought new strains on Angleton. He learned that Hollywood screen star Marilyn Monroe's phone conversation with a New York art dealer14 - in which she discussed Kennedy's secret visit to an undisclosed military base to see alien artifacts, and her disdain over her soured relationships with President Kennedy and his brother, the United States Attorney General - had been recorded by CIA domestic electronic surveillance experts. Since 1955, Monroe had been under surveillance by the CIA, and the FBI had maintained a security dossier on her because of her marriage to a well-known American writer suspected of having communist affiliations, and her trip to Russia and the Press coverage she received while she was there.15

The wire-tap report also mentions nationally recognised New York syndicated reporter Dorothy Kilgallen as having conversations with Monroe regarding the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and President Kennedy's politically motivated NASA Apollo Moon program. Dorothy Kilgallen made headlines in 1955 when she disclosed a private conversation with a British Cabinet official who told her that UFOs are real and that the US and British authorities consider the matter as of the highest importance.

The significance of the wire-tap has to do with the fact that Monroe was murdered the following day in her Brentwood condo. According to Milo Speriglio, internationally recognised private investigator and director of the Nick Harris Detective Agency, Monroe was the victim of a national security management hit by the CIA and the Mob.16 The suggestion that somehow the CIA was involved in a domestic murder of an American citizen is not too far-fetched when considering the past abuses coming from Angleton's CI program with its "absolute security at any cost" philosophy. Whether Angleton authorised the hit is not known, but the modus operandi of the way her body was found and moved around, the fashion in which the autopsy records were changed to reflect suicide, and the theft of her secret red diary one day after her autopsy, all have similarities to the methods used by Angleton's covert CIA Counterintelligence operators.


The final straw for Angleton came when President Kennedy fired off a Top Secret memorandum to him,17 outlining a previous discussion concerning a classification review of all CIA UFO files that could affect national security. It was dated November 12, 1963 - just 10 days before he would be gunned down in the streets of Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy informed Angleton that he was setting things in motion to share sensitive CIA UFO intelligence data with the Russians through the director of NASA, James Webb.18 This request was made on the same day he requested Webb19 to begin Kennedy's peace overture to the Russians via joint space exploration. Webb, being a board member of the intelligence community,19 most likely interpreted Kennedy's program to mean the sharing of classified UFO data, which was forbidden under the current directive.

In Kennedy's Top Secret memorandum,20 he outlined for Angleton the specific items he wished to have disclosed to Webb, such as "[to] have the high-threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to the classified CIA and USAF sources", and "that we make a clear distinction between the known and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence-gathering of their defense and space programs". Finally, Kennedy wanted Angleton to "arrange a program of data-sharing with NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities".

This was unprecedented and was totally unacceptable to Angleton and the CIA. Here, Kennedy was requesting the Central Intelligence Agency - the agency he swore he would "break into a thousand pieces" - just to hand over the most guarded secret ever! This memo was passed on to William Colby, who indicated to someone in Angleton's staff in a handwritten note, "Response from Colby: Angleton has MJ directive".21 The note is dated November 20, 1963 - just two days before Kennedy's assassination.

It seems that Kennedy's request was bounced to and from Angleton's desk; either consensus was being sought, or the buck was being passed back to Angleton. In any case, it was a hot potato that Angleton had to deal with. It is also significant that NSAM No. 271 was the last to come from Kennedy's desk, just before he left Washington for Dallas. Whatever the real significance, it was buried somewhere within the CIA, and Angleton spent many a day trying to figure out who ordered Kennedy's execution.

Was Angleton set up, or did he unintentionally supply the needed ingredient for the murder of the century? In either case, the secret remained safe.


One of the few former CIA officers to speak publicly on the Kennedy assassination and the UFO secret is Victor Marchetti, who at one time was Assistant to the Deputy for Plans and Operations under DCI William Colby. In a rare interview with Second Look magazine in 1979, Marchetti - author of the sensational book, Cult of Intelligence, which was vetted and censored by the CIA prior to publication (the only book to include the redacted portions within the text) - made some interesting observations regarding the CIA's UFO intelligence-gathering program and why the subject is not open for discussion.

Retired Air Force intelligence officer Robert Collins produced for his website an insightful foreword to an extract from the Marchetti interview, in which he quotes Marchetti as saying: "My theory is that we have, indeed, been contacted - perhaps even visited - by extraterrestrial beings, and that the US Government, in collusion with other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public."

Marchetti alluded to "rumors" at the highest levels within the CIA that the NSA has information as well, and that this must be kept away from public viewing.

We know now that the National Security Agency does have sensitive COMINT files, which for reasons of national security it cannot disclose. One of these NSA files that Marchetti speaks of might be the NSA intercept of Kennedy's phone conversation with Khrushchev on November 12, 1963, in which Kennedy spoke of a "situation that affects both our countries and the world" and "a problem that we share in common".

It is believed that the UFO problem became a national security issue when President Truman authorised the covert establishment of the National Security Agency, whose primary responsibility bordered on "special activities" - perhaps as outlined in an alleged Intelligence Estimate prepared by national security officials on September 30, 1947, in which one of the concerns stated that "what we are up against is controlled by intelligent operators" and that "these objects are real and not illusionary".

It is not surprising that, in 1968, an NSA employee drafted a significant analysis of the intelligence community's ambivalence towards the UFO camouflage and warned of dire consequences unless the defence establishment woke up and recognised the danger these phenomena pose in the nuclear age.

On a final note, the legend of James Jesus Angleton and his "wilderness of mirrors", as he often referred to his daunting task of protecting vital state secrets, faded into obscurity on May 11, 1987. But the secret that went with him re-emerged almost precisely the day he died.

Perhaps Jim was not the real bad guy in the counterintelligence game. Maybe he was its victim.



1. September 25, 1943 OSS memo, released through the FOIA in September 1989.

2. US Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Final Report, Book VI, April 23, 1976, pp. 154-55.

3. JJA personal records. Angleton took a seven-month leave of absence to remain in Tucson, Arizona, for unspecified reasons, not substantiated by the need to be with his wife and family - as is believed by other writers regarding Angleton's absence from CIA's Washington headquarters during May through December 1947. See Tom Mangold, Cold Warrior James Jesus Angleton: the CIA's Master Spy Catcher, Touchstone Books, Simon & Schuster, 1991, p. 361.

4. On December 12, 1947, the National Security Council (NSC) adopted measures to counter the espionage and counterespionage threat, as specified in NSCID 1, later amended in NSCID 5, that authorised the Director of Central Intelligence to "conduct all organized Federal espionage and counterespionage operations". According to CIA historian Arthur B. Darling, atomic weapons research became an overriding issue, and coordination with the Office of Scientific Research and Development with the AEC was through CIA consultant Dr H.P. Robertson, through General Vandenberg's directive containing an agreement between Dr Vannevar Bush which facilitated the transfer of Manhattan Engineering District files to the Director of Central Intelligence for proper collection of foreign atomic energy research. Secret OSO activities in this area were not allowed to fall into administrative control of the AEC nor FBI, as Vandenberg thought they should remain within CIA intelligence operations. See Arthur B. Darling's The Central Intelligence Agency: An Instrument of Government to 1950, Penn State Press, 1990, pp. 197-239.

5. The term "UFO", as defined by Air Force intelligence directives, is used here to reflect unconventional aircraft and missiles, not interplanetary spacecraft.

6. CIA FOIA response letter, dated March 26, 1976, to a July 14, 1975 FOIA request made by Ground Saucer Watch of Phoenix, Arizona, in which it stated that the NSC tasked the CIA with a requirement to determine the actual UFO threat. The CIA responded through the Office of Scientific Intelligence by creating the Intelligence Advisory Committee to study the threat aspects. Military members of the IAC fought vigorously to maintain participation in areas relating to AEC intelligence collection. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, represented by General Todd (who is mentioned in an FBI memo regarding Joint Staff Council ignorance of flying saucer data in 1947), were at odds with the CIA about duplication of efforts by the Military Intelligence Division in producing UFO intelligence data for the IAC. See Arthur B. Darling, ibid., pp. 349-356.

7. The KGB, the Committee for State Security, was a non-military arm of the Soviet Intelligence Service. The GRU was the military arm. The KGB received its title in 1954. When mentioning the Russian Intelligence Service, KGB and GRU are referenced generically to include both organisations.

8. This remarkable fact is substantiated in the mistakenly downgraded Top Secret Canadian Department of Transport intra-departmental correspondence, dated 21 November 1950, from Wilbert B. Smith to Dr Robert I. Sarbacher, an American physicist and science consultant in the US Defense Department's Research and Development Board and a member of the Guidance and Control Panel. Smith acknowledged that UFO studies were "considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance" and that the "matter is the most classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher than the H-bomb".

9. September 24, 1947 Top Secret/MAJIC/ Eyes Only Project White Hot Preliminary Estimate in Five Parts (unacknowledged by the US Government). See Robert M. Wood, PhD, and Ryan S. Wood, The Majestic Documents, Wood & Wood Enterprises, 1998, pp. 43-81.

10. November 25, 1955 Top Secret memorandum from Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton, Deputy Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff, to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, ref. JCS 1712/5. This report deals with the Burgess-MacLean defection, after it was learned that sensitive weapons research information had been sent to Moscow through diplomatic means and after the CIA was informed of the defection. Angleton was devastated to learn that Kim Philby, a longstanding friend of British intelligence, was part of the spy ring.

11. Unacknowledged June 28, 1961 Top Secret National Security Memorandum from President John F. Kennedy to The Director [Dulles], Central Intelligence Agency, Subject: Review of MJ-12 Intelligence Operations as they relate to Cold War Psychological Warfare Plans. It is a one-line request that reads: "I would like a brief summary from you at your earliest convenience."

12. Unacknowledged CIA Top Secret/ MJ-12 Counterintelligence carbon copy of draft directive from Director of Central Intelligence to MJ-12 members 1 to 7, with eight tabs on government watermark onion skin paper, circa 1961.

13. Yuriy Ivanovich Norsenko was a Soviet KGB officer who defected in 1962. Angleton had him detained and tortured for three years, believing the warning given by another KGB defector, Anatoliy Mikaylovich Golitsyn, that Norsenko was ordered to defect and act as a disinformation plant to spread misleading information to the CIA regarding Soviet capabilities and intentions. Later CIA analysis suggested that it was Golitsyn, not Norsenko, who was the real mole planted within the CIA. Angleton was convinced that Golitsyn was a bona fide defector and he used Golitsyn's information, but the CI mole-hunt virtually destroyed the CIA's covert operations for some time.

14. Top Secret CIA wire-tap report, dated August 3, 1962, of discussion between Marilyn Monroe and Howard Rothberg, with references to Project 40, Moon Dust, the 5412 Committee and MJ-12. The report was given to Angleton and has his signature at the bottom right-hand portion of the document, establishing that CI was aware of Monroe's desire to blackmail the Kennedys over their indiscretions during a sexual affair with her prior to August.

15. FBI file No. 105-40018-1, formerly classified Secret. CIA is copied on an August 19, 1955 FBI document from Mr Dennis A. Flinn, Director, Office of Security, Department of State. A copy was sent to Director, Central Intelligence Agency, for the attention of Deputy Director, Plans, and was marked Secret. It was declassified on November 11, 1978, but the subject matter was redacted.

16. See Adela Gregory and Milo Speriglio, Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe - The Final Word, Birch Lane Press, 1993.

17. This would be amazing, since no one in government knew that James Angleton worked for the CIA, much less of his existence, since there were few pictures of Angleton and very few within the Agency knew who he was and what he did. It is also interesting that until his appearance before the Church Committee in 1975, the public did not know about Angleton or his CIA Counterintelligence position. His identity had been kept secret for 20 years.

18. National Security Action Memorandum No. 271, dated November 12, 1963, to The Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Subject: Cooperation with the USSR on Outer Space Matters. President Kennedy instructs James Webb as Administrator of NASA to "...assume personally the initiative and central responsibility within the Government for the development of a program of substantive cooperation with the Soviet Union in the field of outer space, including the development of specific technical proposals. I assume that you will work closely with the Department of State and other agencies as appropriate." Kennedy had requested an interim report on NASA's progress in this adventure by December 15, 1963. Of course, after Kennedy was killed, this program was never acted upon.

19. It should be pointed out here that James E. Webb served on President Truman's Psychological Warfare Strategy Board and assisted in revising NSC 10/2 for the Office of Policy Coordination (Covert Operations) in 1948 for the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for emergency plans in case of war. He also was the author of the Webb Staff Study that worked out cooperation between the military and the CIA concerning IAC intelligence-sharing of foreign atomic research with the AEC, which allowed the DCI prerogatives in the dissemination to key executive officials. Webb considered the DCI slot after Rear Admiral Hillenkoetter left office in 1950.

20. Top Secret Kennedy memorandum to the Director [of Counter Intelligence], Subject: Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security, dated November 12, 1963.

21. ibid.

Additional References:

For further updates and reports, see:

http://home.sprintmail.com/~rigoletto/ tim_cooper_documents.html

http://home.sprintmail.com/~rigoletto/ Sanctuary_Of_The_Birds.htm

About the Author:

Timothy S. Cooper is an independent researcher and writer who has worked in security and investigation fields for 15 years. A Vietnam veteran, he began researching military UFO intelligence operations in 1988 and has collected extensive CIA and NSA files. He has also acquired the largest collection of MJ-12 documents and privately owned, original Project Blue Book files in the USA.

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I have read two books with the name or word, "Majestic" in their title. One was by Walter Schreiber, of what I consider to be the fantasy genre, and the other was written by a physicist, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Terry, the name of the first Majestic book you mentioned is Majestic, a Novel and the author is Whitley Strieber, who wrote Communion, a supposedly non-fiction, best-selling book about his family's experiences with aliens (the grays) in upstate NY.


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Anyhow, in 1993 I saw a catalogue which contained books about every topic under the sun framed in a conspiratorial context, [some were very valid, some, I thought were a real reach] and it made me realize there was an aspect of it that was very commercialized and somewhat artificial. It was around then, that I first became aware of the so-called UFO connection to the assassination of JFK. When I started the thread that was referenced earlier about Maury Island UFO, the idea was to help remove the stigma of the linkage, [i.e. the dynamic of juxtaposing the UFO issue, side-by-side to the JFK Assassination, IMO the book is a must read, [Kenn Thomas is a real asset to the JFK research community] and offers as much clarity concerning the events surrounding the Maury Island incident and the characters contained therein, to help de-mystify it, to the optimum degree, that I think is possible.

I tend to agree with most, if not all of the author's assertions in the book. And I have, on my own run across a strange news story from 1947 written by Dorothy Kilgallen of all people. I'm relying on memory, but the story concerned a UFO crash where 7 or 8 alien bodies were discovered [scout's Honor] in Scandanavia, I believe. I feel that either it was a 'cover story' or a bona-fide story, but those are the only two choices, anyway, I suppose.

[There were a very small number of these 'alien bodies recovered' stories that emerged circa 1946-48, and to be honest, my initial reaction to realizing this was that, it was frustrating to me, because of all the denigrating comments heaped on those [via mainstream media] who believe there was a conspiracy re the JFK Assassination, as if Speisel at the Garrison trial wasn't bad enough; because in essence it [uFO related material] becomes grist for the mill in attempting to make those with pro-conspiracy views re 11/22/63 your basic these are the people out in La La land label. But, as the info Lee has posted illustrates there is 'some type of linkage' even if it is primarily one of a psychlogical head game to discredit the JFK research community,


Robert, I think it's a strong possibility that, as you suggest, UFO stories can be, at least in part, planted as a way to discredit anyone who embraces it along with a political plot. They can just be dismissed as some nut with a tin foil hat; nothing to see here just move along. I started to think that when I read about the Kilgallen supposed conversation that links President Kennedy with a UFO crash.

In fact every time I hear a UFO story I see Alex Trebek. Fans of Darin Morgan will know what I'm talking about.

One of the best TV shows I've ever seen was "Jose Chung's From Outer Space," written by Morgan for the X Files. Thumbnail summary:

"Writer Jose Chung (Charles Nelson Reilly) interviews Dana Scully for a book called From Outer Space, about alien abductions. Flattered by the attention of one of her favorite authors, Scully opens up about a recent case where two teenagers out on a date disappear, only to reappear later with tales of abduction and hypnosis. Mulder and Scully investigate, only to find the case unraveling before their eyes when Scully's autopsy reveals a dead alien body to be an Air Force officer decidedly out of uniform, and the girl's second hypnotic trance reveals that she was put under not by a grey skinned alien but by an Air Force doctor. Every witness who steps forward gets weirder and weirder, until we are faced with hollow-earth enthusiasts and Dungeon & Dragons burnout-cases seeking escape from their mundane lives in the arms of alien space brothers. The infamous Men In Black wear the faces of Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Alex "Jeopardy!" ..."

(Stolen from http://www.munchkyn.com/xf-rvws/josechung.html because I'm lazy.)

Ok, so the Men in Black are dispatched to someone's home when they witness a UFO incident. They confiscate evidence and threaten the witness and depart, and the really cunning part is that one Man in Black looks exactly like Alex Trebek. (Played by none other.)

It's cunning because when the witness tries to tell someone about the incident-- "Two gov't looking guys broke into my garage and stole my evidence and one was Alex Trebek!!! -- they're instantly discredited because it sounds so absurd. So that detail makes people dismiss anything else they say.

And that's what UFO stories remind me of when they're, in any way, related to a CIA black op like the 60's era assassinations.

Not that I disbelieve all UFO stories. Just that I think that kind of psy-ops strategy is likely in the CIA propaganda arsenal.

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Found one.

Thanks to The Brookhaven Connection, Wade Gordon, Sky Books, NY copyright 2002, pgs 92 - 93. He's got a bunch of the Majestic 12 docs as well.

- lee


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For anyone interested - these are all allegedly photos of the Nazi discs. All were taken from Jan von Helsings book and reprinted in Peter Moon's Black Sun - Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan connection. Allegedly the designs were begun by the VRIL and Thule societies - they were being modified as weapons for Hitler - along with the ability to one day drop nuclear devices. As the story goes, this technology was for the most part removed to the US via the Paper Clip and associated programs along with the other technology [V4, Nuclear, Transistor, etc], and kept under wraps. This was the reason why the sightings began in 1947. Four different types of craft, the Haunebu II, Vril 7, RFZ II, and Schauberger Device. Much in line with other Hitler projects, scientists were provided a free hand in development of technology for specific purposes - the story goes that Hitler was not impressed with the results - however that a major assault was being planned close to the end of WWII which never came to fruition.





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The UFO community appears to be chock full of BS artists.

Assessment: You hit the nail on the head, you don't know how hard.....

Being an avid book reader, I recently picked up, just on a lark....Alien Impact, by Michael Craft, ostensibly "A balanced overview of a challenging and complex field, say's Ralph H. Blum......

Independent assessment....Very good book....Flashback to the 1960's.......American's are reading The Interrupted Journey, as the Betty and Barney Hill incident was a very big deal, back then Another item of interest was Project Blue Book.


.....To those who investigate the JFK Assassination, who are not excited about the prospect of delving into the issue of UFO's, alien's, the Roswell incident, et al. It is my view that regarding the former, the idea is that it is not incumbent to "solve" the whole UFO issue, in order to gain the salient points insofar as how "all that" relates to the assassination, only to analyze and form a conclusion as to the personages whose names come up, in both topics......

Back to the book, Alien Impact delves into such obscurities as Nazi gold, the mysterious Brother Phillip, who penned the Secret of the Andes in the 60's, the Philadelphia Experiment, as well as the Montauk Boy's, Dr Wilhelm Reich....well you get the picture...to the enlightened, regarding the Betty and Barney Hill matter....The Hills lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Barney was employed by the U.S. Postal Service, while Betty was a social worker. Active in a Unitarian congregation, the Hills were also members of the NAACP and community leaders, and Barney sat on a local board of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

Final note...For just an escape movie the [recently released on DVD] Dreamland is worth watching replete, with time window, mysterious incidents at Area 51, Adolf Hitler, and those awful Men In Black...



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Over the holidays I happened to visit an impressive used bookstore just off of Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois. I purchased a copy of Six Seconds in Dallas in good condition for fourteen dollars. Springfield was the home of Abraham Lincoln before he left for Washington DC and the bookstore specializes in Lincoln items, many quite old and rare.


At any rate, quite by accident I came across a book entitled UFOs and the National Security State; Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973 by Richard M Dolan. The inside jacket states:

Richard M Dolan studied at Alfred University and Oxford University before completing his graduate work at the University of Rochester, where he was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship. Prior to his interest in UFOs, Dolan studied U.S. Cold War strategy. Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy. He lives in Rochester, New York, where he is at work on volume two of his studies.

Long story short, I couldn't put the book down until I finished reading it. Dolan provides a balanced and well-documented study of the UFO phenomenon as it relates to the intelligence agencies and the US Department of Defense. Dolan's sources consist mainly of:

1) Previously classified documents released through the FOIA.

2) Primary sources (e.g. books) from people involved in UFO research at the time.

3) Contemporary scholarship (book and internet)

One can read Dolan's excellent introduction here: http://keyholepublishing.com/Intro.html

I recommend this book to anyone interested in the post WWII military-industrial complex and the steps taken by the National Security State in the interests of secrecy from the American public.

A copy can be found here: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResu...p;x=24&y=16

or here: http://www.amazon.com/UFOs-National-Securi...5456&sr=8-1

The Amazon reviews give an excellent idea of what the book is all about.

Edited by Michael Hogan

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Congratulations on purchase of SSID IF HARD COVER ORIGINAL EDITION.

Last time I saw a price it was selling for about sixty bucks.

Can you give a quick summary of the main points of the UFO book?



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Congratulations on purchase of SSID IF HARD COVER ORIGINAL EDITION.

Last time I saw a price it was selling for about sixty bucks.

Can you give a quick summary of the main points of the UFO book?



Yeah, fourteen bucks was a very good price. It was indeed the hardcover, first edition. I once donated a copy to JFKResearch and as I remember, it fetched $100.

Years ago, I attended a conference in Pittsburgh where Josiah Thompson inscribed my copy thusly:

For Mike,

Who, with me, hopes they'll catch the mothers someday.

Warmest regards,

Josiah Thompson

November 19, 1988

Jack, see the author's introduction to UFOs and the National Security State; Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973 for an excellent overview of what the book is about:


While in Springfield, I noticed that on sunny days there were often 4-6 chemtrails or jet trails in the sky. I told my friend about you and your research in that matter.

PS) Jack, for a shorter summary than the full introduction, here are the author's final remarks and concerns from same:

Because I have tried to provide perspective on the political and military dimension to the UFO problem, there is the danger that I have written two books instead of one. After reviewing my material, I don't think this has happened, but there certainly are passages dealing with the national security state that are not directly UFO-related. I have added them for the value of their indirect light. It is important to show that the cover-up of UFO information is not all that unusual. In all cases, I have tried to keep the non-UFO-specific passages as succinct as possible.

I am confident that I have followed through on my intention to adhere closely to the facts. It is true that there are some places in this book where I speculate on some possibilities or theories; when I do, I have tried to make this clear. Throughout, I have tried to the best of my ability to serve as a useful guide through the maze of UFO reports and policy. If nothing else, this topic deserves a respectable history. The UFO field has long since reached the point where the available information is more than sufficient for a unified history of the early years. So I have presented this book, despite its imperfections, as a partial restitution for such egregious neglect.

Even if UFOs were to turn out to be a unique form of mass hallucination (which they will not), this study will still have value for its review of how the U.S. national security apparatus handled the problem. If there are other answers, then this book should clarify some of the key patterns involved.

Unfortunately, those patterns leave little cause for optimism regarding either the problem or its response. Americans are in a bad enough state trying to struggle through the ordinary smoke of their official culture. How can they be expected to assess the implications of the UFO problem? They can begin only by recognizing that secrecy over UFOs exists, and that this secrecy is part of a broader policy of control and deception. It is a bad omen that our civilization, beleaguered as it is by its own doing, has not faced this problem squarely.
Edited by Michael Hogan

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