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  1. K.B. wrote:[snip]> Paul, you have any cites to back this up? I am not as knowledgeable as> you when it comes to ballistics etc, and I do not have an expert as> Sam does to call re information John has posted, but I do have a few> books and a bit of experience reloading and I have won my fair share of Turkey-shoots and as far as I have seen, John Ritchson is right on with everything he has posted that I have read. So who are your Carcano enthusiasts? Greetings, One of the areas Mr. Burke and the rest of the LNers are real short on is authoritive cites in the relevent areas being
  2. [Herbert Wrote:] The Oak Ridge National Laboratory found barium and antimony on both surfaces of paraffin casts made from Oswald's right cheek. They correctly concluded that the barium and antimony found on the outer surface of the cheek cast that was not in contact with Oswald's skin came from an external source. Their finding of a greater amount of barium on the outer surface than the inner and nearly equal amounts of antimony on both sides were evidence that the barium and antimony on both sides of the cheek cast came from a common source of contamination. Furthermore the amounts of ba
  3. Greetings All: I wish to thank all of you that phoned, sent me cards, books, letters and emails during my convalescence. I'm getting better every day and can now negotiate the stairs to my workstation without assistance, although slowly. The show of support and the graciousness I recieved from the Assassination Research Community is a humbling experience to say the least. And more than ever, I concider it an honor and a privledge to be associated with this community. I will be posting this to all of the forums I'm associated with as well as emailing it to those researchers who seldom visit t
  4. Greetings all: I am seeking any information on the whereabouts and activities of CWO Robert M. Powell who was JFK's personal attage'(sp) and carried the "FOOTBALL" chained to his left hand. For those of you needing clarification_the term, "FOOTBALL" is the codeword for the case which allows the president to conduct WWIII from anywhere on earth and thus would never under any circumstances would be very far from the president. What this man was doing before, during and after JFK's murder is of extream importance because the "FOOTBALL" is more important than even the president in terms of nat
  5. The Magic Bullet Trials On Sunday the 22nd of May, the Learning channel aired a special program devoted to determining whether or not it would be possible to recreate the Warren Commission scenerio with respect to the ballistic behavior of CE-399. Experts from a number of different diciplines collaborated in this effort, using state of the art equipment such as a 6.5mm rifle which while unidentified appeared to be a model 91 Mannlicher Carcano long rifle with a state of the art over the bore mounted scope as opposed to a side mounted scope. Also, it appeared that at least the cartridge ex
  6. Gretings All, I'm about 75% recovered and I would like to personally thank those of you who were kind enough to offer me support during less than "Good-Time" The following is a repost from some years ago on the old alt.conspiray.jfk NG. An interesting aspect of the term, "THEORY" in science is that unlike a hypothesis or guess, it can, like E=MC² be reproduced under laboratory conditions. The photo I possess of WC CE-399 plainly shows a bullet with 6 lands and 6 grooves; a fact backed up by chief LA forensic photographer, Bill Japport and also will eventually be reproduced in
  7. My name is Sherry Bach and I am Currently John's Personal caregiver and at his request I am posting this message. An attempt was recently made on John's Life. He was ran into a tree by a black SUV with darkened windows and forced off the road. He has suffered extensive injuries and will be 1 to 2 months recovering. Those of you who are his friends can send him get-well cards at his home address where he is recovering. 123 13th St. Black Eagle, Mt. USA 59414 Phone # (406) 727-5269 John hopes to be up and online again as soon as possible and gives you all his best regards. Sher
  8. Greetings Al: The shooter reported he made a 2 click left windage adjustment on his Redfield scope to account for for the angle of trajectory and the direction the US flag was moving close to the target. He also reported that he decided to take the shot when his spotter reported that it appeared the prisoner had started to cut the hostage's throat. Basically we found he had no choice but to attempt the shot which even he admitted he wouldn't have taken under any other circumstances. Still, it was a hell of a shot and a standing testament to his skill as a shooter. [bTW, this shooter retired
  9. Thanks Jack, For those readers who don't know Jack White, he is one of our premiere researchers and I strongly recommend any serious student of the JFK Assassination to carefully study his work. Respectfully:
  10. [snipped for Brevity] Howdy Lee, The best way I can address this issue is by way of an anecdote: I was once involved in the forensic aspects of a prison shooting in which a deranged prisoner took a nurse hostage and was using her as a human shield with a knife at her throat. The sniper who took him out was positioned in a 20 meter guntower and firing about 300 meters dowrange, using a 7.62mm/.308 cartridge with a 180 grain Speer Silvertip bullet. The prisoner behind his hostage was about 2 meters from the window when the sniper took his shot. The bullet, at that angle of trajec
  11. Part18. Appendix The Secrecy Oath the Author signed after Robert Blakey took over the HSCA, and correspondence between the author and various committee members. Exhibit A ____________________________________________________________ Select Committee on Assassinations Nondisclosure Agreement [Richard E. Sprague] I, ____________________, in consideration for being employed by or engaged by contract or otherwise to perform services for or at the request of the House Sele
  12. Part17. Chapter 17 THE FINAL COVER UP: How The CIA Controlled The House Select Committee On Assassinations Introduction The final report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), issued in 1979, concluded that a conspiracy existed in the assassination of President Kennedy. This news should have delighted hundreds of researchers who had disagreed with the no- conspiracy finding of the Warren Commission. The fact that it did not, is d
  13. Part16. 1979: The House Select Committee (1) Chapter 16 1984 Here We Come George Orwell undoubtedly did not realize how accurate his 1984 scenario would be by the year 1979. As 1978 drew to a close, events in America made Orwell's descriptions of such concepts as Newspeak and a supposedly open but actually closed society, very close to reality. By 1984, now only five short years away, Orwell's scenario will apparently be right on the nose. Any doubts about wh
  14. Part15. Chapter 15 The Select Committee on Assassinations, The Intelligence Community and the News Media Part I The Top Down vs. The Bottom Up Approach To Assassination Investigations Two vastly different views have been held by both assassination researchers and members of Congress during the last three years about the best way to arrive at the truth concerning political assassinations in the United States. The c
  15. Part14. Chapter 14 Congress and the People The last hope of the people to take back their government from the PCG is through Congress. The executive branch is a captive of the PCG. The legislative branch has no power in the situation. Where courts or judges do have some small measure of power, as in the hearings and appeals for a new trial for James Earl Ray, they have been controlled by the PCG. The ruling of the judge in the Ray appeals case, for example, was obviously a decis
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