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  1. Completely unrelated, but I did the course tour online for the Gibson Island Club. They may have fallen on some hard times. Mutation in the grass around the greens and what looks to be a mole-cricket problem(if they have those in Maryland, if not, then rabbits or some other form of cricket eating the grass leaving dried out looking spots that will continue to deteriorate). As well, a really stupid layout on hole #7. Now, when you charge the amount of dues to be a member at an exclusive club like that, you expect the course to always be in pristine condition; especially if it is a nine hole tra
  2. I'm here in Naples now. Second week of December and we are hunkered down in 82 degrees and a little breeze. Best spot on the map if you ask me...
  3. Wasn’t LBJ going to be in some hot water over testimony being given the same day, or close to, 11/22? Was it Billy Estes or someone like that? If so, there’s some mighty fine leverage to get him to play along. You either become president or convicted criminal. Would explain why he was so angered about his buddy riding in the car with JFK while not necessarily being behind the whole thing. Of course I could be completely mistaken. I’m eating a sandwich in one hand, typing in the other on my phone, and watching a beautiful 85 degree day on my lunch break. Not really in the books at the m
  4. Sorry to hear that. Not fun. They did tests on me for Meniere's because I get vertigo every so often and have always been susceptible to ear infections. I got lucky and had great insurance when I fell ill. Saved me 7.5 million dollars from all the bills; that's just what I was keeping track of. 1 million in chest x-rays alone. 150,000 for a helicopter ride I didn't even get to enjoy from Naples to Tampa.
  5. ...and to veer off for a second. I caught a virus on an airplane five years ago and ended up in a coma for two months. Fentanyl while I was out, dilaudid every three hours once I woke up(for two months, with a shot of ativan the next hour), and then finally oxycontin by the handful for almost a year after that. I weighed 85lbs when I got out of the hospital several months later. I am over six feet tall and not a small frame either. Couldn't gain an ounce. Went back to California with my folks for physical rehab and locked myself in the Safari Inn in Burbank for a week not allowing anyone to se
  6. I find the time frame quite interesting. In the 90's, when the Reagan War on Drugs fad was fading a bit, pharma and opiates start being introduced to the mainstream media in advertising. In a few years heroin and crack are no longer in the limelight, but here comes oxy. I graduated high school in 2001. Out of all the drugs you could find where I am from(Southwest Florida, lots of them), I never once heard of anyone using/selling/possessing heroin. Our class of 375 did lose over 24 students to overdoses of Oxycontin by the time we were 20. Fast forward a few years, now pill mills ar
  7. One more thing, that’s why I worry about what happened. I did think about things, while not wanting to believe our own officials, agents, citizens or whatever would stoop so low as to commit treason. They were behind overthrows in Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Vietnam, and tried to in Cuba, and that’s just off the top of my head as I literally watch paint dry(most inefficient two days of my life). They did kill, or had killed leaders of nations. That is not make believe. That happened. Why am I willing to shrug my shoulders and accept what those same people say is truth when I know all too wel
  8. So, you don’t believe that anyone impersonated him via phone call or any other means in Mexico City? That is one of the areas that really started to make me think something wasn’t right. All of the other stories of their being a similar person going around making noise, I could concede as being a mistake, people hoping they got close to infamy, or people just wanting a moment in the light, but the reading of what went on in Mexico City has always been where I just can’t write it off. Either way, I fear I am out of line and don’t want to hijack anything by my curiosity.
  9. Just a question, not really all the relevant I guess, but do the folks that take this theory with a grain of salt not believe that Oswald was impersonated in the months leading to the assassination? I’m not all that convinced with H&L, but since at least one person seemed to have been impersonating him on multiple occasions, I’m not willing to throw it out either. As well, the government did some rather shady things, probably still does, including but not limited to: drugging unsuspecting citizens(here and abroad)to see outcome, overthrow sovereign nations, lie to their employers, an
  10. I worked a summer in Jackson Hole a while back...the rough was...well, rough. Venture off the short grass, Mark it double, dude. Best lesson you could learn is to wipe out all thought once you’re over the ball. If you’ve birdied one hole in your life, you know how to do it. Thinking of the mechanics while playing will doom you. Ive moved on, to the world of public tracks, away from the stuffiness of elitist golf clubs. Have not had so much fun playing since I was a little kid. Scores are reflecting that as well. Haven’t played this well in ages.
  11. I worked as a golf professional in SW Florida for many years, just got out of the business less than a year ago, and nothing has changed...at all. In the twelve years I was at this last golf club, there were a total of five non-white people I ever saw there as a guest(24,000 rounds per year , times 12 years, and only 5 total= 1 out of ever 57,600 golfers). Obviously no members. I blend in fairly well, I like to think, into most social scenarios, and the things I have heard from people of prominence is downright shocking. The relaxed and free way the remarks are made were what really got me...b
  12. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Carter-5585 Robert E. Lee Oswald's Great Great grandmother was also Theodore Roosevelt's Great Great Grandmother, apparently.
  13. That little blurb right there is the reason for so many hours of my life being consumed by this. When Oswald kind of slumps after the reporter tells him he has been charged, he knew he was done.
  14. I've always wondered why he didn't bring the revolver with him to the TSBD. He supposedly brought a rifle, but no easily concealable handgun? So, he's heading back to go get his gat and carry it around cause that's what guys like him do...why would he have his cab driver go past his place? That was brought up in another thread. It was apparently assuming he was on the lookout for police. Why? No cop would be quietly lurking/waiting to pounce on him and take him in. There would have been a show of force if they had any idea he had killed the POTUS. Look at what they did at the theate
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