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  1. Richard, Robert Groden's new book will be titled Absolute Proof. It will be replete with photos - some I think heretofore unseen. At last year's COPA conference, he said he hoped to have it released before the 50th; however, as I understand it, the release date has been pushed back several times over the last few years. I think he will be presenting at next week's Wecht conference. Perhaps he will share updated information about a publication date at that time.
  2. And we could also be looking at artifacts, [best Charles Laughton] Mr. Hocking, could we not? Veddey well, M'Lud, I rest my case! I think that might be a possibility if you were speaking of a single photo. Our photography experts (Robin, Martin, & Duncan) will please correct me if I'm wrong, but the chances that an object of similar size, shape, & position appearing in a number of consecutive movie frames is an artifact would seem to be pretty infinitesimal.
  3. Great catch, Robin. You are right and Murph is wrong, just like he was wrong about the music! In his WC testimony, Roy Truly was a bit more specific in describing his and Officer Baker's movements as they ran toward the TSBD entrance.
  4. A reasonable question Robin.Although PM is not in direct sunlight, Dealey Plaza was full of reflective surfaces. The windows on the buildings, cars, and the reflecting pools would have provided multiple sources for indirect sunlight into the alcove. Yes, good question, Robin. If not for the reflective surfaces and reflected light rays, then wouldn't everything within shadows (or even everything in a room with no artificial light and no direct sunlight entering a window) be completely dark? It would be a good question for a physicist, but I think you stated it very nicely in laymen's terms, Richard.
  5. Sure Terry, i was thinking the same. But on the other hand Sean's and Richard's arguments are convincing. None of the TSBD employees standind in the doorway reported to have taken pictures and the left arm of this man is considerable lower in Wiegman. I would use both arms holding a camera. I don't know what that white piece in front of his head is in Wiegman...in Darnell it is gone. Just the arms are noticeable lower. What is that? best to you Martin Just a thought re the Wiegman.........Assume that Prayer Man is holding a bottle of Coke in his right hand. As Prayer Man proceeds to take a sip from the bottle, he brings it up to his mouth and tilts the bottle back (so that the bottle is almost horizontal as he is taking his sip). The round, light area in front of Prayer Man's lower facial region could be a reflection of light off of the round base of a Coke bottle.
  6. Can anyone identify the person who took this film, when it was taken, where in it is- what floor? and who are the guys in suits and hats that Baker and Truly are talking to? Bill, Great questions……..wish I could help answer them, but hopefully someone else here can. Your questions, however, bring to mind another question about Officer Baker at DPD Headquarters. Below is Officer Baker’s WC testimony about seeing LHO at police headquarters: Representative BOGGS -Let me ask one other question. You later, when you recognized this man as Lee Oswald, is that right, saw pictures of him? Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir. I had occasion to see him in the homicide office later that evening after we got through with Parkland Hospital and then Love Field and we went back to the City Hall and I went up there and made this affidavit. Representative BOGGS -After he had been arrested? Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir. ……………. Mr. DULLES - I didn't get clearly in mind, I am trying to check up, as to whether you saw Oswald maybe in the same costume later in the day. Did you see Oswald later in the day of November 22d? Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir; I did. Mr. DULLES - Under what circumstances? Don't go into detail, I just want to tie up these two situations. Mr. BAKER - As I was in the homicide office there writing this, giving this affidavit, I got hung in one of those little small offices back there, while the Secret Service took Mr. Oswald in there and questioned him and I couldn't get out by him while they were questioning him, and I did get to see him at that time. Mr. DULLES - You saw him for a moment at that time? Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir. <End Quote> I am very intrigued as to whether Officer Baker laid eyes upon LHO at DPD HQ before, during, or after giving his affidavit. When it comes to determining the timing of that, I find Officer Baker’s WC testimony to be very confusing. It seems as if Baker is saying that those questioning Oswald were physically blocking Baker’s exit from a small office after he gave his affidavit, but did Officer Baker first spot the Oswald entourage before he had completed his affidavit? I suggest that this is a crucial question for the following reason: If Officer Baker had laid eyes upon the now suspect LHO at DPD HQ before or during the giving of his affidavit, then I find it almost impossible to believe that Officer Baker would not have mentioned the 2nd floor lunch room encounter in that affidavit if it had actually occurred. I am hoping that some other forum member can shed some light on the timing of the DPD HQ sighting vs. the affidavit. Sean, Thank you for your many excellent contributions to this fascinating thread. In a methodical, step by step manner, you have cogently presented your case for Prayer Man being LHO. Great work, and please carry on!
  7. Lee Farley, Jim DiEugenio, Tom Scully, Martin Hay…..people who either no longer participate in this forum or have been shown the door. Not every member of this forum shared in their beliefs. Some of those members now appear to be engaging in a form of petty, unseemly celebration over their fate - akin to dancing over their graves. Even their adversaries, if being candid, would have to admit that they are all excellent researchers. I continue to maintain hope that, when emotions subside, John will reconsider his decision(s). If not, I believe that their absence represents a great loss for this forum.
  8. John, I understand fully that this is your forum, and I thank you for your efforts in providing it. I realize that it is a privilege to be a member and that none of us has a right of membership. That being said, I was very surprised and disheartened to learn that you had decided to delete Jim DiEugenio’s and Tom Scully’s forum memberships. I appreciate your desire for civil discourse on the forum. That being said, if rule IV was applied evenly, across the board, to all members of this forum, I’d bet that fully half of the membership would be shown the door. Jim and Tom should not be singled out or used as examples of a new, more vigilant standard of rule enforcement. In the interest of fairness, I hope that you will please reconsider your decision to delete Jim’s and Tom’s memberships. If you felt that they had run afoul of rule IV, shouldn’t they have at least received a fair warning before being banned? Thank you in advance for your consideration.
  9. Paul, Are you suggesting that just anyone was selected for the 'false defector program', or are you saying that LHO traveled to Russia, by way of Finland, completely on his own initiative?
  10. Robert, According to the HSCA, the wind speed at Love Field at 12:30 pm was 13 knots (approx. 15 mph). http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=79009 According to McAdams, the wind was coming from the southwest at the time of the shooting. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/smell.htm Mike
  11. David does a nice job taking us up to the publishing of the HSCA report in 1979, but unfortunately for him, much has been learned since then. "...the Warren Commission...relied on an autopsy report description of a 'largely irregular defect' and a drawing which showed the large wound to be on the right side of the head... ...The HSCA...for the first time interviewed many of those present at the autopsy who had witnessed the wounds, and elicited drawings from several of them. The HSCA then declared that 'All of those interviewed who attended the autopsy corroborated the general location of the wounds as depicted in the [autopsy] photographs; none had differing accounts.' The interviews themselves were not published. When the HSCA's witness interviews and drawings were released in the early 1990s, they told a dramatically different story. Many of the autopsy witnesses had described a large rear head wound; in some accounts the wound also extended into the right side. The Assassination Records Review Board conducted its own interviews with a similar result." (http://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/The_Moving_Head_Wounds) Mike
  12. Greg, Great comments. I spoke with Sirhan's now deaceased attorney, Larry Teeter, at a November conference in about 2003. I got a chance to speak to him privately for a minute, and I asked him why he thought the government, 35 to 40 years later, was still perpetuating the cover-ups regarding the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK. I'm paraphrasing, but Larry replied that they continued to do so because once the American public learned the truth about any one of these events, they'd never be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public again. I think he hit the nail right on the head. If I recall correctly, I've seen you express sentiments very similar to Larry's on this or another forum. Mike
  13. A quick heads-up to all: Len Osanic has scheduled Doug Horne as a guest on Black Op Radio this evening (3/8/2012). Their topic of discussion will be the AF1 tapes.
  14. Doesn't anybody want to talk about the recently discovered Clifton copy of the radio tapes? Here's what Doug Horne has to say about some of it: Air Force One Radio Transcripts - Reopen KENNEDY CASE! Bill, The Clifton AF1 transcripts are interesting, particularly the newfound information about Col. Dorman trying to get in contact with Gen. LeMay. One question for you, Bill. Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but if you wouldn't mind hazarding a guess, what percentage of all of the AF1 communications do you think are missing from the Clifton recording? 5%, 10%? Also, do you think it is possible that the complete recording still exists (among the materials to be released in 2017)? Thanks, Bill. Mike
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