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  1. James Rothstein's phone number in St. Martin, Minn.is 320-548-3647. I told him about you so he will recognize your name when you call but you might mention my name as reference. -- Doug

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    2. Larry Hancock

      Larry Hancock

      Thanks Doug, your introduction to Rothstein is really much appreciated. I hope to talk to him again in a week or so after he has had a chance to talk further with his brother about the Independence.  

      I'm excited about the new book perhaps more than anything else I have done because its a piece of history that is really important - not only for fully appreciating JFK but for understanding the degree to which competing agendas can obscure events almost in real time.

      And of course its also a cautionary tale in regard to starting what are defined as limited, focused small projects and having them grow into something far larger and more dangerous.

    3. Douglas Caddy

      Douglas Caddy

      April 17 is the 59th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs. Why not submit an article to the Washington Post weaving the theme you wrote just above along with something like the untold story of the Essex and the Independence and cite your forthcoming book as evidence of your authority to write about the topic?  

    4. Douglas Caddy

      Douglas Caddy

      Or you might try the Wall Street Journal. I once submitted an article and the paper published it on the editorial page. Most Americans alive today were born after 1959, so your revelations would be fascinating to them as well as to active and retired military people.

  2. Mark Wengler contacted me on Facebook and wrote: "Douglas, I need your help. I can't log on to the JFK assassination form. I keep asking for a resit password. Nothing happens. Can you help?" I told him I would contact you. What should I advise him to fix this?


  3. James: S. T. Patrick of Midnight News Writer, whose interviews of guests on the JFK assassination I frequently post on the EF, would like to join the Forum. How does he go about doing this? Many thanks, Doug

    1. James R Gordon

      James R Gordon


      James needs to contact Kathy Becket. There is an official link to joining, but might be quicker to contact Kathy direct: kathy becket  <criglett@yahoo.com>

      I am sure kathy will be delighted to assist.



  4. I attempted today to reply to your recent emails but when I hit the "send" button a notice popped up that you are unable to receive any more mail. I am checking to see what video I have posted that you indicated you are interested in viewing.

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