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  1. But in all fairness Craig , I did tell the truth in what really matters .... GENE KRANTZ COULDN'T DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REAL LANDING FROM A SIMULATED ONE ! .. and that little tid bit of information just won't go away , will it boys ? LOL Hey the news is on right now and guess what kids ? ... nasa plans to 'return' to the moon in the year 2020 !!! .... How many years away is that ??? ... 14 !! And we are suppossed to believe that nasa landed men on the moon 37 years ago and acomplished that amazing little feat in just 8 short years using antiquated 1969 technology !?!? ....
  2. Craig ... If I am really so uninformed and "in over my head" about Apollo, then why do you spend so much time trying to refute every word I post here ? ... That's what I meant when I said that I have your number ... People who protest too much always give the game away ... I did say launch and admitted my mistake , so what's the big deal ? ... Saying that I am dishonest is just psychological projection , as it would be you who argue everything on this forum in a completely dishonest manner . Steve ... You being speechless is a blessing ! Oh and speaking of dishonesty , taking someone'
  3. Craig .... Do you really believe that rehasing every word I posted about this is going to change the fact that Gene Krantz let it slip out that neither he nor any other controller could discern the difference between a real landing from a simulated one ? You are intentionly confusing the issue now by quoting my posts ... I already admitted that I said launch when I meant to say landing , so why bring it up again ? ... Why such persistence in attempting to make me look bad I wonder ? ... Maybe because I have your number , in the fact that you are too busy trying to refute the opposition with
  4. John .... Very interesting and informative links you posted here ... I have always suspected that the Wikipedia sites and information was a main stream program of misleading propaganda and nonsense .... And as the article said , most people are gullable enough to fall for everything posted on these sites and accept it as the ultimate truth , when in fact it is far from it . Steve .... Great post ! .... And all I can say is .... Yeah , what he said ! LOL
  5. LOL @ Jack ... Too funny !! Jack ..... meet my friend Steven .... One of the cavalry has arrived at last ... With hopefully more help on the way soon ! Can you imagine what it might feel like to play on a level playing field ? ... I can't even imagine it .
  6. Craig ... Sorry but you're wrong again ... You see the spinning here was done by Mike , not by me .... I didn't have the direct quote to answer Stephen Turner's question , this is true ... but now that Mike has so graciously supplied it , it just proved what I said from the very beginning about Krantz letting it slip that .... NO CONTROLER COULD DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REAL LANDING FROM ONE DONE IN TRAINING ( simulation ) !! Oppppssss .
  7. Caption : ..... "Dang it Buzz ! ... Those guys at quality control forgot to put the seal's shadow in this moon photo ! ... Do you think anyone will notice ?"
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