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  1. I thought that the increasment of the images from Robin does help to exclude the presence of Oswald idea but the opposite is the case. The new Darnell frames shows somebody in the doorway who really can be Oswald. Without the frames i would be silent. But now........... The more i look at it, the more Oswald. Martin
  2. Good call Robin but..... there is something close to his face anyway. I mean, we can ask questions over and over but where is the answer? It is a bright white spot. It is there and visible.
  3. -Ok, there was a man who liked to take pictures in shadow because of his lense and find the doorway to be the perfect spot. Melting in was not a problem cause there was no police or such. Shooting pictures with one hand is not a problem for Mister X. -There was an employee who's name is meanwhile forgotten. He shot pictures for the family. -It was Frazier. His was nervous by the testimony stating some false origin. He was the man at the wall. He drunk a soda bottle but have not mentioned it. -It was Oswald, he had a coke bottle in his hand and a sandwich taking it during the frames. After he was finished, he was going back to the second floor by the front stairs to be seen by another witness and encounters Baker and Truly on his way to the lunchroom to get back some stuff he laid down there. He did not buy a coke cause he had already one in his hand. He goes back to the same way he already did to go out of the TSBD entrance some 3 minutes later. He then choosed to join a bus to go home.
  4. Many theories are raising in the meantime. Lot of speculations by many who pay attention and post. I like to deal with the photographic evidence cause it can be proven. This person who is called Prayerman held something high to his face before the fatal shot. The Wiegman film started some 4 seconds before the last sho(i)t. One arm high,one arm half down with some thing highlight at his face. In the movies he did not move. He was standing on the last step before the landing of the stairs directly at the wall. He did not change his position until the Darnell film. The Darnell film starts at 20.14 sec after the HS and ends at 26.55 seconds after the HS showing Officer Baker runned into the doorway. This are the facts among other person in that area like Lovelady. Now i'am going to speculate.... Martin
  5. Correct question Ray Mitcham. The white spot is static within the moving sequence in Wiegman. Thats not clapping hands. They would move. The idea of a bottle is reaching my mind more and more. Even it appears to be strange when thinking of Oswald. But we try to deal with facts and this is photographic evidence. Is that a bottle? Martin
  6. Thank you Martin. Do you think this could be our Gerda? LUDWIG HILDA GERDA Gunckel http://www.comtur.cl/comtur/index_2.php?p=2&emp=855022 I don't think so Ray. To my knowledge she used an Alias. Martin
  7. Superb stuff, Martin. Looks to me like Prayer Man's right hand is significantly higher than his left here. Contrast the 'join' in Darnell: My money is still on a Coca-Cola--taking a swig in Wiegman, return to two-hand clasp by Darnell. Yes Sean, you are correct. My idea of a camera in his hand is apparently invalid. Has someone created an overview in map to show all the people in the doorway? To me it looks like Prayerman was standing directly at the wall but not on the top pedestal. Most likely one step lower. When looking closely at the stable Darnell (not Couch as i stated falsely) sequence from me i see the right glass door being operated. Opended most likely. But thats just a side note. best to you Martin
  8. Hello Martin, and thank you for that amazing clip. I am writing an article about the discovery of Prayer Man, and would like to find out more about Gerda Gunckel. Does anyone have her photo? We know that Prayer Man Lee was a fan of JFK. I submit that we see here a man APPLAUDING his FEARLESS LEADER! who has just passed by. Elementary, my dear Watson! A pleasure Ray. I was in 2011 and 2012 often in contact with Gerda Dunckel. We chatted often via PM. You know, we speak the same language. But since a half year she did respond anymore. Thats truly sad. She made some great stuff. best Martin
  9. Sure Terry, i was thinking the same. But on the other hand Sean's and Richard's arguments are convincing. None of the TSBD employees standind in the doorway reported to have taken pictures and the left arm of this man is considerable lower in Wiegman. I would use both arms holding a camera. I don't know what that white piece in front of his head is in Wiegman...in Darnell it is gone. Just the arms are noticeable lower. What is that? best to you Martin
  10. Thank you Sean. Sean, the aspect ratio in all frames is the same. What makes it difficult to examine, is the odd heavy blur in some frames. Gerda erased them too as far as i know. I just wanted to show both version. For Research purpose, i would use this vesion with all blurry frames erased: In this version, this person is still frozen. Thats a really strange fellow. This person has what looks like a camera up to his face in Wiegman....lowered down in Couch. But i surely don't know what that strange behavior with the arms is. Here a closeup crop of the Wiegman film: best to you Martin
  11. I don't know if this of help, but i stabled the short Darnell sequence myself, taking care of the rotation in the frames. This is a GIF with all frames incl all heavy blur frames: and here the same but all blurry frames been reased: Martin
  12. I had never really thought of it from that perspective before, Martin. Not a bad point. But, on the other hand, we must consider other things too -- the fact that Couch was riding in a moving car as he filmed. I guess he could have jumped out of the camera car [as Wiegman did] and rush inside the TSBD to film in there or film the upper floors of the building where he saw the gun. But in the latter possibility, Couch knew the gun had already been pulled back inside, so he might have thought "What's the point of filming an empty window?" (even Dillard wasn't fast enough with his camera to capture the gun or the assassin in the window, and he snapped his picture just seconds after Bob Jackson shouted "There's the rifle!"). Plus, Couch could easily see that a lot of confusion was taking place near the Grassy Knoll (the direction his camera car was taking him anyway), so what was he supposed to do under those circumstances? He merely filmed what was handy to film at that chaotic moment, and he'd already passed the Depository. And this quote of yours, Martin, is not an accurate (or fair) remark at all: "This is a good example of guided testimonies of the WC." -- M. Hinrichs How do I know it's not a fair statement? Because we don't need to rely ONLY on what Mal Couch told the Warren Commission months after the assassination. Fortunately for us, we've got the audio of Couch saying that he saw the rifle sticking out of the "fifth or sixth floor" window of the TSBD. And he said that on live WFAA-Radio within just an hour or two of the shooting on November 22nd. Listen to him say it below: DVP-Potpourri.blogspot.com/MAL COUCH BTW, after Couch's camera car went under the Triple Underpass, he did jump out of the car and run back to the Depository: Mr. BELIN - Did you take any pictures of the School Book Depository Building itself? Mr. COUCH - Not of the south side at the moment. After we went, say, 50 to 75 feet on down Elm, uh - we began to hang on because the driver picked up speed. We got down under the - I think there's three trestles there, three crossings underneath the - uh - at the very bottom of Elm Street - Mr. BELIN - Is that what they call the triple underpass? Mr. COUCH - Right. And - uh - I think, as I recall, right after we made the turn on Elm, one or two of the fellows jumped out. But after we got all the way down underneath the three trestles we finally persuaded the driver - who wasn't to anxious to stop - to stop and - uh - we all jumped out. And I ran, I guess it was about 75 yards or a little more back up to the School Depository Building and took some sweeping pictures of the crowd standing around. I didn't stay there long. Good points again David. Couch was in Camera Car 3. The last camera car in that motorcade. Yes, the car did move. Is that a problem for a camera man in an open automobile? He can switch the perspective very easy. Sure, it is an unfortune that we can't see what Couch thinked. But his action is still not locical to me. David, i believe Couch. I believe that there was a rifle in the sixth floor. I'am sure a shot or more come from this direction. Maybe even Oswald. But he was obviously distracted by a last shot form the grassy knoll. That makes sense. best to you Martin
  13. It was Malcolm Couch and Dave Wiegman who filmed the Elm street sequence close to the shots. Darnell started to film later capturing the Elm spectators. Wiegman started to film approx 4 seconds before the headshot and Couch roughly some 10 sesonds after. Your point is valid and what you wrote is good. To me, it is very strange, while reading the testimony of Couch, that he did not record the crime scene even when knowing it. He was hinted by Jackson to look up to the TSBD because Jackson saw a rifle. Couch did and confirmed to saw the rifle. Then Couch searched for his camera on the footroom of the car with success, beginning to film the Grassy Knoll???¿¿¿ That makes zero sense to me. To see a rifle after hearing shots and then to neglect the source? No go for a camera man. This is a good example of guided testimonies of the WC. Martin
  14. To be honest I think they are not distinct enough to tell what they are it could just be discoloration of the grass. I doubt the skull fragments would have followed such a trajectory. But let's say you're right, what would it prove? Len, the circled parts from Robert in frame 313 is really debris from JFK's head.
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