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  1. Richard- yes, it's a really excellent observation. I hadn't thought very much about Nagell's letters in a while, but these threads on the subject make me realize that it's worth the time to try and decipher them.
  2. Cord Meyer is a very interesting suggestion.
  3. It most certainly is. I imagine when this letter was written Nagell assumed no one besides Greenstein would ever see it; unless it was intercepted, in which case he'd think only spooks would be reading it. I doubt at that moment while he was in prison he foresaw a scenario where 50+ years later anyone could read it anywhere at any time. It is him condensing his experience all the way to the moment he went into the bank. And then speculating on everything that happened after that,
  4. Nagell suggests that it is the the "Snerd" character that first gets wind of a plot to kill JFK and reports it to Barnes, who then sends Nagell to see what's going on. I don't think Snerd is a plotter. Would definitely like to know who he is though. IMO, the Bush family wasn't involved in a plot to kill JFK and I think it's a waste of time trying to find evidence they were.
  5. Edit: Nope I'm wrong, it was indeed transcribed as "Big Mother Busher". Gonna re-read the letter.
  6. My reaction to the above nonsense is this: It is sad to see how Fox News has rotted so many people's minds. A foreign-owned tv network that couldn't care less about the mental health of the US citizens it has brainwashed.
  7. Gerald Posner is also notorious for his intellectual dishonesty, blatant agenda, and lying by omission. So I don't really take his opinion on the subject very seriously
  8. I get my second Moderna shot a week from today. After my first one, my 5G reception improved dramatically. Just kidding. Trust science, people. We're not cave men.
  9. Page 3 of this release would seem to be completely irrelevant- unless the redacted source was the subject of the FOIA, Bernardo De Torres. In which case, page 5 of the release, a 1978 memorandum stating CIA had no operational interest in De Torres after 1962, would turn out to be not truthful.
  10. Odio wrote her father about the visit from the 3 men before the assassination occurred. James Hosty said he asked LHO about the MC trip on 11/22/63 when Oswald was being questioned after his arrest.
  11. I've never said there was no connection to 11/22/63. Perhaps you're confusing me with someone else.
  12. This is an excellent episode if you're interested in De Torres, it even leads off with a voicemail he left for the host. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/who-was-bernie/id903171979?i=1000505315249
  13. Joe- Oswald visited the Odio's apartment on the evening of Wednesday, September 25th, so it doesn't actually intersect with the time Oswald is said to have been in Mexico.
  14. I don't know if it has been posted elsewhere, but after the death of Bernardo De Torres, Jeff Morley filed a FOIA to the CIA about DeTorres. Below is a link to the useless, incomplete garbage the CIA gave him in response. https://www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/bernardo-de-torres-central-intelligence-agency-74311/#file-879038
  15. William R Martin was another one that I think was really bad. Garrison had to deal with a ton of those types. Horrible stuff. Benjamin, I have also always thought someone initially gave Garrison a nudge in the right direction in the beginning, as his immediate focus on the CIA and Cuban angle was so incredibly spot on. A number of people could have filled that role, either someone we don't know, or someone way up like Hale Boggs. Interesting to speculate on for sure.
  16. If ETs were really concerned about the safety of Americans they'd spend their surveillance time flying above gun stores.
  17. It seems a rather odd coincidence to me that what is called "alien" aircraft seems to have evolved at a rate that parallels the rate of aircraft evolution here on earth... ETs have upped their game since this one:
  18. Great review, Jim, thank you; definitely going to pick this up.
  19. There is tech that actually flies, and then there is tech designed to spoof and give the appearance that something is in flight. IMO what he is speaking of is the latter. In our atmosphere at least, the laws of physics still apply.
  20. Perhaps the film that was made by Stone and Jim DiEugenio could help the PR cause?
  21. I would imagine the can will be kicked down the road yet again. 2017 was probably the best chance to get this stuff out.
  22. Here is another way to look at it: If the military was out testing their extremely advanced and secret flying tech (which they indeed have, and do test, because they have to test it to see if it works), and you happened to be in the area and saw that tech in the sky, what would you say you saw?
  23. My position has always been that UFO sightings are people witnessing the testing of military tech. This reinforces my suspicion. https://medium.com/vice/u-s-navy-has-patents-on-tech-it-says-will-engineer-the-fabric-of-reality-8ef6dfe469ec
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