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  1. In addition to above, I believe HSCA further investigated these Cubans, and the name of Julio Cesar Fernandes Jr. may relate to this.

    Escalante lists the name in an Appendix in his 'JFK:The Cuba Files'.

    Gaeton Fonzi also has information on Fernandes in 'The Last Investigation' linking him with Oswald in N.O.

    Any info on this too appreciated. 

  2. The case of Mrs. L.E. Hoover from the very small town of Martinsburg in central Pennsylvania.  She had found a piece of paper a week before the assassination with the names "Lee Oswald"  "Jack Rubenstein"  "Ruby" and "Silver Slipper".  The reference to "Silver Slipper" may not be the Ruby owned nightclub, but the one in Las Vegas later known for money laundering between organized crime and CIA.

    Mrs Hoover believed that the paper had accidentally come out of a trash can that belonged to a Cuban family with high level connections to the Batista government in Cuba. The FBI climbed all over her and threatened her, but she stuck to her story and demanded to take a lie detector test -- which the FBI, for once, was not willing to do.

    Researcher Gary Schoener traced Mrs Hoover who had also filched a plane ticket to Vegas and a ticket for the Silver Slipper club out of the Cuban neighbours trash.  J. Edgar would be proud.  Schoener took these items to N.O. for Garrison's investigation.  Unfortunately they disappeared from the D.A.'s safe.

    There is no Mrs Hoover in any book index that I have on Garrison.

    Has anyone any information on Mrs Hoover?   

  3. 7 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

    Thanks for posting this Pete.  I've presented Jenkins claims to others here before.  The depth and detail of his statements given his knowledge and experience gives him credibility, imo.  In another report I've read he says when Hughes and Finck started examining the right temple wound Burkley called Humes to the gallery and told them to stop and examine elsewhere, which the did immedately.

    No problem Ron.  I transcribed Jenkins' Lancer presentation which I sent to William Law when he and Jim J. were putting together their book, 'At the Cold Shoulder of History' (2018).

    As for my own thoughts on Jenkins' memoir, & the points raised by Joe in his post above....many points are as 'mushy' as JFK's brain.  I also concur with Micah above that there are many additions in that presentation that were not disclosed in earlier interviews with DSL decades before, and I seem to recall Mr Lifton expressing those opinions in previous posts on this Forum.

    It would be great if DSL came back into this thread at this point to give his opinions on the many discrepancies of testimonies.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jamey Flanagan said:

    So, I just noticed the comments from the video I posted in the first post. There was one VERY interesting comment you all should read from the one who posted the video on YouTube. He quotes someone who had sent him a comment on an encounter he had about a week before the assassination behind the Texas School Book Depository when he was 9 and there with his Dad. Trust me, you need to read this! Now, it can't be taken as gospel truth or anything cause the guy used a screen name it looks like but it's not that far fetched if you really think about it. George Bush was the CIA liaison to the anti-Castro Cuban brigade which included E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. Oswald was involved with the anti-Castro Cubans. Ruby was making trips to Cuba and running guns. For some reason when they said a man with a thin tie on I immediately thought Bill Shelley. I can't say why. Who knows? Maybe something I saw or read once. But when I read that the name Bill Shelley immediately popped into my mind. From all I've read anyway I believe that the Texas School Book Depository was (similar to the O'Reilly Coffee Company Oswald was previously employed at) was more or less a front business but did other operations for the C.I.A. or FBI. Not saying that everybody involved in the warehouse had intelligence connections or that there wasn't legitimate work done for that business, but some of the higher ups involved in that endeavor have somewhat sinister connections. Starting with the building owner D. H. Byrd. His involvement with the civil air patrol in which Dave Ferrie and Lee Oswald were members at one time. Anyway, just thought I'd give everyone a heads up to look in the comments section.

    Jamey, Re:- TSBD personnel try JFKConversations on Alan Dale's website for his interviews with Greg Parker.

    Some food for thought.

  5. 1 hour ago, Joe Bauer said:

    I always have to grapple with either believing or disbelieving Bethesda Navy Medical corpsman Paul O,Conner's sworn oath testimony and interview statements regards the removal of JFK's brain on 11,22,1963.

    If he is telling the truth...the entire brain part of the JFK autopsy report is false.

    James Jenkins stated in one interview that while he was assisting Humes and Boswell in the morgue he was handed a brain ( he wasn't sure if it was Humes or Boswell who handed him the brain ) and told to put this in some sort of "sling?" but he qualified this recollection by also stating he couldn't be sure it was JFK's!

    He also described JFK's brain as being pretty much intact except for a chunk gone from the back right area that he estimated was less than a third of the entire brain.

    However Humes himself said under sworn testimony that JFK's brain was incredibly torn and mascerated inside from back to front ( like mush) and we know from the Zapruder film that a lot of JFK's brain was exploded out along with skull bone and fluid and blood into a wide area coverage spray.

    Clint Hill ( who was within inches of JFK after jumping on the limo and back seat area to cover him and Jackie ) often described a massive hole in the back of JFK's head where the brain was "gone."

    O'Conner ( who everyone acknowledges was within inches from JFK's head and upper body almost the entire autopsy and whose specialty was autopsy brain removal - 50 to 60 times ) stated he never saw any skull cutting done on JFK and inferred there was no brain removal that he saw because...there was so little brain matter to remove!

    Humes was confronted in his ARRB appearance with questions about not listing JFK's brain weight in Hume's first summary notes about the autopsy.

    Humes akwardly, admitted he didn't put this always done and recorded information in his initial summary and ... well ... he just simply could not explain why. 

    Hmmm ... ??? 

    The final official autopsy finding listed JFK's brain weight as 1,400 grams. Heavier even than a "fully intact" average male brain weight?

    What happened to Jenkin's missing one third and obvious weight loss of JFK's brain claim?

    Then, JFK's brain disappears completely not long after the autopsy?

    The JFK brain story is all over the map with versions completely different from each other.  Toss a dart.

    Whose version do you choose to believe?

    If you believe O'Conner then you must believe Humes is lying about JFK's brain findings.

    For many reason's I believe Navy corpsman Paul O'Conner over Humes.


    Transcription of presentation given by Bethesda witness Jim Jenkins with researcher William Law, given at the ‘November in Dallas’ ‘JFK Lancer conference at the Adolphus Hotel on Friday 22nd  November  2013. 


    J.J.:- The sheets from the head were on the floor and my impression was I had to clean that up.  It was picked up along with the sheets that were removed from the torso and placed in the linen room, which was a small room off of the morgue.  The examination of the head started as a precursor to Dr.Finck arriving.  When I asked who Dr.Finck was I was told that he was a specialist in war, I mean in war field wounds. 

    At that point in time we proceeded with the autopsy.  Dr.Humes was at the end along with Dr.Finck, Dr.Humes stood on the left side of the body, Dr.Finck was on the right side and I was at Dr.Finck’s right shoulder and at the shoulder of the president’s body and Dr.Boswell was on the other side opposite of me.  When they began to examine the body Dr.Finck and Dr.Humes who were right here with me and as I was observing them, there was a small entry…..exit, anyway a small wound that appeared to be approximately four….right in front of the top of the right ear and slightly above it.  There was a discussion between Dr.Finck and Dr.Humes as to a grey area that actually surrounded the wound and there was speculation by Dr.Finck that maybe that was lead from a bullet.  After that there, it was not really probed or much of a discussion continued after that because at that point in time there was a discussion with Dr.Humes and Admiral Burkley, and that exchange was pretty much the norm for the rest of the night.  Dr.Humes would go to Dr.Burkley because Dr.Burkley would call him over and they would discuss and he would come back and he and Dr.Finck would look at other aspects of the head wounds. 

    About the same time Dr.Boswell and I started the autopsy on the torso.  We made the usual autopsy cuts, ours was little different, we went from one shoulder to the other shoulder in a single U shaped incision and we moved this flap, it was caused back up over the face, took the ribcage and then we removed the organs intact.  We did that by tying off the major arteries, severing the trach and the oesophagus and lifting it all out.  We placed it on a cutting board, the cutting board was placed over the chest area, or slightly down toward the mid-section.  The cutting board was pretty much a corp type board with a scale that was mounted on the corner of it.  As Dr.Boswell dissected out the organs as whole organs,  he weighed them and he gave me the weights.  The weights are what you see (referring to projected slide) at the top that’s where the results were added.  Again….to….is significant because that is not my handwriting.  My handwriting doesn’t look that nice.  At that time, you know, we finished the organs, the heart was…at Bethesda we did autopsies a little different.  We did the sources to heart like normal protocols, in other places where I’ve done autopsies we actually went in to the ventricles and we opened up so we could see the walls and so forth and not have to see them in sections.  The heart was examined in that manner.  The intestinal tract, both large and small intestines were taken out and taken to the deep sink.  Now normally in other autopsies, that was my job.  We would open up the intestinal tract, lay it open, clean it with the water and then we would examine it for lesions and things of that nature.  Now, with the residents, we cleaned the intestines.  Paul (referring to O’Conner) and I according to which of us got the task when we were there and the rest would come and check for lesions, tumours, particular things of that nature.  That was done by Dr.Boswell.  He did that personally.  Then there were some controversies about whether to take the testicles or not, and they were taken.  I’m not sure what the controversy was and so forth but the kidneys were also examined.  Due to the fact, I’ve heard, I’m not sure, I didn’t see any of the final results from these organs, just the gross (weight) at the autopsy, but I think they were asked because there was a possibility if there was Addison’s disease involved. 

    Moving on.  During the time that we were dissecting and weighing the organs, Dr.Humes was probing the back wound.  On this same sheet that was approximately where the wound was placed and that’s where I remember it being, in the back.  But the significance of this is I watched the operation of Dr.Humes probing that wound with his finger.  He probed it to the depth of that wound with his finger.  I could see the impression on the pleural, on the back of the pleural cavity, the chest cavity, but it never entered the chest cavity.  He and Dr.Finck took a sound.  A sound is for, many of you probably know what a sound is, but I suggest they probably used a sound, because a sound is rounded. (?) Because one of the things that they expressed was the fact that we don’t want to create an entry into the pleural cavity if there’s none there.  Now, moving on to the lungs, this is related to the lungs.  On the right top of the middle lobe, almost….it’s a junction.  The lung has three lobes.  There was a blue, a blueish type of indentation probably about the size of your thumb.  Speculation was that that was caused by the bullet that entered at the point in the back.  I know that this is one of the major controversial points related to the neck wound.  At the point that the back wound is, it is probably, just roughly guessin’, ten, maybe a little more, a little less, centimetres below the wound in the throat.  At no time in the autopsy did we do any examination of the throat trach.  We were told that’s what it was, that it was a trach.  Now, there were questions about it because of how large it was.  It was I think on the face sheet it says it was 6.5cm., that’s a little over 2 inches.  The other thing was that this trach was done, it was horizontal in relation to the neck.  Most trachs were much smaller and in those days they were done in the vertical.  The description of the wound here as you see it was vastly different from what we got from Parkland, as was a lot of other information we got later. 

    W.L.:- Have you ever seen a trach like that, that big? 

    J.J.:- No.  I’ve never seen a trach that way and I’ve never seen one that large, because the old metal tracheotomy tubes were, my guess would be probably 5mm., 3 to 8mm., something like that.  We never really questioned it.  The only thing we did was when the flap was up, and the flap was up over the face Dr.Boswell kinda lifted the flap and looked up and he stuck his fingers in there.  No comment.  No nothin’ at that point in time, but that wound was never probed.  It was never examined for entry or exit.  Which brings another controversial point.  We did multiple X-rays, before we actually proceeded with the autopsy itself. 

    W.L.:- Jim, when you say multiple, take a guess and tell us how many X-rays would you estimate you took? 

    J.J.:- I think Custer (referring to Jerrol Custer) and I took, we took the original AP (anteroposterior) and laterals. We took multiple, I would say probably for every one we took, we did five repeats at the request, my impression was, at the request of the gallery.  Nothing seemed to be pleasing the people in the gallery.  Actually, nothing being done in the autopsy seemed to be pleasing to the people in the gallery.  We were directed again, at one time we were directed away from the wound in the neck because the reason we were given was that it would have been too….if we had actually examined it, we would have had to open it into the trach and that would have been too hard for the mortician to conceal it. 

    W.L.:- To find the path of the bullet would you need to do that? 

    J.J.:- Yes!  Yes you would have to actually do the incisions involved and follow the path in there.  At least you would have probed it to see where it went.  The other thing with the X-rays, we were finding no bullet fragments.  We found no bullet fragments that were in the body itself.  Now, the bullet fragments that people relate to were bullet fragments that were brought in after the autopsy was underway and given to us in a small tie top bag.  It’s similar to a zip lock except it has a tie that runs across the top and is folded over and that type of thing, that was placed on the autopsy table by the right ear. 

    W.L.:- Can you estimate the time that you remember that? 

    J.J.:- No.  That’s always been a question that I’ve had about time.  It was a military morgue so it had a huge clock, but the clock was at the other end of the morgue over a huge order plate.  My attention was such that I had to be aware of the needs of the pathologist, that was my purpose for being there. So my attention was focussed on that table, on whatever they asked for help with.   At the conclusion of the autopsy my personal ideas of the things that I said, I was sure that the entrance wound was above the right ear and that the large wound in the back (of the head) was an exit wound.  In the wound in the back (of the head) there were some questions by Dr.Boswell to the gallery.  He made a statement, or asked a question really, “was there any surgery done on the head at Parkland?”  What he was referring to is that there seemed to be an incision at one of the points on the large incision that radiated out toward the middle suture, and at that point in time I just looked at it as maybe something he was curious about and so forth, but then I realised that later on when the brain was removed, that incision made it possible for the wound to be spread, where we did not have to do the skull cap.  We did the skull cap.  Normally the way we took the brain out of the cranium, we made an incision from this ear to this ear across.  We spread the scalp back and forward and we took a saw and made a notch at the front of the skull to orientate us when we replaced it, and we took the whole skull cap off and then we removed the brain.  At that time we always attempted to remove the brain intact with the spinal cord.  Sometimes it worked…very rarely did it work.  Most of the time the spinal cord was torn off and we had to go in from the interior of the body.  At autopsy we removed parts of the spinal cord off the spinal column and took that out.  We did not have to do that with the President’s body.  Actually I don’t really remember that we ever removed the cord itself, just the brain. 

    W.L.:- Jim, lets stop you for a minute because this is where the big controversy comes in.  Paul O’Conner is well known, famous for saying that when he saw the head, there was no brain, that it had been blown out.  Yet when we were in New Orleans 15 years ago you told me….you have to understand that Jim did not know me from Adam, and when I finally worked up the courage to be able to come and see him, he agreed.  I didn’t know whether he was going to give me ten minutes or fifteen minutes.  You have to understand that unlike Paul O’Conner, who was a wonderful gregarious person with a great sense of humour, he would tell you anything you wanted to know.  Jim doesn’t do this stuff so that’s why we’re lucky to have him tonight.   He just doesn’t involve himself.  He’s never sought the limelight in this thing.  Anybody that ever wanted to talk to him, they’ve always had to hunt him down and find him, if they were lucky enough to get to talk to him.  So I was very lucky to be in a room, sitting with him asking these questions, and I could tell the look on his face, it was reluctant.  He was reluctant to do it, but he did it and at one point I’m sitting there and Jim said, “one of the doctors made an exclamatory statement, and he was looking right at me when he said, I think what he said o.k., was meaning the brain, ‘the damn thing fell out in my hand.’”  I asked Jim what does that mean to you?  Tell ‘em what you said to me. 

    J.J.:- O.k.  That statement was made by Dr.Humes.  To remember that Humes and Finck were actually the people who were working with the head, the head wounds.  That was the statement.  As I said before it was a statement that kinda surprised me, but as they took the brain out he handed it to Dr.Boswell who was actually across the table from me.  Since I had been assisting with Dr.Boswell, I was the only corpsman at that point in time that was working with Dr.Boswell.  I followed Dr.Boswell to the bucket of formalin where we infused the brain.  I told William, I gave him some of the impressions that I had of the brain when I first saw it.  My first impression was, the damage to the brain does not correlate with the extensive damage to the skull.  What I mean with that was the right interior portion of the brain was damaged and there was some tissue missing.  The brain due to the trauma apparently was in that area was kinda gelatinous and that pretty much stands to reason, because when you traumatise the brain, it’s not like traumatising a muscle, or something like that, where you get bruising and so forth.  The brain actually has a large amount of fluid in so it kinda becomes mushy and gelatinous, that was what I saw.  The other thing, I didn’t think that the brain was large enough.  I had an impression that it was smaller than what it should be coming out of the cavity that it came out of.  Now these were just impressions on my part.  That was a first sight, first impression type thing.  Dr.Boswell carried the brain to our bucket where we infused the brain.  How we did it is important, because our normal method was we had a stainless steel bucket, we filled the bucket approximately half full of formalin.  We had created a gauze sling that went over the top of the bucket.  We laid the brain upside down in that sling.  We had a two needle apparatus that came from a supply of formalin that was up on the top of the cabinets.  What we did with it was, we took those needles, we infused the brains through the two internal carotids at the base of the brain.   Those carotids were retracted and it was extremely difficult, and as a matter of fact we had one of the residents come in, which was the chief resident, because Dr.Boswell and Dr.Humes did not do this menial type thing of placing these suture needles in and so forth.  So what we did was, we infused the brain and it was extremely difficult because of the condition of the carotids. 

    W.L.:- So what does that mean to you Jim? 

    J.J.:- Well, in my experience when vessels are severed for a period of time they retract, especially arteries, because of the way they’re constructed, and over a period of time it’s almost like they begin to close off themselves.  The other thing I noticed was the brain stem, where the brain stem was cut to remove it from the cranium, the brain stem looked like it had been cut from two different sides, from each side met in the middle.  I can relate that because if you’ve ever tried to cut something from the right side and go back and cut it from the left side, it never, almost invariably never is the same level, and this is what the brain stem looked like.  You know, I’ve been asked many times about this, ‘did I think that the brain had been removed prior to the autopsy?’  Taking into consideration the abnormal things that I just described….I feel like it was. 


    James Curtis Jenkins c1963. 





  6. 1 hour ago, Joe Bauer said:

    Pete, it doesn't sound like there was already a busy and buzzing room filled crowd of non-medical personnel all around Humes and Boswell in the immediate 6:45 pm arrival of the JFK's casket and body to the morgue and their lifting of it up and onto an exam table.

    Were all these generals and admirals and agents and who knows whos already there waiting for the casket arrival in the morgue/autopsy amphitheater when it was laid down on the floor there?

    I have always assumed that Humes and Boswell had some preliminary time to examine and maybe even work with JFK's body ( JFK's brain wasn't removed in front of the amphitheater crowd was it? ) before the 8:00 PM start of the amphitheater viewed autopsy.

    Good question Joe.  Who was in the morgue from 18:30 to 20:00hrs?

    Certainly the room was cleared while X-rays were taken.  According to testimony from Jim Jenkins JFK's brain was removed after 20:00hrs with the military in attendance & after the arrival of Finck.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Norman T. Field said:

    This is a puff piece, white wash created by Sam's family to make some $$. The claims that Sam was part of the Torrio attempted murder and participated in the St. Valentine's day massacre are not supported by any facts or any other historians. When his daughters and nephew go about what a nice guy Sam was, I find myself remembering a brief exchange Sam had with a reporter outside a courthouse.

    Reporter, "Hey Sam, can you lend me $5,000?". 

    Sam, "What have you got for collateral?"

    Reporter, "I don't know, what do you need?".

    Sam, "How about an eye?". 

    Nor is there any mention of Sam's affinity for gang rape as a younger man. 

    Wasn't it Giancana's predecessor in Chicago, Tony Accardo who was involved in the St. Valentine's Day massacre?

  8. 22 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:

    If the above conversation actually took place and FBI agent "Joe" was telling the truth, the question of JFK's body being removed from the Dallas ornate casket between Dallas and D.C. is answered.

    Commander James Humes in his sworn ARRB testimony says the first time he saw JFK's arriving body, it was while lifting him out of the heavy and large ornate bronze casket in the morgue.

    A few questions here:

    When JFK's body first arrived to the morgue and was lifted out of "any" casket, was it placed on an exam table other than the one in the official autopsy amphitheater room?

    Was the morgue and student accommodating amphitheater all the same room?

    With but "one" exam/autopsy procedure table?

    It sounds to me like there was a preliminary exam of JFK's body ( and on a different table ) before the actual official with witnesses autopsy.

    Humes said JFK's body first arrived "to the morgue " around 6:30 to 6:45 pm.

    Did he immediately start the official autopsy at that time and on the first exam table he and Boswell and one or two medical techs lifted JFK's body onto?

    Or was JFK's body placed on another amphitheater room autopsy table later than when it first arrived?

    Was the table JFK was first placed on one with wheels that could be rolled into another room?

    Others have stated the official autopsy started around 8:pm.

    Naval Tech Paul O'Conner's stated this time table account of first seeing JFK's body and the start of the official autopsy.

    Commander Humes stated JFK's body was first brought to the morgue around 6:30 to 6:45 pm.

    If both are correct...what were Humes and Boswell doing with JFK's body from 6:45 to 8:00 pm?

    Was O'Conner not present at the Humes stated 6:45 pm JFK body arrival time and place?

    What was the official documented record stated time that the "amphitheater with witnesses" autopsy first began?

    6:45 pm? 7:30 pm? 8:00 pm?

    Joe, DSL is really the man to answer your questions above.....but, "the question of JFK's body being removed from the Dallas ornate casket between Dallas and D.C."  is strongly implied in Best Evidence p620 when Jerrol Custer recalled taking X-rays of JFK to an upper floor at Bethesda for developing and meeting the arriving Jacqueline Kennedy at the main entrance, with the Navy ambulance outside and therefore the ornate Dallas casket still to arrive at the morgue.

    According to Rydberg drawings of the Bethesda morgue with the viewing amphitheatre, was all in one room with two autopsy tables.

    To my thinking the autopsy may well have begun around that stated time of 8:00, after the room had been cleared of viewers/FBI-SS etc for X-rays and photographs of the body, taking up the time period around 6:30-8:00.

  9. Stone explained he is having a hard time finding a distributor. Both Netflix and National Geographic turned down the documentary as a result of an unapproved fact check.

    “Where are you going to find this information except in this film,” Stone questioned. “If they do a fact check, according to conventional sources, of course it’ll come out like that is not true.”

    So MSM is still following the W.C.🐑

  10. A cat amongst pigeons.  A post on DPUK's FB page today.

    Firstly, let's dispose of the question mark at the ed forum about whether they had a ledger (questioned because I indicated they did). I use "ledger" and "register" interchangeably. Was that really so confusing for anyone?

    Here is what Gladys said:

    Mrs. JOHNSON. You know, I'm sorry I didn't bring my register. I couldn't tell you exactly; I imagine I had about 10 or 12.

    So no matter the terminology, they kept records in a book or pad of some type. 

    According to Pat Hall in some of her many interviews during the 50th, her grandmother destroyed this registry due to all the hassle caused by Oswald having stayed there. If so, she still seems to have had it at the time of her testimony and she should have been asked to provide it at a later date.

    The cops also confirmed looking through this register when they attended, but again, failed to take it as evidence.

    In lieu of the registry, Gladys brought in the original of this - now known a Johnson Exhibit A.

    Johnson Exhibit A WH_Vol20_0148b

    Karl Hilliard made some very good observations about it and the claim that cops found the address of the boarding house in Oswald's pocket.


    Karl Hilliard wrote:1) Why would Oswald walk around with his address in his pocket? So he wouldn't forget where he lived?
    2) The [secretive] Dallas cops would have never told anyone what they have and what they don't. That is a fact.

    1. He wouldn't be carrying it around - not unless he did not live there, but had the address as somewhere to move to soon. 

    And that was not the case.


    Karl Hilliard wrote:One more thing can be said about this Exhibit A....It appears to me that in addition to being a copy of the original...it seems to me that there was some alteration. It looks like there was a [something] OUT [something] and possibly writing underneath that also received a block-out. And again..Why was it ever filed as Top Secret? What national security could have been conceived?

     Again, absolutely correct. I think I have made this point before, but can't find it.

    What I believe it originally said was "Moved out" and the date that was erased was the date that happened.

    Moreover, it was not in regard to Oswald but to H. Lee.

    The "O" was added - as was the date the next payment was due so as to give the impression of still living there as at Nov 22. 

    There was NO OH Lee.  It was a misreading of the registry which most likely showed something like 

    Room 0  H Lee.

    You can see clearly on this exhibit that the room in question was designated as "Room 0". 

    All of the lying about how the cops found the place can be put down to covering up that it came from Fay Puckett to Dallas police via a reserve officer friend of the family - and that she had mistaken Oswald for "H Lee" - aka Herbert Leon Lee.

    The case was a whole series of clusterf-c-s that they managed to massage to their advantage.

    One last (and probably minor point). It seems likely that the room was given that number because it was a converted library. By the time it became a bedroom, all the other rooms had long been numbered starting at 1 - the bedroom nearest the old library. It was simply easier and cheaper to call the "new" room 0, then have to renumber all of the rooms.

  11. 15 hours ago, Jamey Flanagan said:

    I know most of you will probably ridicule this, and I'm not saying that this is what I believe (I do find it an intriguing alternative to Lifton's theory from Best Evidence), but what if JFK'S body wasn't swapped from the bronze ceremonial casket to the shipping casket only to be swapped back to the ceremonial casket again? Confused yet? Well, most of you would consider it a stretch of the imagination at best, but Robert D. Morningstar has a very interesting theory. His theory is that Tippit, who bore somewhat of a resemblance to JFK, and was frequently teased by friends and fellow officers calling him Jack (as in Jack Kennedy), was used as a JFK body double. Sounds pretty crazy, right? But how many aspects of this case have seemed crazy at first glance? I have seen mafia men being interviewed and body swapping was quite common to them. Anyway, Morningstar did a half JFK half Tippit picture and all of the bone structures matched up for the most part. Tippit's eyebrows were a little bushier and would need plucking and thinning out. And Tippit's hairline was a little more receding, but the "JFK" morgue pics did have that weird looking thing going on with the hairline. Maybe that was the reason for the surgery to the head area that the Sibert & O'Neil report referred to. The scalp being refracted to hide the hairline. There was a website many years ago where he laid his theory out but not sure if you can still access it. He had comparison photos of the Tippit autopsy and the "JFK" Bethesda autopsy. In one the supposed body of JFK had a defect in his lower chest area near the bottom of the pic. Tippit had the same wound on him. If I recall correctly there was a mole on the ear of both men, or possibly the neck, that wasn't present in other pics of JFK. If nothing else I do believe those supposed JFK X-Rays that showed the orbital bone shattered above the right eye when JFK had no damage to the front of his face or that kind of damage around his orbital socket were of Tippit. He had a wound just like that. I know some people saw a right temple wound but that still wouldn't correlate to those X-Rays. And I think they could have used Tippit's brain as one of the brains that were weighed. I'm pretty sure I have lost all of you at this point, lol, but just suppose.........what if Tippit was the Bethesda autopsy body? And JFK stayed in the ceremonial casket. Tippit, after work done on him by Liggett to resemble JFK more closely, was placed in the shipping casket and was put on another plane that got to Washington BEFORE Air Force One carrying the body of JFK. Then you don't have all this casket swapping going on. Maybe this scenario is just too hard to believe. BUT, it could be an explanation for the dead secret service agent stories that were out there early on. As a cover story for why they were flying two caskets back to Washington instead of one. When no questions were asked they got away with it so to speak, the dead agent story is dismissed as just a rumor. Lol, just something to think about.

    This theory has been around some time.  So whose body was Earl Rose performing an autopsy on at 3:15 at Parkland on the 22nd?

    + Autopsy photographs of J.D. certainly i.d. J.D. & do not resemble JFK in any way.

    + JFK didn't have 'Tippitt' tattooed on his left arm.

    + Tippitt had one gunshot wound by his right nipple, which is not visible on JFK's Bethesda photographs.

    I'm sure of some magic tricks performed that day, but Morningstar's theory I can't buy. 

  12. 20 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:

    good question-I will have to check. My first thought is that he was one of the official casket witnesses.

    Sibert and O'Neil's 302 report states "The president's body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table".

    As the FBI agents were in the Andrews AFB to Bethesda motorcade they must have been referring to the Dallas casket.  Contrary to Dennis David's + others stated arrival

    time & shipping casket.  Another mystery.

  13. 28 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

    In England, the NHS managed to kill off Captain Sir Tom Moore, last survivor of the Battle of Britain.  It's like announcing that Betty White has Covid:


    A bit harsh David.  Cpt Moore passed away from Covid today, but couldn't have a Covid jab because of his pneumonia medication after a recent holiday in Barbados!  He wasn't a Battle of Britain vet either.  Served in the army in Burma.

  14. 19 hours ago, Pat Speer said:

    If I'm not mistaken, Vince, Kinney never told you about his cleaning out the limo, either.

    And yet... A Secret Service agent was observed cleaning out the limo... and news footage proves that the man with the bucket was...Kinney.   

    So...how big a step is it, really, to believe Kinney took a bullet he found in the limo...and planted it on a stretcher?

    Not much, I'm afraid. 


    Ok Pat, not much of a big step.  Kinney told Loucks he requested the bucket from a Parkland orderly and cleaned the rear seat area of the limo.

    So, if he then found the pristine bullet....why wander into the hospital and drop this piece of ballistic evidence onto any old gurney?  He couldn't know whose gurney it was, nor could he know at that time of any agenda of three shots from behind from the TSBD or anyone known as Lee Harvey Oswald.

    According to Loucks he was a believer in conspiracy & shots from in front, yet he saw what became of CE399 and kept schtum for fifty years!

    Seems weird behaviour for a trained S.S. agent, and conveniently Loucks can only disclose this after Kinney's death.

    One more mystery to the case that we may never know the truth of

  15. On 1/19/2021 at 1:32 AM, Vince Palamara said:

    Hello, Pete! Yes, that very brief clip is actually most of what aired from Sam's one and only television interview (Today show, NBC, 11/22/93). The other segment was merely about John Junior's salute.

    Sam helped put the top on at Parkland with a Dallas police officer. The cleaning of the blood and gore appears to have been done (well, at least an attempt was made) by the other agent present, the infamous George W. Hickey, Jr. What's more, the bucket sitting there may or may not be related to any aborted attempt at cleaning, as it could have also been used for lubrication of the metal screws that fastened the metal strips for the bubble top.

    As for Gary Loucks, I do not credit him. I was dubious from day one about this, as Sam (in three lengthy conversations from 1992-1994) never divulged this information.

    Cheers Vince.  Re Gary Loucks... I concur.

    D.P.U.K. held an annual Zoom meet last week & I put forward recommendation for you to speak at one of our forthcoming monthly Zoom seminars on your 'Honest Answers' publication out in March.  Recommendation was accepted, so someone should contact you soon on that.  Regards.

  16. On 1/16/2021 at 7:51 AM, Vince Palamara said:

    Parkland doctors: Paul Peters, Robert McClelland, Richard Dulany, Ronald Jones, Charles Carrico, Charles Crenshaw, Charles Baxter, Marion "Pepper" Jenkins, Robert Shaw + Nurse Audrey Bell + Aubrey Rike Bethesda: Jerrol Custer, Paul O’Connor, Floyd Reibe, FBI's Frank O'Neill Secret Service agents Clint Hill and Win Lawson Dallas Police officer James Chaney + reporter Bill Lord; Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses Phil, Marilyn, and Linda Willis Warren Commissioner John Sherman Cooper 1988 was a banner year for some (25th anniversary) television/VHS (DVD) classics: KRON/JFK: An Unsolved Murder (also included in Robert Groden’s DVD), NOVA/ Who Shot President Kennedy, The Men Who Killed Kennedy (+ Jack Anderson's Who Murdered JFK? + NBC's JFK: That Day in November + Geraldo) Also: Crenshaw on ABC’s 20/20 April 1992 etc.




    Vince, There is a very brief vid at the 15:00 minute mark of S.S. follow-up driver Sam Kinney.

    You contacted and interviewed him back in '94.  Was he the agent that cleaned the blood & gore out of the pres. limo at Parkland?

    In a recent publication. 'The Lone Star Speaks' an interview with Kinney's 'friend' Gary Loucks includes :-"He said he was the one who placed the bullet on the gurney in Parkland Hospital."  Kinney found the 'pristine bullet' lying in the President's limousine as he cleaned the interior.

    This is a book full of 'hearsay' and unsubstantiated statements.  What are your thoughts?


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