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Here's a blast from the past for you old-timers. When the film JFK came out in 1991, I think there was a LN book by a guy from Texas named Jim Moore (mind you, we are talking pre-Bugliosi, pre-Posner). It was called "Conspiracy of One" and basically covered the Ossie-did-it theory in a nutshell instead of relying on long writings like Reclaiming History and Case Closed.

It seems to me that Jim Moore has gone "underground", so to speak, and you would expect him to be online and on tv defending the lone nut theory. I recall reading online somewhere that Posner may have plagiarised Moore's writing for Case Closed and that may explain Moore's silence.

After all, you would expect Moore to comment on the ARRB documents, new evidence, and the like or even do a new version of his book. Even David von "Pain" has never even mentioned him.


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About halfway down this page, there are links for a four part interview with Jim Moore.




The author of the site refers to Jim Moore in the past tense, as though he had passed away:

"Jim Moore was a frequent guest of mine. He was an investigative reporter and author of real events laid out in book form. He was an establishment kind of guy and wrote a book called "Conspiracy of One." He bought into the idea that Oswald did it... by himself."

Vincent Bugliosi speaks highly of Moore's CONSPIRACY OF ONE, and Bugliosi has adopted Moore's Dr. Pepper theory, which I thought was the most comical argument in Moore's entire book.

De Mortuis Nihil Bonum Nisi, they say, and it must be said that Jim Moore (like Posner and Bugliosi) never resorted to assassinating the characters of JFK or RFK in order to support his arguments.

The same cannot be said about some JFK conspiracy theorists.

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Even David von "Pain" has never even mentioned him.

Here's why...

Moore gave an excellent debunking of "bunch theory" -- and managed to

destroy the SBT while remaining an LNer.

From CONSPIRACY OF ONE, ppg 154-55 (emphasis added):

Since the back of the President's shirt shows a six-by-six millimeter hole

in roughly the same location as the hole in the jacket, the mute evidence

seems to indicate a lower point of entry than would be possible if the bullet

had been fired from above and behind, and had coursed through the

President's neck to exit his throat. . . .

Through the years, there have been several attempts to justify the position

of the clothing holes with the entry wound on the President's back. . . .

A good example is the hypothesis first advanced by Dr. Lattimer and

published in KENNEDY AND LINCOLN. . . .

TIME magazine writer Ed Magnuson clearly had Lattimer's research at hand

when he wrote in a 1975 article: "Since Kennedy was seen in the Zapruder

film to be waving before he was first struck in the back of the neck, the

experts believe that his raised right arm bunched up the top of the jacket;

unfolded, the jacket thus shows a hole lower than the one in his back."

The article included a convenient diagram so that readers could see the

obvious plausibility of the bunched-jacket theory. The problem with

Lattimer's argument is not in the theory itself, but rather, in the photos he

used as reference. The picture published in his book was taken from

the motorcade's press bus, very likely at the outset or in the first minutes of

the procession from Love Field.

Two other photos exist (both readily available to Lattimer) showing the

President's back at the time of the first shot. These, then, would be much

better evidence than one showing his jacket bunched at the beginning of

the motorcade. The photos taken at the moment of the assassination were

a color slide by Phil Willis and a black-and-white still by Hugh Betzner. Both

were shot from the south curb of Elm Street, and both depict the back of

President Kennedy's head, since the limousine has already passed both

photographers and is headed down the slope of Elm Street. Also visible in

both photographs are the President's shoulders and upper back. THE BETZNER


NOT BE VISIBLE WERE HIS JACKET BUNCHED. Although not as evident in the



There is another problem with Lattimer's explanation, although it requires

some thought up-front. Were it not for the photographic evidence, I could

accept the theory of the bunched suit jacket. BUT WHAT ABOUT A BUNCHED


MADE AND CAREFULLY FITTED. Indeed, the law of averages also works against

Lattimer, for in his scenario, the shirt would have to be bunched inside the

jacket almost to the same degree as the coat. THE ODDS AGAINST THIS


LNers and other practitioners of the JFK Mystery Game care to ignore the

obviousness of the above.

Takes all the fun out of pet theories to acknowledge something so prosaic, eh?

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