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Charles Harrelson...in all its Glory

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Please stop me if this topic has been beaten to death already...

I know this is probably a red herring (and Harrelson's dead now, right?) but I have a question nevertheless, and a few thoughts. To wit:

1. How much credence does anyone really put into this theory of Woody's dad being the tall tramp? Just based on my own observation, I'd say there is SOME resemblance but nothing that really makes me want to form a hard opinion.

2. I have seen the Lois Gibson presentation on YouTube, and while I am sure she is qualified in her "field" (facial recognizance?) she doesn't exactly make the most compelling presentation. She gets names wrong and most of her slideshow is devoted to saying over and over how obvious it all is, how there are only similarities...again, SOME resemblance in all of those comparisons but nothing definitive. And is "facial recognizance" anywhere on the same level of professional (dis)respectabiity as say, polygraph analyst?

3. "Oswald Talked" didn't do much to clear up the question either, as I have major problems with their identifications of the three tramps. Maybe it's just my own weak powers of observation, but I am just not seeing it. Also, it didn't help that their book was unreadable.

4. Finally, does Landsdale's alleged presence in Dealey Plaza (and passing the tramps on the street) depend in ANY way upon either of the proposed identifications, ie, Hunt/Harrelson/Whoever and the LaFontaines' chosen homeless trio? Couldn't it be that he WAS in the famous picture, but he just happened to be passing three hobos?

That's about it for now...anyone with a clear-cut opinion (whatever it may be) please respond, I'd really like to put this one issue out of my head.


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Things you may not know about Charles Harrelson....

He was a CIA agent... confirmed by his son Woody.

His wife's maiden name was Oswald.

He was a mafia hitman on several hits in the state of Texas.

He confessed that he was part of the JFK conspiracy during his last arrest.

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Things you may not know about Charles Harrelson....

He was a CIA agent... confirmed by his son Woody.

His wife's maiden name was Oswald.

He was a mafia hitman on several hits in the state of Texas.

He confessed that he was part of the JFK conspiracy during his last arrest.


What is your source for Woody saying that his dad worked for the CIA. I have never come across anything that would substantiate this. Are you taking it from a small black pocket book on the CIA called 'secrets of the agency' or something similar?

In that book there is some reference to Harrelson having worked for 'the company'. This is actually a reference to a gangof mobsters operating out of Flordia that took that name.


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From "Bruce Jones" topic:

"Senator Kerry. And those weapons and explosives were coming into the airstrips - yours. Correct?

Mr. Crone. Well, no, it's not mine. It's the company's.

Senator Kerry. The company's.

Mr. Crone. A company.

Senator Kerry. A company. What was the name of the company?

Mr. Crone. La Conya**."

Jones'* association with Commandante Cero (eden Pastora) came to an end in may 1984 when Pastora refused CIA demands that he work with former officers of Samoza's National Guard. Jones hitched up with Fernando Chamorra instead who had no such scruples. Pastora said "He (Jones) is The Company (CIA)"

*Bruce Jones : Hull's business partner providing air strips for the CIA-CONTRA Raygunzo's 'freedom fighter' butchers out of northern Costa Rica. Drugs to the USofA, Killing tools to Costa Rica. FTA.

**a prolonged search for meaning shows only 'conyo' (urban dictionary, slang) : Significantly more vulgar than "mierda" (xxxx). It appears to be a 'non-word'. Deceptive. 'The Company' as he first said is perhaps closer to the truth, IMO.

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For whatever it's worth, here's a link to the transcript of the interview between Woody and Walters.


Michael, Don,

Thanks very much for this information. I had heard one or two of the quotes before, but they had not been referenced.

Very good stuff.


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From Wikipedia Woody Harrelson biography:

[edit] Early life

Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas, the son of Diane Lou (nee Oswald) and Charles Voyde Harrelson, who divorced in 1964; he has two brothers, Jordan and Brett, the latter of whom is a

professional motorcycle racer. Harrelson grew up in Lebanon, Ohio, with his mother. Harrelson attended Lebanon High School and later Hanover College in Indiana, becoming a member of the Sigma

Chi Fraternity, and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and English in 1983.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. What other prominent family do

we know of who hails from Midland Texas???????????????

Nah, no connection.

Edited by Jack White
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Now let's see . . .

Jack White is only five years younger than David Atlee Phillips.

They both grew up in Fort Worth, Texas.

Guilty by city association!

I did not know this Phillips family, but I have friends who did.

By the way, John Armstrong found that for a short period

Marguerite Oswald was employed by a family named PHILLIPS,

but he could not trace a connection. Just a coincidence, I



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  • 11 months later...


Secrets of Woody’s hitman father

John Harlow, Los Angeles

THE bloody family secrets of Woody Harrelson, the Hollywood actor, are to be revealed in a prison memoir written by his father, a professional hitman.

Charles “Chuck” Harrelson, who died in a Colorado maximum security jail last month, left a bundle of papers to his three sons with a plea to clear him of murdering a judge. But he admits in the memoir that he was involved in dozens of killings stretching back to the early 1960s.

Woody Harrelson, who played a psychopath in Oliver Stone’s 1994 film Natural Born Killers, has not yet decided what to do with the papers, although he has already challenged the final conviction that landed his father in a “supermax” high-security prison.

His father, who wanted his life story to be published, first went to prison when Woody was seven and was jailed for life when his son was at college, but said he always hoped that one day they would have a “straight, no bull” talk about his past.

Chuck Harrelson’s death at 69 following heart trouble meant that conversation never took place. However, the papers are expected to answer questions posed both by his family and by the relatives of his many supposed victims.

Prosecutors said Harrelson, a violent thief and killer for hire in his twenties, was unusual because he used a sniper rifle rather than a handgun. “Charles Harrelson damaged everyone he came in contact with,” said the prosecutor at his last trial.

Harrelson even boasted — probably to impress potential employers — that he had shot President John F Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. He claimed to have been one of three men dressed as tramps on the grassy knoll close to the Kennedy cavalcade and said that Lee Harvey Oswald, the presumed assassin, was too far away from the president to get a clear shot.

If the grassy knoll story was a self-promoting fabrication, it seems to have worked. In 1979 he was allegedly paid $250,000 to shoot a Texas judge preparing to sentence a drug dealer. The plot backfired. The judge died but the dealer was arrested and claimed to have hired Harrelson, who received two life sentences.

In 2003 the dealer recanted, saying someone else had shot the judge. Woody Harrelson stepped up pressure for a retrial, but his father died before lawyers could get him out of jail. “My father was no saint, but a lot of sources led me to believe it was not a fair trial,” he said recently.

Woody Harrelson, 45, who rose to fame as the slow, sweet-natured barman Woody Boyd in the TV comedy Cheers, has generated more recent headlines with political stunts. He scaled the Golden Gate bridge to unveil an antilogging banner and, as a vegan, has protested against factory farming.

He will appear next in a film called Battle in Seattle, set amid violent protests against the World Trade Organisation summit in 1999. “It’s to make up for not being there myself,” he joked.

Harrelson has had his own misadventures. He once admitted to “sex addiction” and in the early 1980s was fined after dancing in traffic and jumping out of a moving police van. He remains unsure how his life was influenced by his father’s criminal career.

“I suspect it’s a mixed influence — it made me think outlaw, but I would not want to hurt anyone,” he said.

Chuck Harrelson revealed his literary ambitions to Kenny Gallo, a convicted mafia “associate” in the FBI witness protection programme. “He wrote to me saying he was writing the book that exposed all the lies written about him over the years,” Gallo said.

He denied that Harrelson had killed 50 people: “He may have been involved in that many killings, maybe driving the car or something, but he only carried out maybe six killings himself.”

America no longer produced assassins like Harrelson, he added. “Today, you want someone killed, you call in a Russian or an Israeli. I don’t know how Woody feels about his father, but Harrelson was probably the last of a killing breed.”

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Here is the one thing that has always bothered me about the Tramp Story. It is not the identity of the tramps, but WHY were they in the boxcar? According to documents at the National Archives, the boxcar was located under the Houston Viaduct, almost 1/2 mile from TSBD. If the tramps were involved with the shooting, why stop and hide in a boxcar?? Why not just keep going?? There had to be a different reason for being in the boxcar that had nothing to do with an escape plan.

If Harrelson has the tall tramp, why was he guarding the boxcar and what did Lee Bowers see that made him stop the train?


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