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Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Conspiracies to kill JFK & RFK

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With the recent publication of Legacy of Secrecy and Brothers in Arms, both of which blame RFK for backing assassination attempts to kill Castro that backfired at Dealey Plaza, I thought I'd bring this thread back.


Legacy of Secrecy (p. 18)

"According to two close associates of the Kennedy brothers, neither JFK nor Bobby considered the JFK-Almeida coup plan to be an assassination plot. They explained that the Kennedys saw Castro's 'elemination' during a coup by Almeida as far different from the CIA's earlier (and unknown to the Kennedys, ongoing) plan to simply have Mafia assassins shoot Fidel. As noted in declassified files and confirmed by our sources, the President and the Attorney General viewed the JFK-Almeida coup plan as providing aid to 'Cubans helping other Cubans' - supporting Cubans outside Cuba (Almeida and his allies)." 34.

(Notes p. 790) 34. HSCA vol. X, March 1979, p. 77; interview with Harry Williams 2-24-92; interview with confidential C-Day Defense Department source. 7-6-92; interview with confidential Kennedy C-Day aide source 3-17-92.

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