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Pamela Ray

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Letter #1440

Sat. Nov. 1, 2008 (James Files writing letter before phone call to Pamela Ray)

I DO NOT want my life on the Big Screen as they call it. That holds no interest for me at all. Besides, the movie should be about the people behind the JFK assassination, not the one who pulled the trigger, but the ones that made the decision for the Power Shift of government. If WD wants the Big Screen, then let him use the 2003 interview I did for you and put that one on the Big Screen!

If you want to know the sad truth of it all, five years has passed and now Dankbaar desperately needs a new interview to keep “his thing” going etc. Me, I’m thru with it! I don’t want anything else to do with JFK, UNLESS people come and tell me I’m free if I give one more interview, then I would have to think about it and at this time, I honestly don’t know what I would say, but if forced to answer now, then I would have to say NO! Let me just die and get it over with. WHY??? Because I’m now too old and sick and hurt too much to enjoy life anyway. Maybe down the road you can write another book, a Love Story…”Love Locked Away!” By Pamela Ray. Think Wim would try to stop that book? 

Last night I received #1298 The Final Agreement. As for the final agreement and all, it is fine with me. As for the five questions Wim has the nerve to ask for, they’ve already got those answers time and time again. Tell them to watch the 2003 interview with Jim Marrs interviewing me. He has it on tape and audio and visual. So why do they need it again? Run their “test” on the tape made here at the prison. I’ve got NOTHING for them anymore what-so-ever. I’m not signing any agreements with anyone.

#1440 (after phone call with Pamela Ray asking if James Files would be willing to sign “movie rights” to help us end all deals with Wim Dankbaar.)

My Sweet Love, I just now got off the phone from talking with you and I do hope you are not disappointed with me for not agreeing to sign the (movie release) paper. I sign an agreement like that and we just give him ammo to use against us and then he could have one of his cronies go on line and say “they” had seen the agreement that I had signed and then I failed to keep my word and if I lied about that, then what else did I lie about???? That would hurt you and me very bad. NO!!! We cannot go in that direction. All my life I have been a man of honor and kept my word, even when it would hurt me to do so. You and me know the truth, we have the truth, so why destroy ourselves because of Wim? He has never been a man of honor but I will keep my honor intact till my last breath.

My Love, I am NOT on some ego trip to be on the Big Screen and all etc…I wanted to do our book for YOU. Not for me. At first I wanted it to make money to help you live and maybe enough to help pay for a lawyer to get me out of here. At one time I honestly believed that I would be out of here in FIVE YEARS. That did not happen. When you first wrote me in 1999, I had been down, what, about 8 years? Even after that long I still believed that I had a chance at my freedom. Today, I no longer believe that and you also have realized the truth as well; I’m going to die here, inside these giant walls. I’ve made my peace with God and I’m ready for God to judge me. I care not what man thinks of me for my acts, for I have acted with honor through out my life. I want to leave this world with my honor intact. Hey I love you and I’m truly thankful our call went through.

What I’m going to say next is just for YOU, BRUCE & ME!



James Files told me to stop communicating with you.

Before I go, I just wanted to say I wish we could have worked together on the biography The Raven: The never before told in-depth story of the true killer of Officer J. D. Tippit. Jimmy has told me so much about him over the last few months, it could fill two books! We haven’t decided on the title but you get my idea.

Anyway, I really wanted to work things out with you and put all the B.S. behind us.

Just one more thing since this will be the last communication - I concede. Yep, you heard that right.

I realize I will never get To Kill A Country or Interview with History back from all the bad mistakes I made trusting your word. You have more money, DUH, and you can throw it on lawyers, lawsuits, pay offs and pretty much buy whatever results you want.

I won’t speak of you, good or bad. So, aloha and happy trails.

P.S. One more quick thing...do you think if James Files sent someone into your "camp" as a spy that they would speak well of me and not seek to convince you that you had a mutual enemy i.e. Me? And yes I’m taking about his best and longest living friend.


Dear Pamela,

Mr. X has been on me for months to connect with you, probably because of my personality, education, penchant for writing… but more likely because of one of my books. I like penning biographical scenarios. Took me three years to ghost write the alleged victimization of a woman under MKULTRA, mind control.

(Later) Anyway Pamela, Mr. X has told me the James Files saga. Awesome…uncanny…wildly interesting…horribly tragic his present circumstances!!! God do I suffer for him. He is a historically very significant personage, and the courage, strength, sheer honesty percolating through him stuns me. And your obvious love and tenderness for this complex, vulnerable and patient man touches me very deeply.

Your books, controversial though they are, will preserve in some of our minds James Files role. Please tell him to move ONLY towards love now. And that will be his safety as well. Parole smarole…screw it! Tell ‘em what they want to hear, and move on celebrating the moment, not the inviolability of something (even so significant) so long past. JFK took that bullet; do you think he’d want you James Files to still be taking “his” bullet now, in the interest of truth?

So many lies all around us. I believe in you and in James Files. There will always be debunkers.


Name Withheld

Dear XX,

Aloha and thank you for taking the time to write. Wow. What a refreshing surprise. I’ll protect your identity and forward it to James Files. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Mr. Files is a walking miracle. He is pretty set on the idea that he must die in Stateville. Not his own thinking, but more what he has been TOLD to accept. I’m sure Mr. X has explained the “political prisoner” aspect of his dilemma. Even if he told “them” what they wanted to hear, he’s still somebody nobody wants to claim. “Not only is what I did classified, I’m classified!” That about says it all – government trained and programmed assassin, trained and “remade” at the infamous CIA “The Farm.”

Although JFK was a terrible event in American history, the other things James Files was involved in are much more a “threat to National Security.” I’m sure you know what I mean. James Files is very protective of me and he has never told me anything that would put me in danger. All his darkest secrets will go to his grave with him. I’m fine with that, but to be honest, many things he has told me are pretty horrific; torture, death squads and various assorted things left unsaid.

We met in late 1998 (wrote first letter Feb. 1999) and it has been incredible watching the end of the Clinton era turn into the Bush regime for the last 8 years. Being asked to write To Kill A Country only to watch our country be killed right before my eyes on 911, a book needs to be written on that! I’ll write more to you later. Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words.



P.S. James Files had DELTA and THETA programming done to him.

Dear Pam,

Thanks for your reply. In so, so impressed with James Files, I must tell you. Could there be a greater act of patriotism and self-sacrifice than turning your body, mind and personality over to your country’s espionage agency and let them re-cast who you are form the inside out then to declare you are no longer your own by virtue of the training and programming they subjected you to Talk about giving an inch and them taking a mile.

I fully understand the “whys” of these programming regimes, yes. But I don’t like the manipulative and absolute control aspects. The loss of identity. And the Agency’s total lack of accountability, especially in Black Ops. In this case, what we don’t know MAY and probably WILL hurt us, as Americans. Whoever’s calling the shots is for sure not a paragon of virtue – and yet, as societies go, ours has a history of being a bit puritanical. So why would our clandestine policy makers be a-moral? Maybe that’s just the type of person required to carry out assignments most of us wouldn’t touch.

I mean, just look who we had running the FBI over the tenure of 4 or 5 presidents!

I don’t like how “they” took James Files possibility for a normal productive life away. Productive in the sense of a home, wife, kids, spending breakfasts and suppers with them, sitting with your loved ones in church every week, fishing, playing softball, joining the Lion’s Club and performing local community projects. Coaching Little League, taking romantic walks almost every night with your One True Love.

I can see how James Files would be a serious threat to all the men who thought up the assassination plot – LBJ and the rest. But, they’re all gone now. And, for me, James has more than earned being peacefully put out to pasture where he can share sensual pleasure night and day with his beautiful Pamela. I mean, isn’t there a piece of fragrant free to explore the woods and pasture land out there, some place, someone of James historical importance and supreme loyalty and contributions could be given during his final decade or two?

Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock: in a sense, the price of High Politics, I guess.

I delayed contacting you because I know only too well that “they” have circled you to eavesdrop on everything written, by phone and any face to face meetings they know about. But then they know me well from the past, and I really don’t represent, I don’t think, a problem for them anymore. But my lovely lady, you are definitely right in the mix as we speak and you know they have certainly crafted contingencies. I really value your life though I’ve yet to meet you.

My instincts tell me this revelation about James Files’ primary role MUST come to light, and now’s a good time. I just worry there are still idiots in high places who think they have the right and power to suppress your work perhaps, at all costs! Stupid imbeciles! It’s time!!! I know you’ve already taken adequate precautions with alternative hidden copies to assure one would always survive and go public no matter what they were to try.

I would love to be your friend Pam.

I don’t know why I’m giving all this…but yes, it is stimulating to connect with a thoroughly woman, thoroughly writer, bold visionary intoxicated by truth and its historical necessity.

I’m here for you.


Name withheld

Edited by Pamela Ray
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It appears to me that Pamela has hybristophilia syndrome.



Good try at trying to figure this out but you can chalk it all up to good ol’ Christian compassion and friendship evangelism that brought James Files and I together. In 1997 I first found a book in my church library called High Treason: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy – What Really Happened? This opened my eyes to what was going on in our country. Shocked to learn the truth about the JFK assassination, I went to my pastor for understanding and discussion. Not really knowing where to even start, I asked “What are we going to do? The same people and players are still in control! We need to tell the people the truth about what is happening to America” he said, “Hey don’t get into this conspiracy stuff too much or it will wreck your life.” It wasn’t until the beginning of 1999, after watching the video Confession of An Assassin in late 1998, when I wrote James Files to just say “Thank you for telling the public the truth” did any of this friendship evangelism start with Files. I honestly didn’t think he was still alive and if he was that he would take the time to write back. He did say at the end of the video when asked if he believed in God, "I guess so, I found myself praying to Him on several occasions..." and that is when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write him and offer my friendship with the end result in my heart to see him hook up with the Lord Jesus Christ. It was never because I was sexually attracted to a gruesome JFK assassination. That’s crazy talk.

Back then and all the way up to this very day, the JFK assassination has deeply disturbed me. Respectfully, you just don’t know what you are talking about to label me as such and you evidently never read My Story Behind To Kill A Country. I can send it to you in email if you would like to read it for further psychoanalysis attempts.

Since you know some pretty fancy words, what is it called when a prisoner falls in love with a good hearted woman that reached out in compassion with God’s unconditional love?


I woke up this morning and the first word in my mind was BIBLIOPHILE. That's pretty much how I self diagnos my "problem." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibliophile

Edited by Pamela Ray
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What is Hybristophilia Syndrome?


James is a little ambigious in his statements, but I guess it depends on who he talks to. Prison is a lonely place you know.


James Files, letter Oct 8, 2004:

"As for the interview , don't put it on the inter-net because of me. As far as I am concerned, I really no longer care about it. Do what you think is right for you ********* But for the interview you do what is best for you. I told Pamela some time back to forget it and for us to get on with our lives. But I do thank you for wanting to do it. That is nice of you, but not neccessary. But thanks anyway."


Some more comments received from sane people:

Pam is doing a great job making the Files story seem totally whacko.

I think most people will think this site is the product of a malfunctioning mind.


Wim, I see on the Education Forum that Pamela Ray has a lot of NICE!!! things to say about you. There's something about her that I just don't like. I think she has used and manipulated Jim for her own purposes.


She's a coniving, scheming, bitch that thought she could play on a lonely inmates emotions to get what she wanted


Dear Messers. Wim Dankbaar, and Dan Marvin,

Wim, I respect your judgment, and you are probably right.

I am fed up with this mud slinging bitch, also.

Further, Jimmy regrets this all, as his comment is that

she is out of control. She refuses to listen to Jimmy, and Jimmy now realizes

that he told her too much in the past. Even worse, she quotes everything wrong, out of context, or

just exaggerates to make herself look better.

Can you avoid dealing with her ever again, or are you too, like Jimmy, stuck trying

to deal with her ?

Over Jimmy's, and my numerous objections, she has posted on JFK Lancer.

Jimmy and I are both livid with her.

Jimmy can not control her at all.

I am trying to get Jimmy to sever all relations with her.


Bruce Patrick Brychek.

Dear Messes. Wim Dankbaar, and Dan Marvin,

Wim, Very Wll put, My Trusted, and Respected Friend.

I hope you know, but I will state it anyway. I will always

do everything in my power to protect Jimmy, Wim, and

Dan in all of our undertakings, past, present, and future.

Rest assured, I will try to keep The Four Muskateers on

the same track at al times, seeking to protect us, and our

quest for the truth, and protecting us from our enemies, and

those that pretend to be our friends, but have their own

secret agendas at their center of thinking.

Jimmy is livid about Pam's postings on JFK Lancer, including

his poetry. It has been some time since I have seen Jimmy so

visibly upset.

Jimmy wrote to you at my request so you know that I am not

making up anything whatsoever.

Wim, and Dan, I Thank You both for Jimmy and myself for your courage,

support, and sincerity with me.

Jimmy asked me to Thank You both, from the heart.

I am fed up with Pam Ray. I tried to deal with her, and I

now regret it, as she put my name on JFK Lancer, and

my hate mail has increased beacuse of her. Rest assured I

told Jimmy so.

Wim, maybe you should post Jimmy's letter on The JFK Forum,

only? Think about it.

Best Always to you and Dan, and both of your families.


Bruce Patrick Brychek





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Since you know some pretty fancy words, what is it called when a prisoner falls in love with a good hearted woman that reached out in compassion with God’s unconditional love?


I would call it megalomania and delusional grandeur. "Out of touch with the real world" also comes to mind. Please let's give this "good hearted woman" a break! After all, it was God's unconditional love and compassion to have Jimmy blow JFK's brain out. But wait folks! HE sent Pamela down to earth to touch Jimmy's heart and make everything all right! Pam is the new messiah. Now she only has to square away Satan's disciple, called Wim Dankbaar. God has even given her the right to use conspiracy and murder as means to accomplish her mission. But Ssssstt! Keep this for yourself! DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO DANKBAAR this is FYI only. Again, this is VERY CONFIDENTIAL.

Who's buying Pam's story? Anyone? Please give her 2 - 3 million, it's worth it! You know why? Because Jimmy's "love" for Pam, who is guaranteed the ONLY woman he loves ;) is the only real interesting part of his story! Best of all: Not only can she pay back the funds she loaned from Satan, she will also buy Jimmy a pardon and the story will have a happy ending in Hawaii, where they will live happily forever. Finally she will have peace of mind and not have to anger herself about the injustice done to her, which as you now will understand is NEVER her own fault. It's just Satan doing his job:

Date: Nov 7, 2008 2:44 AM

I presume that Mrs. Pamela Ray has made you aware of attempts to reach a new agreement with me that would enable her to resume publication of the book "Interview with History". I regret to inform you that our negociations have recently come to an impasse, causing Mrs. Ray to resume violating my rights, publicizing libelous/defaming statements about my person, and breaking earlier promises. I noticed that Authorhouse has relisted the book with a caption "coming soon", no doubt on Mrs. Ray's request and in anticipation of good faith efforts to work towards the said new agreement:


However, the present situation, as well as Mrs. Ray's lack of good faith attitude, make it unlikely that a new agreement can be reached and thus that the book will be available any time soon. Therefore I ask you to halt any promotion and listing of the book by Authorhouse, as agreed before. I am sorry I can't be more positive. When things change for the better, you will be the first to know.

With thanks for your compliance in advance,


Wim Dankbaar

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This is all very confusing. Does Jimmy love Pam? Should Wim give a damn? Is this whole thing a scam? Is Files in a jam?

All I really need to know is that Files, in his own words, has been "a man of honor" all his life, and intends to die that way. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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This is all very confusing. Does Jimmy love Pam? Should Wim give a damn? Is this whole thing a scam? Is Files in a jam?

All I really need to know is that Files, in his own words, has been "a man of honor" all his life, and intends to die that way. Ha ha ha ha ha.

The real story between James Files and me was published in To Kill A Country in the section My Story Behind To Kill A Country. I met James Files in 1999 and in September 2000 I went to visit him at Stateville after corresponding and talking on the phone with him for over a year. In the visiting room on my first visit, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him and be his life partner and we have been a “couple” since that time. The whole story is about 50 pages long and if you want I can email it to you to read. Files has been a born again Christian since July 1999.



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This is all very confusing.

Well, Ted Bundy doesn't compare with Files, but he got a lot of fanmail in jail. From women. Does that confuse you?

Does Jimmy love Pam?

Define love!

Should Wim give a damn?

Are you asking me or Pam? My answer is NO! Pam's answer is that Wim "should have a heart", absolve the debts she made with him and give her back a book she signed over to him (which I would never publish by the way if it were only for the defaming lies about Zack Shelton and me). In return she would cease her slander.

Is this whole thing a scam?

Was Ted Bundy a killer? What I do, is separate the issues.

Is Files in a jam?

Would you trade places with him?

All I really need to know is that Files, in his own words, has been "a man of honor" all his life, and intends to die that way. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh well, the standards of honor vary among individuals. There 's a mafia book called "Bound by honor". And Pam's standards of honor are not mine ;)


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