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Could someone post a higher resolution copy of this Rickerby photo?

Wim Dankbaar

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I think that this Cancellare image must have been snapped at around the same time as the Rickerby image above.

Showing Altgens standing on the edge of the curb with his back to Cancellare.

Thanks Robin:

The more photo's one has of the construction joints in the curb and sidewalk, when combined with the asphalt patch location, and the SS Assassination re-enactment photo's, the more one will come to recognize that Z313 was the SECOND SHOT impact point.



P.S. For Mr. Knight.

Take the Second Shot/aka Z313 impact cone located directly past the asphalt patch, and then extend a line out into the center of Elm St. directly along that sidewalk "construction joint" at which the cone sits.

Then, make an identical parallel line from the "Cone" out into the center of Elm St.

Now! Compare this location in relationship to the semi-parallel center street stripes and you will find youself exactly at the Z313 impact point, as platted by the Secret Service, (which is merely now an "X" location on the revised FBI Survey Plat.

Just forward of the leading edge of the first street stripe, and in alignment with the leading edge of the second street stripe.


P.P.S. One may want to get to Dealey Plaza before they replace all of the sidewalks (assuming that it has not already been done), if they wish to find the Stationing 4+95 location/aka impact location for Shot#3.


P.P.P.S. Anyone remaining who does not understand the "emphasis" on concrete construction/expansion joints?

"The Riddler"!

"Failure to understand the evidence has no bearing on the validity of that evidence.

As a general rule, it merely means that one does not understand the evidence"

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