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This convoluted writing by Purvis completely obscures his meaning. I am baffled.

Since he is an expert on West's plats, I would like to hear his take on the West plat

which was introduced into evidence, but was never shown; it was rolled up and left

in its tube. I read about this years ago, and never understood how it could be put

into evidence without being shown. It was so long ago, I have forgotten the exact



First off Jack, you have quite apparantly been "baffled" for a considerable number of years.

And, while you and many others have been chasing mythological creatures throughout the

"lair of the hare"/aka rabbitholes, I have, over the past considerable years, attempted to

accumulate as much factual evidence as possible.

Had you even bothered to research; read; (& understand I might add), that information relative

to the West Survey Plat and the altered survey data, (as well as vehicle speed) which I long ago

allowed into the public domain, then perhaps you may have come

to understand some of the reasons for the questions which you ask.

In addition to the previously stated facts that the West Survey Plats as well as all of his survey

notes are merely one of the (EEI's)/Essential Elements of Information which one must gather

if they are to even come close to placement of the parts of this puzzle into their appropriate


So, while yourself and a few others have been worring about whether or not Mary Moorman is or is

not standing in the street, and chasing "6-groove bullets", a few of us have actually been gathering critical evidence and conducting every test possible to determine exactly what that evidence will tell us.

Lastly, for those new persons who also have no knowledge as to exactly how much I have explained

and allowed into the public domain over the years:





For that other "great" evaluator of the photographic evidence. Don't suppose that you would put in a good word for me

in order that I too could wear the crown of the "illusustrious" and coveted "Mary Ferrell Award".

Then, I too could proudly walk shoulder to shoulder along with you and Mr. Podunkville Cop who was quite apparantly sent packing long ago.

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