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Using Simulation Software for Coursework

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Hi Nick,

I have used a genetics simulation called "mouse lab" for breeding experiments at IB level (AS-A2) Biology. I believe there is also a drosophila "Fly Lab" but it is now a subscription site.


I'd love to find a good ecosystem population dynamics simulation if anyone knows of one.

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Thought I replied to this earlier... but must have glitched somewhere as its vanished...

There was an interesting ecosystem simulator being demonstrated at the ASE last week by Michael OBrien at NewByte.. will be out later in the year. Looks quite powerful - allows you to model the ecosystem in a pond, and design and introduce your own species and look at the effect on the populations... or just change the environmental variables...

The simulation software produced by focus educational has been used in several of the schools I did the NOF training in... They can't get the higher levels for setting up the apparatus but they are choosing the range and variables to change, plus reading their results and recording them (rather than the software producing the graphs for them)

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