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Courier-Post, Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sniper's execution scheduled for Nov. 10

Associated Press


The mastermind of the 2002 Washington D.C. area sniper attacks will die by lethal injection next month, Virginia officials said Tuesday.

John Allen Muhammad declined to chose between lethal injection and electrocution, so under state law the method defaults to lethal injection. Virginia Department of Corrections spokesman Larry Traylor said.

Muhammad is scheduled to be executed Nov. 10 for the October 2002 slaying of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station during a string of shootings.

The three-week killing spree in October 2002 left 10 dead in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Mohammad and his teenage accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, were also suspected of shootings in several other states, including a killing in Louisiana and another in Alabama. Malvo is serving a life sentence in prison.

Muhammad had spent time in South Jersey and was a Camden resident in August 2002 when he bought an old Burlington County police cruiser - the vehicle used in the killing spree. The car was registered to a Sheridan Street address in Camden.

One of his victims, Kenneth H. Bridges, 53, founded an Oaklyn firm to promote black-owned businesses. Bridges, a Philadelphian, was shot to death at a Virginia gas station. Muhammad's lawyers have asked the Virginia governor for clemency and plan to file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court early next month.

Staff writer Jim Walsh contributed to this report.

BK: I never gave this story much attention, other than it was a very distinct and unique terrorist attack, that occurred, like the Anthrax attacks, in the wake of 9/11 and could be possibly considered connected to it.

Right after I read this report, I saw a movie on TV that I think was called Targets, directed by Peter Bogdonovich about a guy who went around sniping people at random and ends up at a drive-in movie with Boris Karlof, which they said was based on the Texas Tower killer.

But the thing that jumped out at me on reading this story about JAM, with kudos to Jim Walsh, is the fact that Muhammad lived in Camden, my hometown, and bought a police cruiser from Burlington County, where I live now.

Just like the Blues Brothers.

And it's already a conspiracy, with the teenage kid accomplace, Lee Boyd Malvo, so why execute him, like Oswald, unless you don't want to figure out what he's all about?

It reminds me of the Oklahoma City bombing, when they had McVeigh and his sidekick, and executed McVeigh on June 10 or 11, I remember because I was in DC for the COPA JFK Memorial service at American U.

And I remember thinking then that after McVeigh is fried, they're going to come up with some more conspiratorial connections, but because he's dead, they won't be able to figure it out.

And that's exactly what happened.

And now they want to kill John Allen Muhammad (JAM), who used to live in Camden, my hometown, bought a local cop car to use as his Blues Bros Assassin Mobile, with faithful sidekick Lee Boyd Malvo (LBM)?

Do you think he saw the movie?


Do you think JAM was a veteran?

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