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MLK Case - Reaction to "American Experience: Road to Memphis"

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People might be interested in this investigative thread on assassin/recon locations in Memphis, based on Ted Wilburn's research, over at the late Rich Della Rosa and family's JFKresearch forum. It's worthwhile to look at alongside William Pepper's two books:


If the link doesn't work, it's in the MLK section: "Overlooked Evidence in the Murder of..."

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Joe Backes makes many excellent points. Recently, there has been a spate of reviews appearing in the national news media

(some referenced in the Martin Luther King section of the EF) dealing with Hampton Sides' new book, Hellhound on His Trail.

In almost every case, the reviewers blindly accept Sides' research and praise him for it.

Joe urges readers of his blog not to get discouraged, and to press John Kerry and John Lewis to introduce an MLK Records Act.

While this is undoubtedly good advice, it is hard not to be discouraged with or disgusted at the long-continuing failure of the media

to at least attempt to give their readers/viewers the complete story. Just the fact that PBS would give air to such a one-sided account

as they did in their documentary Road to Memphis is appalling. Far too many people in this country rely on PBS to give them

a fair accounting of historical matters. As the years go by, PBS' track record in this regard shows that faith to be misplaced.

Instead, we must depend on blogs from concerned citizens like Joe to fight through all the tiresome propaganda in order to get

the truth into the public domain. It's a formidable battle.

Thanks to Joe Backes, and those few like him, for fighting the good fight.

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