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F-ing HARGRAVES had a hardarm for KING. HARGRAVES was part of PROJECT SEAL in the early 1960's - that entailed spying on KING for CIA as it was believed KING was a crypto-Communist. HARGRAVES told his brother, JERRY MING that he was Raoul on numerous occassions. Looks like Christ did the shooting and HARGRAVES did the set up. HEMMING picks good patsies as OSWALD (after he returned from USSR) was getting into NAZISM (his addressbook contains info on ANP and a more esoteric American National Party) plus DeM and Bannister were Nazi scum. JAMES EARL RAY was also Nazi scum. That is why I like HEMMING and anyway as I told him on numerous occassions "What is a US Prez between friends."

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Looks like Christ did the shooting


From A J Weberman's Nodule 23:


HEMMING told this researcher: "The professionals don't bring in strangers, it's a very small grouping of people in the business." As stated, "Raoul," the man who set up James Earl Ray, did not assassinate Martin Luther King. Evidence suggested that DAVID LEMAR CHRIST did the shooting. CHRIST, who worked for the Technical Services Division of the CIA at the time, was "the technician." He did not have time to associate with James Earl Ray since he had a full time job at the CIA. CHRIST moonlighted as a hitman. HEMMING told this researcher:

He has a business to run. He gets back and he's running the goddamn business by then. You haven't identified CHRIST as a permanent member of an assassination team. I haven't seen that yet. I can't see the same guy being used, even in a supporting role.

HEMMING was asked if CHRIST was "Raoul." HEMMING told this researcher:

You can't identify him by name. It is a small crew of people. We're working with a very small circle. This was one of the Dealey Plaza crew. You have to go worldwide to find that kind of talent, A.J. I'm talking about technicians and support. I'm not talking about shooters, per se.


DAVID CHRIST had Ray rent a room from Bessie Brewer. This was why Stephens identified Ray as the man he saw with Bessie Brewer. CHRIST had Ray buy a rifle and a pair of binoculars for a future crime they were going to commit. Ray's car was seen parked outside this flop house. Lloyd Jowers, owner, Jim's Grill, 418 South Main Street, advised that at approximately 3:55 p.m. on April 4, 1968, he arrived at the Grill, and parked directly in back of a while Mustang that was parked on the street directly in front of his Grill. He did not see Ray in it. (King was assassinated at approximately 6:00 p.m.) CHRIST told Ray to leave the hotel room because a third party in deal was coming and this man did not want to meet Ray. Ray was told to wait in the Mustang that was parked downstair, in front of the flop house. DAVID CHRIST, who went to the toilet, shot King, then left the premises. Several residents of the flop house saw CHRIST flee. A sketch was created of CHRIST. CHRIST left evidence incriminating Ray outside the flop house.


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Thanks, Michael.

I thought Hemming said that Robert Emmett Johnson was Raoul. But of course that could be more stuff that Hemming just threw against the wall.

That's what Hemming told me on multiple occasions - REJ. Hargraves was an operator - he had an in through the Martino crowd for what became 11/22 - by his own admittance in the Twymann interview, Hargraves had involvement in a number of ops - BPs, Cuba, etc. Suggesting he was a mastermind or anyone of a position to run an op - ain't working for me. Hargraves carried out orders - even when I queried Hemming with respect to the woman Hargraves was alleged to have worked with/ for - a pure terrorist - Hemming made it clear that Hargraves was closely monitored and under control at all times.

Hargraves as Raoul - except in a position where he may have assumed the code name as part of a separate op [which I believe can be established that certain names WERE shared by different operatives during different time periods] - ain't working for me.

Rice Krispies.

- lee

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