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Evan Burton

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Since the Government is already signeed in there is no ceremony. Tomorrow a dramatic, new, situation awaits Australia...

(Sorry for the interruptions Steve, the floor is yours).

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''Obama congratulates Gillard, Blair warns of expectations

Posted 6 hours 1 minute ago

US president Barack Obama has congratulated Prime Minister Julia Gillard on forming a new government, but former British prime minister Tony Blair has warned that it will be hard for her to live up to expectations.

"The president and Prime Minister agreed to work closely to ensure our common security and prosperity, in the Asia Pacific and around the world," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

Mr Obama "looks forward to working with Prime Minister Gillard at the G20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summits in November, and is confident that the US-Australian alliance will only grow stronger in the years ahead," he added.

But Mr Blair, who came to power in Britain in 1997 in a landslide which ended more than 17 years of Conservative rule, has told ABC Local Radio that it may be almost impossible for Ms Gillard to live up to expectations as she prepares to lead Australia's first minority government since 1940.

"These moments of the formation of a new government are moments of a mix of elation and apprehension and a certain amount of trepidation probably, both on the part of the governed and the governing," he said.

"That's why after a time you've got to translate your method of governing and operation to something that is more attuned to the natural rhythm of government."

Kerry O'Brien will be interviewing Mr Blair for ABC1's 7:30 Report tonight.'' (follow links for internet feed, check world clock site for time corresponding to oz EST)

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Look, you know something? Back in the Bjelkes days I marched in Brisvegas with the suits coming up close taking pics. I was in Charlies anti public congergation ( no more than 2 could stand around talking (B52???)) fight, again being blatantly filmed.

I don't care about exposure. Why do you?

re this wont last. it has been an amazing process that has politizised a whole new generation and reinvigorated an older one. All actions in the coming period will be scrutinised. Like I've said elsewhere it is under a Labor government that people really find out about their society and that of the other. The chips will fall according to acts taken. It's fantastic.

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Yeah, thats right, Charlies 54B (not 52) . The action in Brissy was more prolonged but we got rid of them too, and they were politicians. My memory is that it was the third that made it illegal. That was back when the PO square was an open space where large demos could be had. They've chopped it up since.

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Gilllard attacks the root of many problems in the manipulation of voting : The media and those who choose what's fit to print.

''PM hits out at media reporting

AAP September 12, 2010,

Julia Gillard has criticised the media for failing to expose a $11 billion black hole in the coalition's costings during the election campaign.

The prime minister also took aim at media personalities who thought they were players in the political process.

In her first television interview since a ministerial reshuffle was unveiled, Ms Gillard was critical of the role journalists played in the election campaign.

She took issue with the coalition's $11 billion costings black hole not being exposed until almost two weeks after the election, which delivered a hung parliament.

"This is perhaps a lesson for media organisations overall," Ms Gillard told ABC Television.

"People should have known that before they voted.

"The biggest story of the campaign was effectively missed." ... ''

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''Labor wins two-party preferred vote

Posted Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:18pm AEST

The final count in the federal election campaign shows the Government has won the two-party preferred vote.

The Australian Electoral Commission says after preferences Labor has 50.12 per cent of the vote compared to the Coalition's 49.88 per cent.

Labor has a lead of 30,490 votes.''

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