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Why is Morris Douglas Jaffe interesting per LBJ and JFK

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A rather interesting News Item on the Jaffe corporate empire. It appears after the LBJ deals with the USAEC and uranium fortunes, Morris D. Jaffe was still into buying politicians.

Jaffe is said to be part of the Dal-Tex ownership, and hooked up with the Hunt and Jaffe Uranium business in the Dal-Tex building.

And Jaffe knew Carlos Marcello, was an advisor to LBJ, and big DNC Democratic funding player.



Brokers in Wright Deal Run a Father-Son Empire

By RICHARD L. BERKE, Special to The New York Times

Published: April 21, 1989

The father and son who arranged an oil well deal that was beneficial to House Speaker Jim Wright are successful entrepreneurs with little formal education and longstanding ties to prominent politicians.

The two, Morris and Doug Jaffe, are also old friends of a Wright business partner, George Mallick, a figure in the Wright ethics investigation who was also involved in the oil well deal.

The Jaffes are not active in civic causes here and prefer to operate behind the scenes financing political campaigns and intricate business deals.

They have set up an empire of nearly 60 privately held corporations, and the details of their financial position and the full reach of their investments remain a mystery.

Both Morris D. Jaffe, 66 years old, and Doug, 38, have been subpoenaed to meet here early next week with investigators from the House ethics committee.

Morris Jaffe was a friend of and contributor to President Lyndon B. Johnson and spent at least $9 million in 1962 to save the empire of a Johnson crony, Billie Sol Estes. Mr. Estes was convicted of fraud.

Mr. Jaffe, who has interests in oil, real estate and aerospace, has been dogged by reports of ties to Carlos Marcello, the reputed leader of organized crime in Louisiana. Mr. Jaffe has played down the connection, saying that he only tried to buy land from Mr. Marcello but that the deal collapsed when Mr. Marcello was convicted of assaulting an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Federal Election Commission records disclose no contributions to Mr. Wright in the last four years, but they show that the Jaffes often backed Democratic House and Senate members, giving a total of $4,000 to Representative Henry B. Gonzales of Texas and $3,000 to Representative Les Aspin of Wisconsin. Contributions to Coelho

A Jaffe company provided air travel a year ago for a fund-raiser on behalf of the Valley Education Fund, the political action committee of Representative Tony Coelhoof California. Records also show that Doug Jaffe contributed $806 to Mr. Coelho a month later.

Morris Jaffe raises money for Democrats and is close to prominent Texas politicians, including John S. White, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Doug Jaffe, apparently with the support of his father, arranged the sale of an oil well in Orange County, Tex., in which a blind trust Mr. Wright had set up profited, according to the committee's report. 'Traveled in Highest Circles'

While the elder Mr. Jaffe has not flaunted his relationship with the Speaker, his associates were not surprised that his name had turned up now. A local Democrat says Mr. Wright often travels on a Jaffe plane when he makes a trip to San Antonio from his district in Fort Worth.

''He's always traveled in the highest circles in party politics and the highest financial circles in the United States,'' Oliver S. Heard Jr., a prominent lawyer here, said of the elder Mr. Jaffe.

Mr. Jaffe, who grew up in a poor San Antonio family, has shied away from civic groups, and he has never mixed much in social circles. ''He's got a touch of The Great Gatsby in him,'' said Maury Maverick Jr., a retired lawyer and political columnist here. ''He clawed and fought his way to the top. But the country club crowd looks down their nose at him.''

Even so, Mr. Jaffe maintained a friendship with Mr. Mallick, a principal in Mr. Wright's business dealings. Mr. Mallick told committee investigators he and Mr. Jaffe worked on Hubert H. Humphrey's Presidential campaign in 1968.

The elder Mr. Jaffe attended St. Mary's University and Texas A & M but never graduated. He was said to have made his first fortune in a major uranium deposit in Texas. Later he began building houses, ran a discount electronics concern and developed the big Central Park Mall here.

Doug Jaffe dropped out of the 10th grade and then made a fortune selling vending machines. One of his more lucrative ventures was a company that refits jet engines of Boeing 707's to bring them into compliance with Federal noise standards. One of his companies is promoting a multibillion-dollar sale of jet trainers to the Pentagon. YOUNGER JAFFE IN RESALE

WASHINGTON, April 20 (Special to The New York Times) - Doug Jaffe arranged the resale of an oil exploration venture four months after it was bought for Mr. Wright and his wife, the West German company that bought the interest for $440,000 said today.

Striegel Friedemann, an official of Union Rheinische Petroleum Inc., said his company had bought most of Mr. Wright's stake in the venture last May 10 on the advice of Mr. Jaffe, president of the Jaffe Energy Corporation.


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Morris Douglas Jaffe, to begin with, backed Johnson for the Democratic nomination for President in 1960. Jaffe was in Los Angeles "... to lay his money on the line. An old time San Antonio newspaperman came home admitting that Jaffe not only seemed to be the "money" man but the brains and trouble-shooter and smart beyond imagination, the most effective man behind Lyndon B. Johnson." (2). Jaffe was the person who bought all of the holdings of Billie Sol Estes when Estes declared bankruptcy, although Jaffe did not get Estes' holdings immediately. J.C. Williamson moved at once after Estes' bankruptcy to regain Estes' property, which was blocked by the bankruptcy judge, Ewing Thomason, who incidentally, was a good friend of Lyndon Johnson. (3) In June, 1963, Jaffe paid Williamson only the outstanding amount on Williamson's loan, $418,000, to acquire Williamson's holdings, who by that time had been converted to the political conservative cause. (4). Jaffe was said to have offered $7 million for Estes's vast holdings. Actually, Jaffe, who preferred not to risk a single red cent, agreed to pay perhaps as little as $100,000. (5). "The conclusion is inescapable that the Johnson-controlled political machine in Texas designedly set the stage for Jaffe's takeover, as the cleanup was without financial risk and potentially very good." (6).

Jaffe also found South Texas uranium deposits, which, fortunately for him, were appraised as being quite rich in uranium by the Atomic Energy Commission. Jaffe picked up options on a large amount of acreage, inducing the government to finance a giant processing plant. He then sold his leases and options at top dollar, shortly before the industry went bust. It is as if he were in training to take over Billie Sol's holdings.

Mort Freedman was a brother-in-law to Sam Bloom (30) and the owner operator of Morty Freedman Inc. at 2135 Lamar in Dallas. More importantly, he shared the telephone number with the Dallas Uranium and Oil Company on the third floor of the Dal-Tex Building (RI2-8063), with a perfect view of Dealey Plaza, unobstructed by trees. This number was also shared by Marilyn Belt Manufacturing, also in the Dal-Tex Building. (31) Freedman was apparently well connected with the powers that be in Dallas. He was friends with all members of the Dallas Crime Commission. Livingstone was told, "Concentrate on the Crime Commission... if you want to get some leads on who killed John Kennedy." (32) Freedman died in 1978 in Miami. (33)

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Hello BK,

You mean to tell us that "Morris Douglas Jaffe" is Jewish, and sounds like owns the "Dallas Textile Building" with the Dallas Police Station.

Nah, say it isn't so! Gosh, that looks more connected than "Jack Ruby" and all the free drinks to the Dallas Police at the Carosel Club.

Let us make a better postulation. "Morris Douglas Jaffe" has a lot of money invested in LBJ from all those 1960 DNC money to get LBJ into the VP area.

Morris D. Jaffe owes LBJ for all those USAEC deals in uranium mining issues, that made Jaffe rich.

M. D. Jaffe takes over for "Billy Sol Estes", as LBJ tosses all the deals toward Jaffe, to get distance from "Sol Estes".



There are lots of very serious reasons that Jaffe wants LBJ to not become exposed in "Life Magazine" with the RFK news on LBJ, as Jaffe is involved with LBJ and the "Sol Estes" deals.

Not only was LBJ going to get ruined, so was all his associates, like M. D. Jaffe.

I'd say the special Jaffe deals would be a very big issue, if all were exposed.

I'd say there was a very big reason to get Abe Zapruder out there to film the JFK hit to pre-empt the LBJ Life Mag. story and play the TSBD tap dance.

Jaffe was LBJ's seed to money power to net the election.

LBJ finially got what he wanted, The Presidency, but he became so paranoid over how he got there, he didn't last long. Then he had to have the care of a Psychiatrist later in life.

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In 2003 Estes published JFK, the Last Standing Man (co-written with William Reymond) in France (Le Dernier Temoin). In the book Estes claims that Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When interviewed by the American journalist, Pete Kendall, Estes said: “He (Johnson) told me if I wouldn’t talk, I would not go to jail.” Estes has had no contact with LBJ’s other long-ago associates, he said, since the book’s publication. “About all of them are dead, really. I think I’m about the last one standing.” That’s partly why, he said, he wasn’t interested in doing a book sooner. “I’ve been accused of being dumb,” he said, “but I’m not stupid.”

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