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Sixth Floor Museum holds "mock trial" of Oswald

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

My personal opinion is that U.S. intelligence agent MAY indeed have been involved in the JFK assassination in someway. But, imho, Oswald shot NO ONE on 11/22/63: not JFK and not Tippit. Oswald was either a fall guy or a patsy for the 1963 Coup d'Etat.

So, how about some mock trials of Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, George Herbert Walker Bush, the CIA, elements of US military, Texas oil men Clint Murchison, Sr. & H.L. Hunt, and/or the Rockefellers for the murder of John Kennedy? It seems like that would be a lot more historically accurate.


Teaching John F. Kennedy to a new generation

By Jeffrey Weiss / The Dallas Morning News / Saturday, July 30, 2011:

DALLAS In a room overlooking the very spot where President John F. Kennedy was shot, in a seat a few dozen feet from the Snipers Perch, Lee Harvey Oswald waited for a verdict from a jury of his peers.

"Oswald" was actually Terry Cherry, a history teacher at Garland Independent School Districts Forest High School. Fridays mock trial was part of a weeklong seminar for teachers hosted by the Sixth Floor Museum and the Library of Congress, with help from the law-related education office of the Texas Bar Association.

Fridays trial was the climax of the week, which included a bus tour to every important spot in Dallas related to the Kennedy assassination, and intense Internet training to help teachers navigate the extensive Library of Congress website.

"I have this job because this website is so overwhelming," said Peggy ONeill-Jones, director of the western region of the librarys Teaching with Primary Sources program.

The goal of the seminar was to help teachers from around the state bring primary sources into their classroom assignments, either by having students actually visit the places where history happened or by accessing the millions of documents digitized onto various historical websites.

It was also part of a continuing effort by the Sixth Floor Museum to move beyond simply being a place to see artifacts related to Kennedys murder on Nov. 22, 1963. The narrow mission of keeping a memory alive is not enough as fewer and fewer people share that memory, acknowledged Sharron Wilkins Conrad, the museums curator of education.

The exhibits in the museum itself have broadened to examine larger questions of Kennedys legacy. And Conrad encourages teachers in the area to look to the museum as a resource for lessons that go beyond one presidential assassination.

"Teachers can look for a much larger context about what happened here in Dallas," she said.

Lessons about the presidency, issues of succession or amending the Constitution can all use Sixth Floor resources, she said.

Materials for a mock trial of Oswald have been available on the museum website for a while, but the Sixth Floor had never hosted this kind of event. This was also a first-time collaboration with the Library of Congresss primary sources project.

The curriculum was written for the state bar association a decade ago by Yvonne Greenwood, a former history teacher for the Richardson Independent School District.

On the day of the assassination, she was working in an office on the motorcade route and had watched Kennedy pass by.

"I was still caught in traffic when I heard on KRLD that hed been shot," she said.

She served Friday as the presiding judge. Three teachers formed a prosecution team, another three sat as the defense. Several teachers were given roles as witnesses. A dozen were empanelled as a jury. The trial was held in a meeting room on the seventh floor of what is now the Dallas County commission headquarters building, one floor above where Oswald shot at Kennedy.

The two sides sparred in a legally appropriate fashion for a little more than an hour. The prosecution showed the famous photo of Oswald holding a rifle. "Marina Oswald" said she thought her husband looked guilty when she saw him on TV after the shooting.

The defense noted a lack of clear motive or eyewitnesses to Oswald firing the rifle and produced a witness who said the shots seemed to come from behind the famous knoll.

Greenwood instructed the jury to find the defendant guilty only if the prosecution had proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

"All defendants are presumed innocent, including Lee Harvey Oswald," she said.

While the jury deliberated privately, Greenwood said that convictions of Oswald with this mock trial are very rare. Its too hard to present enough circumstantial evidence in such a short time to beat all reasonable doubts.

Fridays result? A hung jury. Nine wanted to acquit. Jury foreman Jay Thompson, a teacher at Mesquites John Horn High School, was one of the three wanting to convict.

"I came in very biased against the defendant," Thompson admitted.

"I was OK with a hung jury," said Jared Stewart, a history teacher at Richardson ISDs Pearce High School who was part of the defense team.

Ed Darnell is a history teacher at Molina High School in Dallas. Like Stewart, hed volunteered to argue on Oswalds side.

"Everybody," he said, "deserves a good defense."

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Certainly, this US domestic Crooks group was involved, but there were more internationally in conspiring.

LBJ and Hoover were dirty on the JFK hit and worshippers of the big money elites the protected them. Rockefellers were born dirty and his big bankers internationally made it ultra dirty per the JFK hit. Hoover was taking oil money and dirty as they come in protecting crooked LBJ and covering up the JFK hit. We'd also have to put on trial his Masonic buddy Earl Warren and all the corrupt Warren Commission white wash artists.

I'd necessarily add in the old European associations and put all the PERMINDEX players and especially Mortimer Bloomfieled in Canada and his British Intelligence and Zionist associations and his DISC connections with the nuclear establisment and CIA in the US. Bloomfiled's Bronfman connections were the ones running the drug operations in the US and how Ruby gets tied into lots of this, as he was dealing drugs for the Bronfman gang in Chicago. Plus, he knew lots of the USAEC gang from Jaffe in Dallas to persons he went to school with in Chicago that worked in high circles in USAEC Oak Ridge. After the JFK hit, all these Corrupt Influences in Oak Ridge were called Crooks. And Nixon was one too.

The biggest motive for killing JFK came from the Royalists or the Mil / Ind Network as it was termed in the US. They wanted a new war and JFK didn't play along. JFK was going to distroy LBJ and Hoover. JFK was going to shatter the CIA. And he was breaking up the CIA war mongers and getting out of Vietnam. It took JFK a couple of years to learn how the presidency was being used and manipulated by the Royalists, and he had all the operation in his sights to destroy. It was a work in progress that would take JFK some time to complete, but with the fall of LBJ, lots of the US Royalists corruption was about to fall right behind him.

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