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JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then

Guest James H. Fetzer

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Guest James H. Fetzer

JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then, Part 1

by Jim Fetzer


The alleged assassin of JFK

With the advent of the 48th observance of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it may be appropriate to share important findings regarding what we know now about his death that we have not known in the past. Most Americans are not in the position to take on the task that serious research requires.

As a former Marine Corps officer and professor of philosophy who taught logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning for 35 years, it was my privilege to organize a research group consisting of the best qualified individuals to ever study the case in 1992.

Since then, we have published three books reporting what we have discovered – Assassination Science (1998), Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003) — I have chaired or co-chaired four national meetings on this subject and produced a documentary on it. From these books and other sources I will cite, many available on the net, you can verify what I am saying about our findings.

This research group–whose efforts continue to this day–has included three M.D.s, one of whom attended the mortally wounded president and then, two days later, his alleged assassin, while the second was a world authority on the human brain and also an expert on wound ballistics.

The third is both a Ph.D. in physics and board-certified in radiation oncology, who has studied the autopsy X-rays in the National Archives and is the leading expert on the medical evidence. A second Ph.D. in physics, with a specialization in the properties of light and of images of moving objects, is the foremost authority on the Zapruder film in the world today.

Others include an expert on the JFK photos and films, who testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations when it re-investigated the case in 1977-78, another an expert on the production/post-production of films and the technology available to alter them in November 1963, where the third Ph.D. is a philosopher of science who has published 29 books.


The hole in the windshield (1), the man in the doorway (2), the Dal-Tex shooter's location (3), and LBJ's security already reacting at the same time JFK's detail is looking around and non-responsive (4)

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Guest James H. Fetzer

JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then, Part 2

Among the enduring controversies of JFK research has been the identity of the man in the doorway, whom many believe to be Lee Oswald. Oliver Stone studied this question in preparing his film, “JFK”, and concluded that it was Billy Lovelady instead, a co-worker at the depository.

Documents newly released by the ARRB, the interview notes taken by Will Fritz, the homicide detective who interrogated Oswald, however, show that Lee told him he had been “out with Bill Shelly [the assistant manager of the Texas School Book Depository] in front” during the assassination.


Will Fritz handwitten notes

And, indeed, if you look more closely, you can see that the face of a man who is to the left/front of Lovelady (to the right/front facing him) has been damaged in order to conceal the presence of the alleged “lone assassin”.

While the Altgens has widely been supposed to be untouched, this discovery demonstrates that that is not the case. Indeed, another figure two persons to Lovelady’s right (or to his left facing him) has also been obscured, whom I would surmise was probably Jack Ruby.


Lovelady to the left, Oswald to his right/front (defaced)

This discovery demonstrates that proof that Oswald was framed, which includes the faking of the backyard photographs, is simply overwhelming and far beyond any reasonable doubt.

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Guest James H. Fetzer

JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then, Part 3

If we use the phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt” to characterize arguments based upon logic and evidence for which there is no reasonable alternative explanation, then what we have published in these books and recent articles demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt:

* that JFK was hit at least four times (once in the back from behind; once in the throat from in front; and twice in the head, once from behind and once from in front);

* that the wound to his throat was caused by a shot that penetrated the limousine windshield, which was subsequently destroyed and replaced by a substitute windshield;

* that the shot to the back was well below the collar, entered only about as far as the second knuckle on your little finger, and evinced no point of exit from the body;

* that no bullet transited the President’s neck without hitting any bony structures and exited at the level of his tie, a trajectory that in fact turns out to be anatomically impossible;


No hits were fired from the 6th floor "sniper's lair"

* that, as a consequence, no bullet passed through the President and hit the Governor, who was hit by at least one and perhaps as many as two or even three separate shots;

* that, including the shot that missed and injured James Tague, an absolute minimum of six shots had to have been fired during the assassination, where the total was more likely eight, nine, or even ten;

* that at least 59 witnesses reported that the limousine slowed dramatically or came to a complete halt after bullets began to be fired, which supports the conclusion that it slowed dramatically as it came to a complete halt;

* that the first shot to the head was fired from behind and entered in the vicinity of the external occipital protuberance at the back of the head;


He was said to have rushed from the 6th floor to the lunch room in order to drink a coke

* that the second shot to the head was fired from in front and entered in the vicinity of the right temple;

* that this second shot was fired with a frangible or “exploding” bullet that transmitted shockwaves through the brain;

* that the impact of this bullet combined with the weakening of the skull by the first shot to the head caused 1/3 to 1/2 of his brains to be blown out in Dealey Plaza at the time;

* that the massive blow-out to the back of the head was concealed by imposing a “patch” to the right lateral cranial X-ray (of the skull taken from the right side);

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Guest James H. Fetzer

JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then, Part 4


But witnesses saw him in and around the 2nd floor lunchroom

* that the brain had to be reconstituted since, once the defect to the skull had been “patched”, there was no place for that brain matter to have gone;

* that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs in the National Archives cannot be the brain of John Fitzgerald Kennedy;

* that two brain examinations were conducted, the first of which was with the President’s brain, the second with a substitute;

* that the autopsy report was prepared without the benefit of the autopsy photographs, which were removed by the Secret Service;


His 1:40 PM arrest report convicted him without the benefit of any investigation

* that the photographs were subsequently altered and altered in various ways to conceal evidence of the cause of death;

* that the Zapruder film of the assassination was in the hands of the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) run by the CIA already the weekend of the assassination;

* that the extant “Zapruder film” has been massively edited to remove evidence of the actual cause of death, including the limousine having been brought to a halt in order to insure that the target would be killed.

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Guest James H. Fetzer

JFK: What we Know Now that we Didn't Know Then, Part 5

A very accessible overview of these findings was presented at a national conference held at the University of North Dakota and published as Chapter 30, “Dealey Plaza Revisited: What Happened to JFK?”

The studies by David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., on the autopsy X-rays have been supplemented by his presentation, “The JFK Skull X-rays: Evidence for Forgery” at a national conference in Dallas in 2009.

A visual tutorial introduction to the evidence that the Zapruder film has been recreated by John P. Costella, Ph.D., “The JFK Assassination Film Hoax”, explains how we know that the film is a fabrication.

That finding that has been reinforced by the publication by Douglas Horne, the Chief Analyst for Military Affairs for the Assassination Records Review Board, of Inside the ARRB (2009), whose key arguments about the film are summarized in an article for those who may not have time for all five volumes! Many related articles are also archived at http://assassinationscience.com and http://assassinationresearch.com .


There were no nitrate residues on his face

Most of these findings were published in Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), which benefited from the release of the first of some 60,000 documents and records that were meant to be withheld from the public by the Warren Commission for 75 years.

Those whose work is brought together in this volume include

* the leading authority on the Secret Service (Vincent Palamara)

* the most knowledgeable student of the Presidential limousine (Douglas Weldon, J.D.)

* a leading expert on the medical evidence at Parkland and at Bethesda (Gary Aguilar, M.D.)

* the single most highly qualified person to ever study this case (David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D.)

* the Chief Analyst for Military Records for the ARRB (Douglas Horne)

* a legendary photo-analyst who advised the HSCA during its reinvestigation (Jack White)

* a world-famous philosopher who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950 (Bertrand Russell)

* a prize-winning director and playwright, who has produced a brilliant chronology (Ira David Wood III)

* a philosopher of science who had then published more than 20 books and 100 articles (James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.)

Given the extraordinary character of these findings, it would be appropriate to provide reasons beyond the research itself that was published there to reassure the public that it should be taken seriously.

Fortunately, this book was reviewed by George Costello for The Federal Lawyer (May 2001), pp. 52-56. This journal (formerly: The Federal Bar News and Journal) is a publication for attorneys who work for the federal government, who practice before federal agencies, or who appear before federal courts.

The reviewer was honored with an award of recognition for this review of Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), which suggests his professional colleagues appreciated the contribution he made, which, in part, he summarized as follows:

What does all of this mean? Any one of the findings summarized above would be troubling by itself.

Together, these findings form a critical mass of evidence indicating that President Kennedy’s autopsy was falsified, and help establish a compelling case that people within the federal government covered up evidence of frontal shots – and hence of multiple gunmen and conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Because it pulls this evidence together in one place, Murder in Dealey Plaza is one of the most important books to date on the Kennedy assassination.

The new evidence turns the tables. No longer can defenders of the lone assassin theory hide behind the autopsy evidence and claim that it trumps all the other evidence.

The weight of this other evidence now trumps the autopsy report. Lone assassin theorists must address and explain the new evidence if they wish to regain credibility.

It is time for people of integrity who were involved in the official investigations – especially the professionals – to take a good-faith look at the new evidence and confront the likelihood that their conclusions were based on falsified data.

Murder in Dealey Plaza may not be the last word on the medical evidence, but it should be the starting point for a fresh look – not only at the medical evidence, but also at the assassination and its implications.

Those implications, I might add, are substantial in their impact upon alternative theories of the assassination.


Lee said it was his face imposed on someone else's body--and he was right!

The mafia, for example, would not have been able to extend its reach into Bethesda Naval Hospital to alter X-rays under the control of medical officers of the US Navy, agents of the Secret Service, and the president’s personal physician.

Neither pro nor anti-Castro Cuban could have substituted another brain for that of JFK. Even if the KGB had an ability to alter films comparable to that of the CIA and Hollywood, it could not have obtained the original of the Zapruder.

These findings thus indicate that at least some of those involved had to have been among the nation’s highest officials, a result that receives further support from James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) and Phillip Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2010).

It is long past time that the American people are entitled to know the truth about the death of our 35th president.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer who earned his Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota. He co-edits assassinationresearch.com with John Costella.

Edited by James H. Fetzer
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Same old conjectures, different day.

Critical and Logical thinkers notice the Zapruder Film is still valid and agrees with all the other films on the JFK limo's motion. It didn't stop, but it did get slower for the agent to jump on the bumper. Further back in the procession, cars did stop for an instant.

There were two shots to JFK's head at nearly the same moment in time, one low from Dal-Tex and the other off GN area. The Limo's windshield didn't have a hole, but inside the glass damage/cracks.

Some old game of mixtures of over the top conjecture blended with a little truth.

I, for one, remain not too well impressed by sliding in bad logic and reasoning with areas of good. imho

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Guest James H. Fetzer

Since the film is not even self-consistent--where you can see the massive blow-out in frame 374 but not in earlier frames, such as 314 and thereafter--there is no excuse at this stage of research on the assassination for the degree of ignorance displayed by the likes of Jim Phelps. Anyone who wants to get up-to-speed about the film should take a look at "US Government Official: JFK Cover-Up, Film Fabrication" and at "JFK: Who's telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?" This guy discredits himself with every post.

Same old conjectures, different day.

Critical and Logical thinkers notice the Zapruder Film is still valid and agrees with all the other films on the JFK limo's motion. It didn't stop, but it did get slower for the agent to jump on the bumper. Further back in the procession, cars did stop for an instant.

There were two shots to JFK's head at nearly the same moment in time, one low from Dal-Tex and the other off GN area. The Limo's windshield didn't have a hole, but inside the glass damage/cracks.

Some old game of mixtures of over the top conjecture blended with a little truth.

I, for one, remain not too well impressed by sliding in bad logic and reasoning with areas of good. imho

Edited by James H. Fetzer
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That is one more attempt at sensationalism over the Zapruder Frame 374 and remains one of your many frequent stretches of going past the realities.

Bob Harris did a really good job of showing the double head shot and the scalp getting loosened and allowing for an optically dark appearing area at the back of JFK's head due shading of the sun and hair pooffed up. There is no massive big hole in the scalp back there.

There was no blood seen in this alleged right rear blow-out, just the 2nd head show caused the 7 inch long defect along the top of JFK head from the forehead back to the cowlick area and lots of loose scalp with a bone flap popped loose under the skalp near the cow lick area.

There isn't any massive blown out through the scalp area on the right rear of JFK skull, and never was.

This is an epic example of when these over the top comments make for calling many JFK analysists as just Buff's, which many associate with Buffoonery or non-expertise. All such over the top noise does is discredit the more valid and serious researches that are not after sensationalism to sell another book or two. imho

When the Limo was at the hospital in Dallas, the windshield did not have a thru hole of penetration, and the only reason that you want to suggest it did is to run up on this over the top conjecture that the hole is associated with some blow-out on the back of JFK's head. Didn't happen.

Real folks with the high resolution Zapruder Film have looked in detail and what you wanted to portray as what happened, just is not so. imho

In your unreasoned world that attempts to try and make this appear believable, you also have to claim that all the autopsy photos are rigged, brains substituted, and all the other films and photographs of the assassination have all been faked.

Persons of high intellect know a snow job when they see one, a PT Barnum Show using JFK, and real intelligence and science shows you are just making lots of noise to discredit the more serious folks in the JFK studies.

Everytime you get on these way out themes and these fantastic claims get larger and larger to the point that everything on the JFK files is wrong, then the problems that you have with realities and reason become all the more apparent to all. imho

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Here is some actual logic with some cause and effect relationships.

A large number of persons believe and the ballistics evidence supports that several bullets were fired from the Dal-Tex 2nd floor window zone where HL Hunt and Morris Jaffee had some sort of little Uranium business. We all know Morris Jaffee was a big pal of LBJ and Jaffee was working deals on the USAEC to get rich on uranium. Jaffee was LBJ's new election bankroller person.

So, in the grand scheme of things the worst thing that could happen was for anyone to take a shot from that Dal-Tex area, because it linked to all of them. It looks like PERMINEX wanted some insurance that things would go their way by using that Dal-Tex area.

Logic tells that when a bullet comes from the 2nd floor window of Dal-Tex, which is linked to HL Hunt, that the first thing HL Hunt is going to want is a fabricated bullet coming into a windshield and a paid drawing maker. Logic also tells one that the little plink on the inside of the Limo's windshield is going to turn into hole to help that idea along. Most likely LBJ and a few helpers in the night made some windshield mods on the Limo. It was, no doubt tampered, a hole by the time the Limo got to the plant to put in a new windshield glass.

Who keeps using that tired old story to take the heat off HL Hunt, Jaffee, and LBJ? Is that logic or is there some other term that comes to mind?

Another bit of logic is the plotters had a number of cover stories ready to complicate things and also motivate helpers in the plot. The prime blame game was to always blame to the CIA or the Govt., but never ever Foreign Intelligence group PERMINDEX.

So, even when we get to the times of the Oliver Stone Movie JFK, there are more special "switch-a-roos" happening. We happen to have a Mossad Agent as Exec. Director over Stone, Arnan Milchan. But, as recently told on EF by someone, it appears the Schlumberger weapons stash boxes were labeled in Spanish in the movie, when they were done in French. Clay Shaw is a Foreign Intelligence agent for PERMINDEX, yet there is all this talk of CIA, Dave Ferrie's old CIA projects, blaming the US Govt with Operation Mongoose. Even the JFK Movie was being used to pull the publics attention into the cover stories.

Always follow the money: Old Money 1. PERMINDEX/Bilderberg, New Money 2. Hunt/Jaffee/LBJ The Old Money always wanted to have the upper hand on the New Money gang.

The PERMINDEX gang is going to try to frame up the number 2 gang to have their full cooperation. And the number 1 money is going to be the ones pulling the global strings insisting upon blaming the CIA or the US Govt., just don't say Schlumberger, PERMINDEX, and Rockefeller/Bilderberg.

Me thinks the same old fool the public games are in play for the origin of this thread, but the ultimate big picture is coming into view for lots of folks. imho

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Guest Tom Scully

JFK: What we Know Now that we Didn't Know Then, Part 5

....Those implications, I might add, are substantial in their impact upon alternative theories of the assassination.


Lee said it was his face imposed on someone else's body--and he was right!

The mafia, for example, would not have been able to extend its reach into Bethesda Naval Hospital to alter X-rays under the control of medical officers of the US Navy, agents of the Secret Service, and the president’s personal physician....

Dr. Jim,

You're as big of a comedian as David Lifton!




Accardo witness ill--lawyers

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Dec 14, 1978

The grand jury is inves- tile burglary, the subsequent murders of six burglars may have been involved in tho Accardo break-in, and the disappearance of ...

Accardo pal is ordered to testify‎ Chicago Tribune (Pay-Per-View)

Chicago Pal Of Accardo Loses Post .

Milwaukee Journal - Jan 27, 1960

... lieutenant who toured Europe with Tony Accardo, member of the old Capone gang. ... The vacation tour took place months before the break in the Chicago ...

FBI agents search Tony Accardo home

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Nov 11, 1978

Six men by police as profes- sional burglars, sonie of them reported- ly involved in the break-in at Accardo's home, at 1407 Ashland Av. in the west- erm ...

Burglar tells how he survived the Outfit

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jul 26, 2007

It had been a warning from the Outfit to burglars, whether they were involved in Accardo's break-in or not, Siegel said he was told. ...


Mob Home Swindle Bared

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Mar 12, 1966

by Syndicate BY ROBERT WIEDRItH The 11-count indictment, re- turned secretly Thursday by a federal grand jury, climaxed a two-year investigation by fed- eral agents and Chicago intelli- gence detectives into an inva- sion of the home construction field financed with money from the coffers of the city s three top crime syndicate.gangsters. The investigation centered on the operations of the Newport Construction company , 515 N. La Salle st., later known as the Mulford Construction company, with offices at 4747 Peterson av. and 2446 Milwaukee av. The company was financed by Sam IMomo] Giancana, An- thony IBig Tuna] Accardo. and Sam [Teetz] Battaglia, all of whom were observed visiting the offices by investigators. During a 13 -month period be- tween August, 1963, and Septem- ber, 1964, the company preyed on hundreds of low income home owners, mostly members of minority groups in poorer sections of Chicago, investiga- tors said. At the same time, the mob- sters used the Newport offices as a front for a large -scale gambling and loan shark opera- tion and as a base for flooding the midwest with thousands of dollars in forged traveler checks. The place was frequented not only by the top gangsters but by at least two judges, police- men, and several lawyers, in- vestigators were told. syndicate and ex- convict who was Newport con- struction spresiden t. Until about 1950, Varelli was known as Schivarelli in his role as a west side mob enforcer and gambling operator. Others named in the indict- ment are Max Heckmyer. 50, of 6316 N. Mozart st., office manag er; Jerome Hoffman, 7303A N. Campbell av., co n- struction superintendent; and two company salesmen, Lyle Faye, 49, last known to be liv- ing in the Sovereign hotel, 6200 Kenmore av., and Howard Ehr- lich, 30, of 6538 N. Mozart av. The indictment was an- nounced by Marlin Johnson, agent in charge of the Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation office, and Edward Hpprgh the United States wt4. The case was handled in the grand jury by Davidl $chippers, head of the justice department s organized crime unit, 4nd Jo- seph Lamendella, an assistant United States attorney. - of a construction firm at 3550 Peterson av. Faye was picked up strolling at Howard and Clark streets. Varelli notified the justice department he will surrender Monday. Ehrlich is sought. In one count of the indictment, the five men are accused of having conspired to forge the names of borrowers to certifi- cates declaring that work had been completed on remodeling jobs financed by federal hous- ing authority loans.

The other 10 counts charge specific acts in which both the government and the Newport customers were defrauded. learned, the money was col- lected and the remodeling proj- ects never completed. In others, the jobs were never started.

Altho only 10 acts of fraud are charged in the indictment, it is known that the

firm handled between $500,00 ad $1000000 in federally-insured jobs

during the one-year peak of its opera- tions. If convicted of the conspiracy count, the men could be im- prisoned for five years and fined $10000 each. Conviction on each of the other 10 counts carries a maximum penalty of two years In federal prison and a $5000 fine. The indictment was returned before Chief Judge William J. Campbell of federal District court &nd ordered suppressed until the arrest of the men. Bond was set at $4000 each.

Varelli, as president of the firm, was named by the gov- ernment astheman who signed many of the forged documents onFHA loans ob- tained thru two Chicago banks.

The investigation began in 1964 when TItE TRIBUNE ob- tained information about the Newport company pointing

to its offices as center of large- scale organized criminal activ- ity. The information was turned over to William Duffy, Lt. Edward Berry, and Sgt. Michael O'Donnell of the intel- ligence division.

Investigators identified Bat- taglia, acting operating chief of the Chicago crime syndicate, as the direct contact between the gangsters and Varelli. stant

visitor to the north side offices. On the occasions that Accardo, the semi- retired gang chief, visited the firm, he was always preceded by Battaglia, investigators noted. Giancana, the mob s operat- ing boss now In the county jail, dropped in occasionally to over- see operations. One undercover investigator who visited the offices posing as a prospective customer was startled to see a pile of bills on a table which he later learned contained $35000, Bat- taglia, the detectives learned, always brought the "bankroll" for the operation and received profits on the mob investments in cash. On his visits , Accardo was re- ferred to as JB, the initials of his alias of Joe Batters.

Others who came to the New- port offices to do business with the top gangsters were Sam DeStefano, a loan shark boss, Frank [One Ear] Fratto, a hoodlum in the storm window supply business, and Nick Pa- (Palermo), a Melrose Park plumber whose son married Accardo's daughter.

Varelli, identified in 1963 by the Senate rackets committee as a member of 'the inner Mafia circle on the west side, is closely associated with the gang of loan sharks and gam- headed by Fiore [Fifi] Buccieri.

Detectives offer as evidence of Varelli's stature in the mob the fact that he is a next door neighbor of Paul [The Waiter] Ricca, elder statesman of the Chicago Mafia.

Varelli was placed on proba- tion for two years in 1943 on a burglary charge....


New Snow Command chief tied to mob figures

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jan 30, 1979

In 1966, Varelli was the next-door neighbor of Paul "The Waiter" Ricca, then elder statesman of the Chicago crime syndicate. More recently, Varelli was ...

State Moves Against Mobsters 'On the Legit'

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jul 19, 1967

Varelli, who is a next. door neighbor of Paul [The Waiter] Ricca, hoodlum elder states- man, lost his insurance agent s and broker s licenses because .he ...

The CIA omitted this li'l detail about Willen's father,


...instead, the CIA background report included this :


...Howard Willens...was arrested for breaking street lights on January 9, 1947...

(If you read the page linked immediately above, note that the CIA inferred that Howard Willen's grandparents were both 8 years old when their son, Tony Accardo's next door neighbor, was born in 1903!)

...and consider that Willen's father could not move in next door to Tony without Accardo's permission....no way. without it!


.It was also developed during the 1961 investigation that Joseph Robert Willens (Howard Willen's father) had, since 1958, resided next door to Tony Accardo, prominent Chicago hoodlum.

....Joseph Robert Willens admitted that Tony Accardo's residence is immediately south of his home in River Forest, Illinois,....and he hopes that the proximity of his residence with that of Accardo would not cause anyone to believe that he approves of Accardo or any of his associates.


.PDF Page 5 - (page 315)

JFK Exhibit No. 66

Warren Commission Organizational Chart

.PDF Page 7 - (page 317)

...Mr. BLAKEY. The basic division of the work of the Warren Commission

in the five substantive areas, and subsequently a sixth, I take

it, was as a result of a memorandum that you wrote. Is that correct?

Mr. WILLENS. One of the assignments I undertook in my first few

weeks with the Commission was to make a recommendation to Mr.

Rankin as to how the work of the Commission might be organized. I

did write a memorandum in either late December or early January

that proposed an organization very close to that reflected on this chart.

That was reviewed by Mr. Rankin and presented subsequently to the

Commission and did serve, with some amendment, as the organization

through which the Commission staff performed its duties.

Mr. BLAKEY. I wonder if you could share with us at this time your

rationale in dividing the basic work of the Commission into five areas

as designated on this chart.

Mr. WiLLExs. I keep thinking of six areas, as is reflected on the

chart. I believe the rationale is readily stated .....


The Ruby Cover-Up

books.google.com Seth Kantor - 1992 - 450 pages

...Despite all the loose ends spotlighted by Hubert and Griffin, "these Cuban pursuits represented some kind of bottomless pit and our overall investigation had to be wrapped up," Willens said.1 Other staff lawyers agreed with Willens.

Therefore, the Warren Commission never explored the possible links of Ruby's Cuban activities in 1959 with his FBI contacts that year and with Ruby's totally unexplained use of a safety deposit box at the time of his Cuban and FBI interests....

It seems Briton Hadden's half brother, Crowell, and his first cousin, Time's managing editor John Martin, were able to overlook Henry Luce's incredible betrayal of his friend and partner, Briton Hadden, or they were keeping enemy Luce close for practical reasons.

Henry Luce also brought his own family into Time, Inc., in this example, a Mr. Moore, the husband of Luce's sister, Elizabeth :

"...Mr. Moore was associated with the firm (the law firm with which McCloy had spent fifteen years, the prestigious Cravath, Swaine & Moore (earlier known as Cravath, Henderson, Leffingwell and de Gersdorff)) from 1920 to 1967 and became presiding partner in 1963.

Cravath, Swaine & Moore became counsel for Time Inc. after the corporation moved its headquarters back to New York from Cleveland in 1927. The magazine was founded by Mr. Moore's brother-in-law, Henry Luce, in 1923..."



- New York Times - Nov 19, 1963

...The session brought out that ,Mr. Gilpatric was influential in j Continued on Page 17, Column 3 GILPATRIC S ROLE ON TFX QUERIED Continued From Page 1, Col. 2 bringing the General Dynamics account to his law firm, that Maurice Moore, senior partner of the firm, was named to the General Dynamics board of directors one month after the TFX contract was awarded to the company. -Gilpatric's former law firm was named counsel for General Dynamics at the same time. -Gilpatric acknowledged that he spent about onefourth of his time as a lawyer during 2i4 years in the late 1950's handling General Dynamics matters, and GD paid his firm $111000 in legal fees during this same period....."

The hearing described above was held on 18 November, four days later President Kennedy was cut down in Dallas, and just three weeks later, :


TFX Inquiry Seems Ended as McClellan Delays Hearings...

- New York Times - Dec 15, 1963

It now appears likely that Senator McClellan may end the investigation with one or ... Dynamics plans to do most o! the TFX production work) at its Convair .

(Quote) http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=15323&st=0&p=180439entry180439

...Rozwell Gilpatric, JFK assistant secretary of defense implicated in the $6.8 billion TFX contract award to Crown's General Dynamics, was recommended to JFK by Bush Harriman partner and chair of the committee that designed the CIA, Robert Lovett.

According to this, Gilpatric helped Henry Crown unload Material Service Corp. onto General Dynamics, without noticing,, as Harry Booth did in his October, 1963 suit, that most of MSC's "holdings" and it's long time revenue stream had been appropriated from the people of Chicago, and then sometimes sold back to them, although they owned the assets sitting on top of the land leased to Crown's MSC.


Lions in the street: the inside story of the great Wall Street law firms‎ - Page 14

Paul Hoffman - Law - 1973 - 244 pages

Gilpatric himself had an office in General Dynamics' headquarters in Rockefeller Center and had advised the company on its acquisition of Material Services ...


Captive city‎ - Page 216

Ovid Demaris - Social Science - 1969 - 366 pages

16 Attorney Harry Booth is Chicago's most formidable dragon slayer. Frail,

myopic, rumpled and no taller or heavier than a jockey, his favorite mount is a monolithic public utility. The bigger they are, the faster they run when the diminutive attorney gets that riding gleam behind his thick-lensed spectacles.

In the past forty years, he has filed more suits in behalf of consumers of natural gas, electricity, telephone, water and transit than all other lawyers in Chicago combined....(/Quote)

Maurice T. "Tex" Moore was married to Luce's sister and had a history I could not have done a better job of using as background for an important suspect in a mystery novel, but instead, his background details are coincidental and would only be significant if he was Lee Harvey Oswald, according to this "rule".:


Federal bar news: Volume 13

Federal Bar Association - 1966 - Snippet view

In his address, Mr. Jenner stated that a series of extraordinary coincidences made it seem most likely that the assassination of President Kennedy was the work of one man — Lee Harvey Oswald........



- Hartford Courant - Nov 28, 1926

RALPH McALLISTER INGERSOLL Mrs. Ingersoll who was formerly Miss Mary Elizabeth Carden, ... Her husband is a son of Colin McRae Ingersoll of Salisbury. ... Roland M. Hooker of this city was an usher at the wedding, which was one of the prominent .... Tho ribbon bearers were Miss Margaret Bent, cousin of the bride, ...



By Lester Bernstein; Lester Bernstein was formerly editor of Newsweek.

Published: November 17, 1985

RALPH INGERSOLL A Biography. By Roy Hoopes

....Ralph McAllister Ingersoll brought odd credentials to his left-wing tabloid. He was a product of Hotchkiss school and Yale University. His great-uncle Ward McAllister coined the phrase ''the 400'' to quantify the social elite that could fit into Mrs. John Jacob Astor's ballroom. He spent most of the first five years of The New Yorker's life at the right hand of Harold Ross, its founding editor, where he worked on the Talk of the Town department and helped to set the magazine on its successful course. He took over as top editor of Fortune during its infancy and made the romance of big business so appealing that his boss and friend Henry R. Luce promoted him to general manager of Time Inc. and publisher of Time. A steamrolling power player, hiring and firing profligately, treating managing editors like office boys, he made so many enemies, including Clare Boothe Luce and ultimately Luce himself, that Time Inc.'s official history gives him little credit of any kind; but Ingersoll also became the prime mover in the launching of Life. ...


Ralph Ingersoll Dies, Publisher, Pm Founder .

Schenectady Gazette - Mar 9, 1985

Ingersoll became vice president of Time Inc. He was promoted to publisher of Time in 1937 He left the Luce organization to set up PM and served as that ....


William Vincent Griffin, Scroll & Keys 1912

William V. Griffin of New Haven, chairman of the Yale News, was tapped for Scroll & Keys. (Surprises at Yale 'Tap' Day. Boston Daily Globe, May 19, 1911.) He was one of the original investors in Time Inc. He was the business manager for James Cox Brady, the son of Anthony N. Brady, the largest stockholder in the American Tobacco Company; and president of the Brady Security and Realty Corp. Anthony Brady's original financiers and mentors had been Frederick P. Olcott, President of the Central Trust Company of Albany, N.Y., and his successor, James N. Wallace.

Griffin married Isabel Carden, daughter of Dallas banker George A. Carden. His ushers were Louis Connick, Charles Parson, and Dr. Louis H. Levy of New York, Leone Monichetti of Florence, Italy, A.A. Green and G.W.F. Green of Dallas; and Charles B. Waller of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. was best man. (Wm. V. Griffin to Wed in Dallas. New York Times, June 21, 1914.) Griffin's sister-in-law, Caroline Burns Carden, married Captain Gerald C. Maxwell, of the staff of the British Air Ministry (Captain Maxwell Weds Miss Carden. New York Times, March 9, 1920.) His sister-in-law, Mary Elizabeth Carden, married Ralph McAllister Ingersoll, the managing editor of The New Yorker. (Miss Carden Bride of R.M. Ingersoll. New York Times, Nov. 19, 1926.) Ingersoll was later the general manager of Time, Inc. publications. They were divorced in 1938 (Mrs. R.M. Ingersoll Gets Reno Divorce. New York Times, Mar. 20, 1938; Mrs. Mary E. Ingersoll Is Dead; Was Partner in Literary Agency. New York Times, Dec. 26, 1964.) Griffin's brother-in-law, Dr. George Alexander Carden Jr., Yale 1931, married Mary Robinson Lambert, granddaughter of Dr. & Mrs. Adrian V.S. Lambert, Skull & Bones 1893. They were married by the Rev. Henry Sloan Coffin, S&B 1897. (Mary R. Lambert Bride in Garden. New York Times, Aug. 18, 1940.) She died two years later at the age of 34. (Mrs. G.A. Carden Jr., A Welfare Worker. New York Times, Apr. 29, 1942.)....

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Guest Tom Scully

...and Jim,

Do you think Richard Cain had everything under control, being that he was closely watching Tony? Do you think it was even an option for the Howard Willens designed and prioritized Warren Commission to find that the Chicago Outfit had any role in either the assassination of the President or in the murder of Oswald? I'm assuming Willens loved his mother and cared about what happened to her.

Do you think J. Edgar would have pointed out that Joseph Willens lived next to Accardo, if the WC was poised to disparage his bureau in their report?


...The Director commented in connection with this communication, "I would suggest we take this up with Rankin and see if we can't withdraw and let his attorneys take the statements. We are wasting manpower, time, and money. in future, don't deal with Willens, he is a mere underling."...

So its 1963, The Willenses and the Accardos have been livin' side by side for five years, but now Tony, in his house since 1951, has decided to move to new construction, in the same town. I wonder why! (Not really...)



I assume you already understand that Time-Life was not buying and hiding the Zfilm in order to spare the American people the gory spectacle.



- Chicago Tribune - Nov 7, 1963

....Richard Cain, chief investi- gator for Sheriff Richard Ogil- vie, reports he is convinced the home will be Accardo's.

It is his detectives who tailed the gangster to the construction site. There are other elements that lead detectives to believe Ac- cardo has his eye on the house. Two of the subcontractors on the new home have strong Ac- cardo ties. One is Frank V. Panteleo, a River Grove cement contrac- tor who has been named by po- lice and the Senate rackets committee as a business part- ner of top hoodlums. The other is Nick Palermo, a Melrose Park plumber whose son married Accardo's young- est daughter in 1961. ...

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Guest James H. Fetzer

For those with a serious interest in the article that initiated this thread, in case they missed

the key point about the Altgens, here is a copy of the crucial section with the image circled:


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Mr Fetzer,

After your furious defense of Judyth Baker in this forum last year in the "living in exile"-thread, declaring her "The Real Deal" and that she had lots of new information, it's more than surprising to see that you are now not mentioning her in this thread. As I recall, you spent three months basically around the clock on that thread?

Does she not belong among those things you know now that you didn't two decades ago? Or could it be that you've simply changed your mind about her? Or perhaps there's some other reason for avoiding to bring this subject up, for example that she's indeed not bringing anything new into the JFK research?

This is what you concluded about her in March of 2010:

"Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:31 AM



REASON #1. Documents and researchers prove Baker and Oswald worked together for months at Wm. B. Reily Co., a coffee company in New Orleans, and that these jobs were pre-arranged cover jobs:

a) The A-1 employment agency shows records for both Oswald and Baker . Reily Coffee Company interviewed both Baker and Oswald on the same day (May 9, 1963). The Reily ads were 2 wks. old, but no one was hired until Baker and Oswald were interviewed. Note: Baker has much additional corroborating evidence, such as check stubs, w-2 forms, exactly matching Oswald’s dates, plus:

B) Oswald, as a ‘gift’ on Baker’s birthday, May 15, pretended to job-hunt at A-1 again, and though employed at Reily’s, told A-1 nothing about having been hired there; at this time, Oswald is on record for the visit, which was to induce A-1 to reduce an unjust fee placed against Baker by A-1, due on May 27. Baker has all relevant records for this event.

c) They were interviewed and hired the same day (May 9) by the same person.

d) They began work the same day, on May 10, at the same address, a block from Reily Coffee Co.

e) They were working in the same small sub-company of Reily, called The Standard Coffee Company, even though that small suite did not have a maintenance man (Oswald’s job for Reily) and Baker was Vice President William Monaghan’s secretary (Monaghan’s two offices were located in the Reily building). Baker was there to launder Oswald’s past so he could transfer with a clean record to Reily’s, for Oswald had been a fake defector to the USSR and had returned from that mission without arrest or detaining, to start new assignments. Reily was known for its ‘patriotic’ anti-communist position.

f) Both Oswald and Baker were transferred on the same day, one week later, to Reily, across the street.

g) The day Oswald was fired (July 19) an ad was ordered to replace Baker; a modified ad with more inducements appeared 2 weeks later when the first ad did not produce a replacement for Baker.

h) The day Oswald was arrested for distributing pro-Castro pamphlets (August 9) Baker was forced to resign. Baker had been at Reily’s primarily to cover for Oswald’s and her activities elsewhere.

i) Baker and Oswald rode the same bus to and from work (Magazine St. bus): there was only one stop between their respective bus stops; their apartments were within walking distance; both Oswald and Baker lived within minutes of each other, and key persons and places mentioned in Edward T. Haslam’s shocking new book (see below). Oswald and Baker bonded when he helped her after a police raid.

REASON #2: Baker has the testimonies of living witnesses confirming her intimate relationship with Oswald in New Orleans:

a) William “Mac” McCullough, who was a musician, bouncer and bodyguard for New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello, describes seeing Oswald and Baker together at a park, a restaurant, and seeing them together on several other occasions. His mother worked at a restaurant where Baker and Oswald ate, and he also saw them at a hotel where he sang and played the piano.

B) Anna Lewis, wife of DAVID FRANKLIN LEWIS (known witness in JFK murder case) who was a private investigator for Guy Banister and an associate with Jack Martin in investigations and political activities in New Orleans, has testified on two audiotapes and on film that she and her husband accompanied Baker and Oswald on double dates in New Orleans, plus sessions of talk at Thompson’s Restaurant in New Orleans, over a period of months. Lewis was pressured to recant her statements but refused to do so.

c) Baker told her sister, Lynda, that her secret lover had been killed while serving his country, and that he was working for the government in secret missions on the first anniversary of Oswald’s death in 1964, charging Lynda never to mention the matter again. Lynda finally spoke out decades later after Baker released her from this promise.

REASON #3: Baker identified former Customs Agent Charles Thomas, also known as Arthur Young, as the person who was introduced to her by Oswald as the agent who expedited Oswald’s passport (along with others, to disguise the matter) to be issued only 24 hours after requested. Thomas described meeting and befriending Oswald in Buffalo, New York, when Oswald was a young teen.

a) Baker described tattoos on the fingers, silver hair, German accent, his previous Customs station in Buffalo, NY, his connection to anti-Castroites and to the Mafia in Miami, and marriage to a Chitimacha Indian woman to Thomas’ granddaughter, whom she met in a class at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA

B) The granddaughter, Kelly Thomas, verified that Charles Thomas also used the name Arthur Young, and then brought forth photos showing Cuban and mafia associates; the granddaughter and her family also had photos showing the tattoos on the fingers, the silver hair, verified the German accent and the Customs post in Buffalo, NY, which Thomas headed, even having a photo of the customs station at Buffalo. Charles Thomas had been dead for years and had kept his past a secret from the outside world, living in obscurity on the Chitimacha Indian reservation with his Chitimacha wife after the assassination.

c) Baker contacted researcher Joan Mellen with details about Thomas; Mellen later wrote in her book that she had obtained evidence that Oswald worked with Customs and described his connections to Customs, without giving Baker any credit for the lead. This lack of giving credit has occurred several times with researchers.

REASON #4: Baker has provided a cashed $30 American Express money order receipt dated May 27, 1963, linked to her bank records and receipts and to letters from Oswald indicating his use of $30 for office rent on the same date.

a)The American Express receipt is linked in such a way as to show it was illogical for Baker to have purchased it for any reason other than to give Oswald an untraceable $30 ‘donation’ that he, with limited income, would not have to account for via his small salary. $30 = approx. $270 in today’s funds.

B) An American Express file about Oswald exists in Rotterdam, Holland

c) Oswald received multiple American Express money orders from an unknown source in 1963

d) Witness Delphine Roberts has testified to Anthony Summers that Oswald had an office

REASON #4: Baker has a green glass which has been in her possession since 1963, given to her by Oswald, known to many by 1980 as given to her by Oswald.

a) over 30 people heard Baker, in 1980, explain that the glass had been given to her by Lee Harvey Oswald at Reily company, in 1963, and that they had ‘worked together’ there.

B) Baker’s son, Josiah, has confirmed this; he also remembered his mother describing streetcar and bus rides with Oswald in New Orleans

c) Baker’s daughter, Sarah, remembers accidentally throwing away a note that Oswald wrote that was kept in the glass, and has been able to describe the note, and how upset her mother was. This event occurred during a household move from Orlando, Florida, to Lafayette, Louisiana. She also affirms that the green glass was given t her mother by Oswald.

REASON #5: Baker provides evidence that her job and Oswald’s job at Reily’s were cover jobs for clandestine activities elsewhere.

a) Baker provides time cards and clock-in/clock-out records showing Oswald’s outrageously late clock-ins, for which he was unaccountably not docked, while others who were late were docked, with Warren Commission testimonies backing her information; the clock-outs are precise, the clock-ins, irregular. Baker provides explanations: these and other details, such as 4907 mail problems, were not noticed by researchers -- until Baker pointed out much that was obviously wrong in the official record.

B) Baker provides inside knowledge of Oswald’s whereabouts that for the first time explains them logically, with important direct and circumstantial evidence to support her statements; many of her statements have been confirmed later by other researchers, following her leads; usually, she was not given any credit for these leads, but comparing er statements with researchers’ ‘finfds’ cnfirm her pre-knowledge.

c) Baker provides a financial information/character report on Oswald showing how it was deliberately created and rigged by herself and Oswald to cover up Oswald’s past, including his nearly 3-year stay in Russia as a defector, so that the highly conservative, anti-communist Reily Co. would be able to employ Oswald; a close and careful examination of all testimony concerning this document proves collusion.

REASON #6: Edward T. Haslam investigated Baker and has confirmed her ability to conduct secret lab activities in New Orleans as described thoroughly in his landmark 2007 book, Dr. May’s Monkey. Haslam, a New Orleans native who knew some of the persons encountered by Baker and Oswald, only learned about Baker’s still being alive through Sixty Minutes investigators. Haslam describes Baker and Oswald’s clandestine activity together in New Orleans, with verified information as to its importance:

a) Baker provides substantial reasons for why she should never have been employed at Reily’s as a Vice President’s secretary, when her expertise was in cancer research and medical technology: New Orleans’ Ochsner Clinic was world-renowned as a cancer research center.

B) It’s reasonable to assume that Baker would not leave her studies, family, and friends in Florida simply to become a secretary in New Orleans. Her ease in obtaining a well-paying chemistry research position soon after her return to Florida proves she had no reason to leave unless it was originally, as she asserts, to work under the prestigious Doctors Ochsner and Sherman.

c) Haslam himself is a living witness that Judyth Vary Baker was impersonated in New Orleans in the 1970’s when he was trying to find out more information about the clandestine lab activities

REASON #7: Film producer Nigel Turner had successfully presented six documentaries in the popular series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, a secure fixture on The History Channel that ran more than two decades. On the recommendation of known CIA asset Gerry Hemming, Turner investigated Baker and her witnesses for over a year. He photographed much of her evidence. He filmed her for 38 hours and matched 55 hours of her spoken testimony taken months earlier on a tape recorder with her filmed testimony. He had witnesses Baker knew nothing about verifying many of her statements. Turner was contracted by The History Channel to produce two more documentaries in the popular series -- The Smoking Guns, and The Guilty Men-- but requested and received permission (and then filmed) a third segment – The Love Affair , about Oswald and Baker’s romance and clandestine activities together in New Orleans , and their continuing relationship until Oswald’s death two days after Kennedy’s assassination. But Turner got too close to the truth, and all hell broke loose, destroying his series.

a) The Love Affair was the first and only time in Turner’s series where only one person – Baker—was featured for the entire documentary. Though banned in America, it is currently an underground favorite on YouTube and is a popular underground film overseas.

B) Living witness statements supporting Baker’s testimony were illegally withheld by a third hostile party who essentially stole the videotapes. They were later recovered, but were not included in the documentary. There may have been plans to produce a sequel to the documentary with witnesses.

c) There was an outcry from Official Version Oswald-did-it important people, such as former President Ford, Jack Valenti and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson and her friends, over the new documentaries, and suddenly, three were banned, though the series was supposed to run for nine years.

d) Over 50,000 copies -- prepaid -- were destroyed and money returned, as a board of historians were called together by The History Channel to pronounce the documentaries falsely incriminating of former President Lyndon Johnson, who is clearly indicated as ruthless and involved. However, NONE of the historians met with or conferred with ANY of the witnesses, including Baker, nor did they look at ANY evidence whatsoever. This was the first documentary ever banned by The History Channel, or by anyone., so far as we are aware. In 2007, The History Channel lampooned Baker’s testimony.

e) Nigel Turner was systematically maligned on the Internet and has been incommunicado since 2004.

f) Baker was systematically maligned on the internet with big, impressive websites against her, and with newsgroup posts creating lies (such as that Baker claimed to be of Russian nobility, or that she said she was offered $600,000 for her story by a tabloid, or that she was a close friend of Dr. Suess, that Liberace learned ow to play the piano on her father’s piano, and other ridiculous statements ‘proving’ she was non-credible!). Other statements claiming to be Baker’s flooded newsgroups, ruining her reputation. Arrest threats, job loss, and death threats began to plague her life.

Reason #8: Wealthy Dutch researcher and film producer Wim Dankbaar investigated Baker and her witnesses for six years and fully supports her testimony and story.

a) Dankbaar provides DVDs of Baker and her witnessess’ statements and their stories on his website.

B) Dankbaar twice tried to produce a movie about Baker’s story, but was stopped the first time by a contract by a co-producer (Woods) who demanded Baker’s lifetime story rights, and the second time by a specious lawsuit by Robert Vernon, who stole evidence and spread lies about Dankbaar and Baker on the Internet. Vernon also distributed pornography about Baker and urged potential witnesses not to talk to Baker or Dankbaar. Important corroborating evidence, such as phone call records and films, have now vanished. Some witnesses were threatened and lost their jobs. Baker was hit twice by vehicles in Dallas.

Reason #9: Famed Dutch investigator Peter DeVries, noted for uncovering political crimes and frauds, and solving murder cases, investigated Baker in 2005-2006.

a) Devries fully supported Baker’s testimony and story in an internationally televised miniseries shown across Europe in 2006.

a) DeVries recently uncovered new evidence in the Aruba murder case famed in the US, using secret cameras and microphones, uncovering a confession no one else was able to obtain

Reason #10 : CBS’s Sixty Minutes investigated Baker’s testimony and story for eighteen months and nearly filmed it three times. They called it their “longest and most expensive investigation” in their entire history. But an insider told Baker that (now disgraced, for lying about Bush) higher-up Dan Rather closed the investigation. “The door was slammed shut in our faces,” according to Sixty Minutes’ founder, Don Hewitt, explaining the problem to C-Span. “I brought that woman in to New York!” he stated. Hewitt called the story the mist important story in Sixty Minutes’ history. Emails from Sixty Minutes producer Phil Sheffler state “we did not walk away from this story.”

a) When the investigation closed, Sixty Minutes had not yet interviewed Baker’s living witnesses!

B) Sixty Minutes was advised by Brian Duffy of US News & World Report to drop the investigation because there was ‘not enough evidence.’ Duffy was later found to have written a large article for USN&WR supporting Gerald Posner’s ‘Case Closed’ (Oswald-did-it) book – a big embarrassment to Duffy if Baker’s story became known to the general public. Duffy had just been re-hired by USN&WR and would later become a chief editor there.

c) Sixty Minutes’ chief source to check Baker’s reliability, Howard Liebengood, had been privy to all CIA and MKULTRA documents gathered by the HSCA, and was a renowned and trusted specialist in the Kennedy assassination. Liebengood confirmed Baker’s knowledge in general, and also her knowledge, specifically, of secret MKULTRA documents they had both seen, in front of CBS producers, Dr. Howard Platzman, and Baker. He urged CBS to film Baker.

d) Liebengood died of a sudden and unexpected heart attack just a few days after retiring, and just before his promise to help Baker’s story get filmed by Sixty Minutes.

Reason #11: More evidence and witnesses: At the time of the Sixty Minutes’ investigation, Baker did not know what evidence was important. She had avoided all contact with the case for three and a half decades. Only after she was allowed to look at records in the case was she able to recognize what evidence she possessed that was important, such as the American Express money order, and Oswald’s time cards, which she had initialed.

a) Baker kept evidence from 1960-1964 concerning her cancer research, her relationship with Oswald, and the events in her life immediately before and after his death, much of which her family saw (such as Reily check stubs) without realizing what was important and what was not. The collection of evidence was finally placed in twelve 50-page books. Baker did not save anything but family photos and an occasional item from any other year. The mass of materials from this time period is rich and detailed.

B) break-ins, robberies, and even kidnapping has resulted in the loss of some evidence, but all of it has been seen and photographed numerous times, and has been successfully linked to Oswald’s activities

c) new witnesses such as William Livesay (confirms secret medical experiments in 1963 were going on at Jackson hospital using Angola prison (volunteers), Edwin Lea McGeHee, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Kelly Thomas, Mary ferrell (gray Russian book unknown to public and a unique possession of Oswald’s, described by Judyth to Ferrell in front of witnesses), and many others confirm previously unknown details Baker has given,

d) Baker described Bobby Kennedy’s involvement with Guy Banister and knowledge of Oswald, divorce plans of Oswald, details about Oswald’s Mexico City visit which were later confirmed by new witnesses

e) Baker’s presence in a car with Oswald in Jackson (by two different witnesses of repute), and Baker’s explanation of the Clinton matter (which for the first time logically places Oswald, David Ferrie, and Clay Shaw together as seen by – but unable to be explained by – eight disparate witnesses in Clinton, Louisiana), where a black Cadillac sat for five hours for no known reason (however, Baker’s testimony clears up the matter, with additional new evidence from the Clay Shaw Grand Jury testimonies finally released to the internet)(see the banned documentary, The Love Affair)

Reason #12: Dr. John Williams, a US professor with a doctorate in statistics, collected data and statistics about the confluences and evidence Baker has presented, with the help of witness Kelly Thomas Cousins, and produced an analysis of events indicating that the chances that Baker and Oswald knew each other intimately are 99%.

a) Dr. Williams also produced a statistical study indicating that there was only one chance in a MILLION that Oswald and Baker did NOT have prearranged jobs with Reily.

B) Dr. Williams has now published two technical papers in The Dealey Plaza Echo which publishes journal style papers on the JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations in Great Britain.

Reason #13: Why is Baker ‘s life being threatened? She is currently in hiding in a Scandinavian country under EU political asylum rules and regulations due to denigrating Internet and television productions, break-ins, robberies, burglaries, Internet stalking, persecution, live stalking, arrest threats, and death threats.

a) Baker’s book has twice gone to print without her permission, with changes and excisions

B) Baker wants the REAL book to get published, and will support and authorize its sales

c) Baker will not return to the United States until after the book is published: she is willing to risk her life to promote the book.

d) “If I had said Oswald DID IT, today I’d be a rich woman, instead of in hiding, fearing for my life.” (JVB) The book is true. It’s relevant, pointing to Oswald’s innocence and indicating a Coup d’etat. Film rights information : contact Sydney Wilkinson (tinypaws@earthlink.net): Pair of Hands Post Productions. Contact Edward T. Haslam (see author’s website), Dr. Howard Platzman (howpl@aol.com) , or Tom Rozoff (rozoff@aol.com) for information. Baker will risk her life but asks for protection for interviews (must be major filmed interviews: Baker gets to tape record). Hear interview on Black Op radio (see website). Beware fancy websites that come up ‘first’ on the Internet: see YouTube "The Love Affair"."

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