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Why Lies Aimed At the "Left" about JFK are Far and Away The Most Important Lies

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Guru Noam at it again.

Look at the stunning synopsis of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Tactical nuke aimed at the "left?" With a left like this no wonder we are so far right.

This lying about JFK TO THE FAKE US LEFT will only get worse as we get closer to Mack Does Potempkin Village Day. It must be adressed head on and in a way that shows how much it helps the right.

As I have tried badly to explain, what the so called "left" believes about JFK matters to the entire spectrum, even if they dont matter on anything else, which they dont because they have been marginalized with special niche-marketed lies about the National Security State.

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Chomsky's facts are fairly accurate, as I remember them. It's his spin that is deceptive.

He fails to tell his readers that Kennedy had legitimate reasons to fear he'd lose control of the military if he'd immediately and openly agreed to Khruschev's request.

He also fails to tell his readers that there was rising tide of hawkishness in the country, and that Kennedy's failure to act "macho" enough for the country's appetite could have resulted in a Goldwater victory in 1964--and a nuclear war in Asia.

That's the problem with Chomsky. He critiques U.S. and Israeli policy through the lens of how the world oughta be, and fails, more often than not, to acknowledge how it is.

In the real world, politicians don't follow their ideals, they make calculations. Sometimes those calculations require the politician say one thing and do another. Sometimes you have to kill people to save more people. Sometimes you have to lie so that the truth may prevail.

As demonstrated in the movie Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln used corrupt and dishonest tactics in order to end slavery.

Chomsky would have him in chains.

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