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Secret Service agent on LBJ: "If he wasn't president, he'd be in a mental hospital"

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Forum moderator - please attach this to the Lyndon Johnson thread. - Thank-you.

Author Ronald Kessler has some excellent Secret Service sources and they describe LBJ's private behavior as being bizarre, completely inappropriate and "out of control." One of the Secret Service agents is quoted as saying "If he [LBJ] wasn't president, he'd be in a mental hospital."

Kessler's book is "In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect." (2009)

Here is a YouTube video interview of Ronald Kessler that was uploaded by Newsmax on August 6, 2009

Titled "Kessler: Secret Service: LBJ out of Control, Often Drunk"

Web Link:

Go to the 6:50 minute mark for Kessler's remarks on Lyndon Johnson

BELOW HERE. . My notes. . . Kessler, speaking. .

[Notes; Kessler on LBJ (via YouTube); 8/6/2009]

LBJ was out of control. He was drunk a quite a bit.

LBJ would have stables of women and secretaries that he would have sex with.

One time Lady Bird caught LBJ having sex in the oval office.

LBJ had an alarm system set up to warn him when Lady Bird was coming.

LBJ would urinate in front of reporters at the ranch, including female reporters.

LBJ would spend hours in his cabin on Air Force One with these secretaries.

LBJ was simply out of control.

As one Secret Service agent said, “If he wasn’t president, he’d be in a mental hospital.” because that is how crazy he was.

As he got on Air Force One in Texas there was a big croud of fans cheering him on outside... "Screw them. I piss on all of them," said LBJ.

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Guest Robert Morrow

Robert , you do know Kessler blames Kennedy for the Agents not being on the running boards which "led to his own death" don't you?

around minute 5

Yes, and Kessler is probably right. Vince Palamara asked a bunch of Secret Service agents leading questions and got the answers that he wanted. I believe the agents who say Kennedy did not want the SS agents on the running board for the sake of public appearances.. Also, when JFK got to Dallas he told Jackie to take off her sunglasses.

This is not the same thing as saying John Kennedy caused his own assassination. However, by picking Lyndon Johnson as his vice president, that was an assassination waiting to happen.

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Kessler is a shill for the police/intelligence agencies. His books on FBI and CIA are hagiographic, shallow, authorized puff pieces. Gets access - hears nothing - tells nothing. He's a well-paid toady. You'll never learn less about any subject than through reading Kessler.

So - given all that - I have to ask: Why is Kessler, though a latecomer, now put on the dump-LBJ bandwagon? Why are we hearing now all this anti-LBJ stuff, and finally from this subsidized gatekeeper scribe?

What is it in the political-historical agenda of this time that needs to excoriate LBJ?. Why, now, is there so much public association of LBJ with the assassination?

I'm not saying it's incorrect or undeserved - but why is LBJ being blamed en masse now, instead of, say, in the wake of Stone's JFK? It's an important question for understanding media coverage of the assassination phenomenologically.

I don't disagree with Robert's motives and findings - but why is the mainstream media synched to dump LBJ?

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