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Two Lost Witnesses?

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While reading through the New York Daily News' 11-23-63 paper the other day, I noticed the following passage:

"Two 17-year-old boys sitting atop a signboard, waiting to take pictures of the motorcade, witnessed the shooting. They were Mike Cargile and Charles Hopkins."

"Cargile said that when they looked at the car, right after the shots rang out, they saw Mrs. Kennedy lying across the president on the floorboards and a Secret Service man shielding them both with his body."

"Connally, they said, was lying slumped in the jump seat, his wife kneeling next to him, trying to tend him."

Well, their descriptions of the shooting are pretty close to what others saw, particularly those standing on the overpass. This makes me think the "signboard" referred to in the article was the overpass. But I'm open to other suggestions.

There's another aspect as well... Several years ago I started a thread--I think both here and at Lancer--on what I think I called the "Bellboys". I looked for it before posting this but couldn't find it. In any event, the "Bellboys" were two young male witnesses captured in a number of post-assassination photos of the knoll, wearing identical jackets. Someone suggested they were high school jackets. Well, if so, it seems possible these two lads were Cargile and Hopkins. If they started out on the bridge, and ended up by the knoll, well, it also follows that they could be that they were witnesses to what happened behind the fence just after the shots.

And since it also follows that they're probably alive...let the hunt begin...

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Pat; i am not sure if this will be of any information, but it could be a start,,,b..

Where, also, is the schoolboy, Alan Smith, who was widely quoted on 23 November in US newspapers? Smith said unequivocally the head shot had struck Kennedy in the forehead, which would strongly suggest he was in front of the President at the time. Now scan the films – he, too, has vanished. (“The car was ten feet from me when a bullet hit the President in the forehead…the car went about five feet and stopped,” Jack Bell, “Eyewitnesses describe scene of assassination: Sounds of shooting brought car to a halt,” NYT, 23 November 1963, p.5)

Minor contradictions between witnesses and films I could accept and rationalise. Wholesale, irreconcilable conflicts, not a chance.


Didn't Smith (Bob Goodman)say he was in the pergola???? http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10829&st=45

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Hey, Bernice. That's funny about Triangle of Fire. Some years ago--probably 7 or 8 now--I tried to buy it in an online auction, only to have someone else buy it at the last second. I remember that someone from the Forum ended up with it. Was it you? LOL.

As far as Smith...I studied his story when I was creating my witness data base, and concluded he was some kid who just wanted to get his name in the papers.

Now, these kids, Cargile and Hopkins, are a different story. Their description of the shooting matches up pretty closely with what Newman, Brehm, Hill and Zapruder were saying. I just can't figure out what the heck they meant by "signboard." WHAT "signboard"? For a brief second I wondered if they'd been sitting atop the TSBD, at the base of the Hertz sign. But then wrote that off as a little too fantastic...

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