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Where is the NE falling shadow from the TSBD tree?

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The length of shadows vary based on the height of the object... we can see the shadow from the tree opposite Zapruder at the top of Elm extends quite a distance (z200)

yet it does not appear to me that there is any shade at all cast by that 30' tree in front of the TSBD (seems to reach the 3rd story in Bell).

Not a single person in that photo is in that shade yet many are shielding their eyes from the sun...

Not necessarily ominous... yet it does seem contrary to the natural laws of light and shadow.

Wouldn't we expect to see SOME shade there? just sayin...



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yes Robin... thanks...

But in Altgens it appears as if there is no place where that tree's shadow falls... and no one standing in its shade...

Probably just a trick of th elight... similiar to LBJ barely being visible in the same image...



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