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Oswald's mother best blog ?

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I recently discovered a great blog about the kennedy assassination run by george w bailey (i don't think its the same guy from the movie its a wonderful life) ....great writing and sources throughout the blog. The name is oswald's mother i suggest perusing it . I nominate it as best blog on the net if anyone else has any other candidates please feel free to mention. Here is link http://oswaldsmother.blogspot.com/

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Guest Robert Morrow

Marguerite Oswald on the likelihood her son Lee Harvey Oswald was U.S. intelligence

“We are a patriotic family. All my three children volunteered for service in the armed forces. Lee wanted to enlist in the Marines at sixteen years old – he was rejected as being too young. But he was a member of the Cadet Aviation Corps, and they wanted to make him a pilot – the American Air Force doesn’t normally recruit young people whose patriotism is in doubt. An officer often came by the house to talk to Lee. That’s how he came to read Das Kapital; but at the same time he learned by heart the big wordy manual, The Perfect Marine. At seventeen, he enlisted, and his letters said he was happy. He was decorated. He did not receive a medal for being a sharp-shooter; it was his battalion which received that distinction … but the police and the press lied, making the world believe that my son was a champion rifle-shot.

“I am sure that the Marines trained Lee to be a secret agent. True, he did not tell me so, nor does anyone say so today. But since when did secret agents tell their mothers what they were doing? Or the secret services acknowledge their members?

“Lee was never in contact with the Communists. If he became a Marxist, it was because the Marines made a Marxist of him …

“Lee decided all in a minute to go to Russia … as if he’d received an order. He, always so truthful with me, told me that he was going to get on a cargo-boat for Europe. How could he, in the two days he stayed with me after leaving the military base, have arranged so quickly to get a passport, a Soviet visa and a passage to Russia?

[Nerin Gun, “Red Roses From Texas” p. 206] (published in 1964)

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