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Criticism of Secret Service

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What's your take on the death (by heart attack) of SS limo driver Thomas Shipman at Camp David in October 1963? I know that Secret Service had destroyed the Presidential survey reports and travel logs pertaining to this matter in January 1995, at the same time ARRB was drafting a request for additional information. Since Greer becomes suspect for many reasons, and the key protective asset to subsequently compromise, you'd think there would be more investigative activity in Shipman's death. Do we know anyhting more than simply the protective records from Fall 1963 have been destroyed? Did anyone ever talk in more detail about Shipman?


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Vince, a procedural question.

I understand that Kellerman's superior was riding in the Queen Mary and that the Queen was in contact with Kellerman by radio. That said - did Kellerman have tactical command of the limo in an emergency? Was he authorized to give Greer orders?

How exactly did the chain of command proceed between occupants of the Queen Mary and the limo (including radiomen)? Did any emergency procedure supersede normal procedure?

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