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Hello everyone, I am a newbie on this Forum, so bare with me while I learn protocols

I have been interested in Affidavits and initial Law Enforcement reports.

The Deputy Sheriff's seemed to have been disciplined to create a report when involved with a crime scene or a crime. Seventeen Deputy sheriffs created a report or Affidavit on 11/22/1963 or 11/23/1963 concerning the assassination and their experience of it.

I would hope the police department would have had their officers do the same.

Does anyone know if police reports exist and where I may find them?

thank you

Bob Mady

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The City of Dallas has been pretty good about scanning and posting their official records on the assassination at their web site including DPD docs.

The reason there are so many sheriff reports is because there offices are right there at Houston and Elm and there were literally dozens of deputies watching the motorcade and they took witnesses there to take their sworn statements.


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Try : http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/ and then slelect a box to look through.

Office of the City Secretary / Dallas Municipal Archives

John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection

In 1989, and later through City of Dallas Ordinance 92-0438, the Dallas Police Department transferred to the Dallas Municipal Archives, Office of the City Secretary, all police records relating to the assassination. These records have been available to researchers since the transfer. The collection contains 11,406 documents and photographs, including homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence. The collection is also available on microfilm. The Municipal Archives possesses the original files, except those that have been transferred to the federal government permanently.

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I have the index in a spreadsheet and checked for any type of affidavit... unless they are in another batch of reports, there are no DPD affidavits other than what are listed....

Baker, Weitzman - both affidavits contradicted the official story as well as their testimony...

Curious - where/how did you find the 17 Sheriff reports? thanks


11/22/63 Barbara Jeanette Davis Original Signed

11/22/63 Billy Nolan Lovelady Original Signed

11/23/63 Bonnie Ray Williams Original Signed

11/22/63 Buell Wesley Frazier Original Signed

11/22/63 Buell Wesley Frazier Original Signed

11/22/63 Cecil J. McWatters Original

11/22/63 Cecil J. McWatters Original Signed

11/22/63 Charles D. Givens Original Signed

11/22/63 Danny Garcia Arce Original Signed

11/22/63 George Jefferson Applin, Jr. Original Signed

11/23/63 Gladys Shastid Original Signed

11/22/63 Helen Markham Original Signed

11/22/63 Jack E. Dougherty Original Signed

11/23/63 James Earl Jarman, Jr. Original Signed

11/23/63 James Richard Worrell, Jr. Original Signed

11/22/63 Lee E. Bowers Original Signed

11/22/63 Linnie Mae Randle Original Signed

11/22/63 M. L. Baker Original

11/22/63 Marina Oswald Original Signed

11/23/63 Mary E. Bledsoe Original Signed

11/23/63 Michael Paine Original Signed

11/23/63 Mrs. R. A. Reid Original Signed

11/22/63 Roy S. Truly Original

11/23/63 Roy S. Truly Original Signed

11/22/63 Ruth Hyde Paine Original Signed

11/22/63 Sam Guinyard Original Signed

11/23/63 Seymour Weitzman Original

11/23/63 Seymour Weitzman Original

11/22/63 Ted Callaway Original Signed

11/22/63 Virginia Davis Original

11/22/63 Virginia Davis Original Signed

11/23/63 W. W. Scoggins Original Signed

11/22/63 William H. Shelley Original

11/22/63 William H. Shelley Original

11/22/63 William H. Shelley Original Signed

11/23/63 William Wayne Whaley Original Signed

Grand Count 36

And from the witness listing those wither in the Sheriff Depart or DPD:

Baker, Marrion WC Testimony, 11/22/63 Affidavit, 8/11/64 Affidavit Member, Dallas Police Department. Witness at assassination scene.

Curry, Jesse Edward WC Testimony 1, 2, 3, 8/10/64 Affidavit Chief, Dallas Police Department.

Day, J.C. WC Testimony 1, 5/7/64 and 6/23/64 Affidavits Lieutenant, Dallas Police Department.

Dhority, C. N. WC Testimony, 5/12/64 Affidavit Member, Dallas Police Department.

Fritz, John Will WC Testimony 1, 2, Affidavit Captain, Dallas Police Department

Martello, Francis L. WC Testimony, Affidavit Lieutenant, New Orleans Police Department.

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I appreciate every response.

The DPD web site has affidavits and reports but not from the police present in Dealey Plaza reporting on the assassination.

I am not looking for witnesses that are not law enforcement or Deputy Sheriff's which are readily available.

It is astounding that there is an absence of police reports on the crime.

If I didn't know this to be a conspiracy I might still think this is suspicious. Any one else?

Thanks for the posts.

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Thanks Robert...

You may find what you seek under "REPORTS TO CURRY" in boxes 2 and 5... the ones in box 14 are regarding the murder of OSWALD...

and on reports titled "Report on Officer's Duties"... most are in Box 3.

Hope it helps


(but they are not from the 22 or 23... they were submitted later in Dec, after they all got their stories straight... :ice

03 03 002 Report On Officer's Duties date unknown E. R. Beck Original Report on officer's duties in regards to the President's murder

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David, you might think so, but there is not one report from the police present in DP other than Baker.

All of those reports pertain to situations following the assassination.

Not one DPD law enforcement officer must have had anything worth recording.

That's the way it is.

Bob Mady

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