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Frank Worth?

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Does the name Frank Worth mean anything to anybody?


He was apparently from Dallas and carried on a "considerable" amount of correspondence with Robert DePugh of the Minutemen.

See p. 9 of this File:



This is a very interesting document from April, 1964, by the way. Reports of thousands of machine guns and explosive powder for bazookas...


I don't know what kind of intelligence the FBI had received, or from where, but if you go to the Mary Ferrell Foundation web site and look at the FBI Subject files for Minutemen and read the files for January, 1964, alerts went out to just about every major city in the U.S., to be on the lookout for, and lean on any sources they had, for information about a possible plot to overthrow the government.


Who knows? *shrugs*


Steve Thomas

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Hey Steve, In my thread here on the Lake Pontchartrain Training Camps and the arms cache busts there is a clear connection to the Minutemen. They were absolutely in the thick of things related to arms smuggling. I'm sure it served two practical purposes for them, upgrading their own weapons and funding their "cause".

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