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  1. Alan Grant was invited into the house by Michael Paine. Curiously, Michael had time to return home from downtown and then go shopping before he encountered the Life reporters. The photograph of the sofa on the east wall of the living room that Alan Grant captured was taken the evening of 11/22/63. https://allangrant.com/oswaldstory.htm
  2. Thank you for that correction. I was working "from memory" but I still have the same feeling that the Campisi meeting was more about sending a message to people, a "warning", than it was about paying respects to Ruby.
  3. There was a Dallas newspaper article that mentioned that Joseph Civello had visited Ruby in the Hospital (where I think he was being held under observation) shortly after he had killed Oswald. I understood the moment I read this that it was a "message" to any local witnesses to keep their mouths shut and that Ruby had done the deed for the mob. Thanks for the great interview, Greg. p.s. I wonder if Marina's visit to H.L. Hunt is the reason her testimony seemed to change over time?
  4. According to the story she certainly knew it was a letter that Oswald wrote when she slipped it into the desk. By that time, it had been on the desk for at least 36 hours and she had already read it and copied it. After hiding the draft in the desk secretary, (she never mentions hiding the dictionary, btw), she then asks Michael and Lee to come into the living room and move the furniture around? Sounds plausible, too.
  5. Under Oath, Ruth stated she did not know to whom the dictionary belonged. I'd like to see that dictionary. As far as I know, it's not in evidence and we are left with a typewritten report that describes the notations LHO made inside it. Which is sorta like asking an artist to make a rendering of a head wound from a photo and introducing the rendering as evidence. I don't know if it was checked for micro-dots.
  6. I'd have to re-read her testimony to find her exact wording but off the top of my head, she testified that a phrase she read above the fold is what drew her attention to the paper to begin with. How she ID'ed it as Oswald's and how she determined it was the draft of the letter he typed is not discussed. I can't rule out, if the story is factual, that she could have identified a piece of paper, despite not having read it, at a later time the same day. I don't think Marina was ever considered a possible source of the draft.
  7. I believe that the entire story about how RP came to acquire Oswald's draft is probably untrue. As a part of that, I believe the portion of her story that occurred in the living room is fraught with untruths and distortions. To this point directly, I don't think the letter ever "resided" on that desk. I think it was acquired by other means. To answer your question; Until Sunday afternoon, the only adults in the house are Lee, Marina and Ruth. My original question was how did Ruth "know" this draft was the letter LHO typed that morning, according to her story?
  8. Tommy, It's a possibility that Ruth was so observant that she became an authority on LHO's handwriting with a peak. My own experience is that I learn about someone's handwriting after they have written me a few things and I read them. It's far more likely she became an "expert"on his handwriting when she very carefully made her own flawless copy while LHO was using the bathroom. Let's be honest, the event that Ruth offers as proof of her initial suspicions is that LHO shielded the draft from her view and she could not see it. She also denied seeing the typed document. LHO had a lot of papers and notebooks in the garage, if she had access to this material and snooped through it then obviously she'd have had some experience identifying it. How long do you think it would have taken to steal the note, return to your room, copy it flawlessly and then return it to the living room? An hour? I don't have a definitive feeling about the date. I do remember reading about some researcher, (can't recall atm), who had handled the actual envelope in evidence and stated that the reflection of the ink when examined indicated no traces of a mis-struck "1". I lean towards believing that it's therefore more likely a "2" than a "12". November 2, 1963 was a Saturday. If Ruth Paine's timeline is false then I think there is a whole range of new possibilities. Maybe it's simply a coincidence that Oswald was at the Post Office on Saturday Nov. 2nd, 1963? https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=40391#relPageId=259&tab=page
  9. I'm not to the point yet where I want to call Agent Hosty out but... It is against FBI policy to interview a female suspect alone without another Agent present. These FBI protocols are clear and absolute. I recommend a read of the testimony of the other FBI Agents involved in the post assassination investigation to understand how far "out there" Hosty's Nov. 1st visit to the Paines actually was (i.e. Church Committee). This "protocol" does not apply to visiting a female "informant" to discuss the weather and current events.
  10. Tommy, The timeline is this per RP: 1. Oswald borrows the typewriter and uses it in the kitchen sometime after breakfast on Saturday morning. 2. After returning to the house from the drivers license testing facility and shopping, Ruth notices a folded hand written note in her living room on top of the "small secretary" desk. 3. It remains there, on top of the desk, until Sunday morning when she reads it, copies it and returns it to that location while Oswald is in the shower. 4. Sunday evening after dinner, she slips it inside the desk and then asks Michael and Lee to swap the locations of that desk and the couch in the living room. She says she noticed it because the writing above the fold was obviously Lee's. No explanation given or offered as to how she knows this handwriting. No explanation how Marina doesn't notice the paper during the day and a half it sat there. It's curious that Marina immediately recognized it as Lee's handwriting when shown the note by the FBI (also the FBI noted her surprise and shock that it was in RP's possession). No explanation how Lee does not notice the paper despite the extraordinary amount of time he spent in that tiny living room that weekend playing with the kids, watching football and movies. David Lifton suggests that Lee left it there on purpose as a "provocation" but doesn't explain why Lee would need to "provoke" this simple Irving housewife that is providing shelter to his wife and children. As far as Lee using the typewriter on different occasions... when did this allegedly occur? I assume the "window of opportunity" would have been some weekend after Oswald returned to Dallas and before the weekend of the "Embassy Letter". Would this/these incident(s) allow for a typewritten letter with a postmark of "NOV 2"? Has any other typewritten Oswald correspondence been identified from that time period?
  11. I think this is a key item that could unravel whatever was really going on with Oswald, the Paines and the FBI post assassination. I don't know what the true story is yet but there are so many really odd coincidences and discrepancies that it's difficult for an objective researcher not to "smell smoke". Ruth Paine admits that she never saw or read either Oswald's draft or the letter he typed in her kitchen, yet she "knew" the handwritten letter she found in her living room and later stole, was in fact, the draft of the letter Oswald typed. How many letters did Oswald type? A careful reading of Ruth Paine's testimony reveals that she blurted out that "it wasn't the only time he borrowed the typewriter". This revelation was subsequently ignored by counsel and went unexplored. What of the "furniture moving" story that culminated in Ruth actually acquiring Oswald's draft? Why make this up? If this is an elaborate fiction, as I believe, then you can toss any notion that there is a true provenance for this "evidence".
  12. Are you asking Gene to explain the context in regards to the letter, JFK, Ruth Paine and the FBI in Nov. 1963 because you don't know how they are connected? Seriously?
  13. Posting this here for reference. In defense of an earlier postage mark, " 2" , instead of the assumed "12" we have this juicy little tidbit that was volunteered by Ruth Paine and never, (as far as I can tell), referenced again. It's interesting that she now calls the Mexico Embassy letter a "note" but the previous, and never discussed again, document is a "letter"? Could this "previous letter" have been typed on Nov. 2nd? "This is probably no use to you" is also quite prophetic since they made sure not to go down "this road" in subsequent testimony.
  14. The more I study these two cards, the more I think the Nagell copy was produced via fax or wire and that it is, in fact, the same document as the extant Oswald version. There are three light grey vertical lines on the right side of Nagell version which apparently were introduced by the copy equipment. (Vicinity of "617"). The images, in the Nagell version, have been stretched horizontally and so that "copy" no longer retains the same "aspect ratio". Older style facsimile machines which used a rolled paper stock were notorious for stretching the images transmitted. Pictured: Communist assassins receiving their orders (L) from the Kremlin (R). There are numerous places where there is a pattern of dots in exactly the same alignment as the circles on Oswald's version. Several of the "random" marks on the Nagell copy are coincidentally in the same location as text items we theorize are elements of the "fake postage stamps". There is a mark in the "coloring" on Oswald's left shoulder that seems to be a perfect match for a "continuation" of the circle marked in blue. Elements of the Nagell Copy that are disrupted coincidentally coincide with heavily "disrupted" areas on the Oswald version.
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