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  1. The irony of whining about ad hominem attacks while basically attacking others isn't missed on me. That aside, you seem to suffer from an association fallacy. "Bush (allegedly) lied about his whereabouts on 11/22/63, therefore this grainy picture of a guy with a marginal resemblence is absolutely Bush." Bush's alibi can be bogus, and that can not be him in the photo. The two items are not mutually exclusive. You seem to draw correlations and associations that don't actually exist except in your mind. You also seem to forget that at least a few of the names you have mentioned do infac
  2. I think you touched on one aspect these guys just continue to gloss over, hundreds of witnesses would have seen Bush in Dealey Plaza and would be able to attest to his identity, yet not a single witness has come forward (I guess they were got to). In this and the other purported Bush photo, he is clearly standing around and seemingly engaging with others. Not just those who appear to be officers or detectives, but witnesses and "looky-loos" as well. The reason no one has come forward and stated that "yes that is Bush in the photo because they saw him there," is that it wasn't Bush. That d
  3. Wait, so yall are telling me the guy below isn't the shooter? Everything matches from the back... It's not going to be easy explaining this away, it's obviously him from the back... Bob Hoskins obviously shot Oswald, anyone can see its the same person.
  4. Might be of some help... https://books.google.com/books?id=tywEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA73#v=onepage&q&f=false https://houstonhistorymagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/8F-HH-1.2-optimized.pdf
  5. Yes it has, and always has been. What site can I download the file that shows me what candidate Robert Wheeler voted for in every election? You keep dodging all my questions while trying to make zingers that don't stick. Maybe you could address the points instead of constantly deflecting.
  6. Sorry for the massive multi-quote... I'm not sure what your beef with Caddy or with whatever he posts is, but maybe you should take that up with him. In the meantime, it might help you to be familiar with what you're posting. For instance from your link... So this isn't some shakeup of the establishment, this is a Congressionally ordered mandate which he...followed. Ah man, he zung it to the Deep State by following their wishes..hyuck..he shore did. Could you share with any of us where we can get classified voter information to "sift" through?
  7. Well first...lmao. Who is this person to "confirm" anything? How would she ever have verifiable first hand knowledge? Second, what the person said was she "heard" servers were confiscated. Hardly a "confirmation." Considering the company has no servers in Germany and the fact the Army has said it is bullshit is just....the reach of the Deep State? You thinking Biden will ever give a concession speech or will not be the 46th President is fairly textbook... https://www.webmd.com/schizophrenia/guide/delusional-disorder#1 I might stare at my feet, but it will be to
  8. Why do you keep saying this? Wyman Howard is the commander. I guess this is probably stupid of me because you never post evidence for any of your other paranoid delusions, but do you have anything to back this up?
  9. I don't really disagree. I do believe though that in this instance he really is doing it for "the sake of others." Not so much for them, but at the end of the day Trump is tied to his base. If they give up on him, he's done. He has to do actions like this which on the surface are "for the sake of others" but are really cons meant to bolster his own stature. By fighting "for them" it raises his stature in their eyes. It also drives home the stolen election idea (Trump's stabbed in the back myth) and allows him to cultivate this crop of lunacy for eventual harvest in 2024. Just like ch
  10. I read an article earlier, no link sorry, but it stated Trump knows he lost and will not be re-elected, but is putting up the fight for the sake of his supporters. I think this ties well into what I stated earlier and with Stewart's observations. Unlike most politicians, Trump listens to his base and gives them what they want. ETA: I believe this tactic will work quite well from Trump and allow him to run again in 2024 and use this as a rallying point for his supporters. It will be his own "poopoo stabbed in the back myth." Additional ETA: lmao @ "poopoo" Seriously, we
  11. I'm honestly a little more disturbed that people just don't seem to get it or see it until afterwards. Just like the first election when a good portion of people sat around scratching their heads wondering how this could have happened when all the polls said something different....When general sentiment said something different...When logic, common sense and the basic human decency we all expect most others to have said something different...America still elected Donald Trump as President. While, without the exception of some extraordinary events, he will not go on to be President again,
  12. I said who's gonna tell the youth about the drugs about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and the police thugs about the rotten stinkin' rackets and the fantasies around the nation, around the nations....
  13. http://www.allgov.com/news/top-stories/commissioner-of-the-food-and-drug-administration-who-is-scott-gottlieb-170424?news=860154
  14. So you're saying the below is not true then, the Aspen person does exist, does live in Switzerland and did work for the firm which was claimed. That firm is lying, as is Christopher Balding?
  15. Thanks! I was exposed to a co-worker. He flew down and could have gotten on the flight, or in the hotel he was staying in. We were both pretty diligent about mask wearing and only removed them when we went out to lunch. I'm not sure what his diligence was like after-hours though. He worked closely with me and two others, neither of those have developed any symptoms. One had a test last week and was negative.
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