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Did CIA spy on Executive Action movie as it was being made?

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The really, really sad reality of us as citizens in our American society today ( and obviously back in JFK days as well ) is how much we are all so secretly watched, spied on, investigated, tracked and followed if we ever engage in any kind of meaningful yet constitutionally protected protest ( including writing articles or books and making movies ) of anything questioning the highest echelons of our government and those who have the most power and influence in these.

It's a given now...and disturbingly accepted as just the way things are.

It's amazing how many things a citizen can do now ( even innocently, legally )  that will have them placed on some type of secret government watch list.

We have so many police agencies now and that are all connected to this massive surveillance matrix ( mind boggling in it's size and costs ) that it has to be one of the biggest budget industries in our society ever ... employing what...2 MILLION PEOPLE?!

With good salaries and benefits.

Trillions of dollars spent on this since JFK times?

Extreme paranoia of your own people and their thoughts. Not a healthy mind set.



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