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Oswald's Wallet at the Tippit Shooting?

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What makes the film footage remarkable is that for 50 years, authorities have said that the wallet was not found until about an hour later when Dallas police detective Paul Bentley removed the wallet from Oswald’s back pocket shortly after taking him into custody at the Texas Theatre, several blocks away from where Tippit was gunned down.

FBI agent Bob Barrett, who was at the scene of Tippit’s murder and is still alive, now calls Paul Bentley’s story “hogwash”.

The wallet is important because its contents connected Oswald to the guns used in the murder of President Kennedy and Officer Tippit.

The WFAA story

The WFAA story last fall said that the wallet mystery had been “settled.” Report Jason Whitley interviewed retired FBI analyst Farris Rookstool who conducted an investigation of the two wallet stories. Rookstool concluded that the wallet seen in the 1963 footage is an exact match with the Oswald wallet now at the National Archives in College Park Maryland.

Rookstool shows that the circular snaps, metal strips, and a zipper over the cash compartment are identical in both instances.

Rookstool says the wallet proves that Oswald killed Officer Tippit about 49 minutes after President Kennedy was shot and killed in downtown Dallas a mile and half away.

There’s another possibility: The wallet was planted at the Tippit murder scene.

Who found the wallet? And when did they find it?

Here’s the story insofar as it is known.....


More    http://jfkfacts.org/oswalds-wallet-planted-at-the-tippit-crime-scene/

The WFAA film...


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