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Adm Woolsey's comments on what the East bloc CIA agents "thought" at the time

Glenn Nall

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Admiral Woolsey just said (on some news channel that I know few of you were watching) that he knows that at the time the common thought of CIA supervisors and agents was this:

that Khrushchev was deeply incensed at Kennedy over the Missile Crisis and/or the BOP, and that he made the orders to have K. killed, and during the buildup of this plan that he "got cold feet" and ordered the discontinuation of said plan - 

and that all involved personnel followed his orders -

except for one. I won't say his name, but his initials are Lee Harvey Oswald (he didn't say that part, I did.)

Woolsey also stated that it was just a theory, that he doesn't necessarily subscribe to it, but that he is open to it, just like he's open to other reasonable theories.


I'm thinkin' that, as Hoover et al didn't want the public to be afraid of the Reds who may have killed our President (his reasoning) when they held power, now that the Communist Party is little more than a boys club outside of their own little world, it's quite safe to float that theory around like so much Greek mythology - toss it out there and see what it sticks to...

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