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An answer for Sandy Larsen

John Butler

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An answer for Sandy Larsen:

I went back and reviewed the Martin film’s sequence showing Prayer Man.  It is about 4 seconds in length and that would be about 70 frames if the film moved at Zapruder speed.  That segment shows Prayer Man on the Elm Street curb as the presidential limousine passes by.  The limo is hard to see since what is show is just the top and the occupant’s heads.  However, at the end of the sequence are several good shots of the limo as it passes the monument walkway unto El Street.  In those frames you can see President Kennedy’s head (the imagery is really not that good).  In this frame you can clearly the limo, Prayer Man and,  two Motorcycle Policemen as the motorcade goes by.



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Thanks John.

Now, you mean to say Lovelady, not Prayer Man. Right?

Buell Wesley Frazier said (in an affidavit, I believe) that Shelley and Lovelady and some others left the steps and went across the Elm Street extension in order to get a better view. He said that that this happened after the limo was out of view. But it's possible he was off in his timing. And that those people left at different moments in time.

So maybe that is Lovelady in the photo. On the other hand, this guy's shirt is buttoned all the way up it appears. In the other photos it's buttoned down a ways.

I've noted a number of times in the past that Lovelady seemed to have had a habit of changing which button level his shirt was opened to. In reality, I suspect that there were two guys there wearing red shirts. And I think this is the one who is not Lovelady.


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