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Dealey Plaza Walkabout?

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Hey I live here in north Texas, and I was curious if anyone would be interested in joining a group of EF folks in a walkabout in Dealey Plaza some Friday around lunchtime (seems appropriate).

You can PM me and we could post some potential dates before it gets too dang hot.  It would be nice to meet other EF members in person.

Just a chance to get on site and understand the true scale, position and environment of this pivotal event.  Nothing formal, just some interested folks checking out the grounds.



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Good initiative. Would've joined if I was not located thousands of miles away in Northern Europe. Would really love to go there some day. 

For those of us who are unable to go there, - technology luckily these days, -- makes us, in some ways "able" (though never the same as actually going there in person). 

Like Google maps, or; 

1440p HD Drone - video, - thanks to the uploader of that one. 


Hope you get some fellow members to join Rick! 

Meeting, discussing, observing, and inspiring eachother could contribute to more understanding. Whether it be confirmation or revelation.

Have a nice day!

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My memory is hazy, but as I recall there is no longer pedestrian access to the south end of the overpass. I think it is fenced off in some fashion. Was there a particular reason for that (like maybe to prevent people from snooping around about a possible south knoll shooter location)?



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