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Wim Dankbaar

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I will confess my ignorance. Can someone tell me what Pig on a Leash is?

As best I can determine from the link provided by Denis, Pig on a Leash is the title of a chapter written by Lifton for someone's book. If so, what is the book title?


Hi Ron.

Pig on a Leash is Liftons' extensive chapter in "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK".

If you are a fan of Liftons' work you have to read it.

The insights into Davids' personal experiences in the early years of this case are worth the price of the book alone imo.

The best read since "Best Evidence".



If anyone has read "Pig on a Leash" then I would hope that they understand why I described Roberts' description of David in the Black Op interview as "pathetic".

I wasn't critizing him as a researcher, I still like & respect his what he has done with the photographic evidence.


What I Want for Christmas:

I want Tim Carroll to take all this insight, brilliance, superior writing and analytical skills and utilize these talents by writing a book. Stop wasting his valuable time arguing with people on the forum who he does not know and who do not know him. It's a drain of energy, mental and physical, that has no goal, at least that is how it appears to me.

TIM: Get back to where you were with your seminar, pick up where Oglesby left off. You are his literary "heir". Don't let this forum suck away that energy. Please.

Bob Groden is a hero. His sacrifices to this case are legendary. He has also had some serious physical problems that some of us are aware of.

I have known Bob since 1975; he needs no defense!!

He's a hero, period.

Case Closed.

Dawn Meredith

Dawn, hi!

Why did you quote my post to write what you did?

Have you read "pig on a leash" & if so, what did you think of what David said about Robert?


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