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  1. Dawn, We who have spoken out have our own insurance policies (a way of saying we have put away certain documents that keep us alive and allow us a level of disclosure). But these policies only carry so much weight and we must know when to disclose what and when or the policies will become voided. Others can speak out against fear of disclosure, but unless you are the recipient of such, you are just spouting out and are encouraging those to lay it on the line. Tosh has come along way and he has flirted with crossing that line several times. As a former mechanic, I am simply reminding him that
  2. "... I hope you understand that this is advice from a fellow and friend. ..". Al; my friend. Thanks for the heads up. I do understand all to well. I too apologize to forum members for perhaps drifting off subject. However, I feel I must explain my motives for all to understand. "... You must know that there are still many travelers around, just in the Las Cruces group should be ample proof alone. ..". Yes I understand. My actions in no way will cause exposure or harm to anyone associated in mattetrs, past or present, which we know of; nor will my actions and postings undermine "act
  3. Tosh, With all due respect and you know I have the utmost for you, I hope you understand that this is advice from a fellow and friend. You really need to be careful here and stay away from certain connections that are not related to this forum's intent and time period. I do not see what you expect to gain with the reference to "Jack and Jill" here and it can only lead to trouble for alot of us. You must know that there are still many travelers around, just in the Las Cruces group should be ample proof alone. I would have e-mailed you this but I cannot get it to through. For forum members, I
  4. Al, who I don't know...and Tosh, who I know well obviously know each other. Again, I can only reiterate, that to my frustration, but understanding, I have asked direct questions to Tosh where he would not 'go' to answer....either to protect others who he felt did not deserve being 'outed' without it being their own decision to do so; or to protect what he felt to be legitiment operations; or becuase to 'go' there was a bit too dangerous; and I'm sure there were other reasons, alliances and allegences I can't know or imagine. That having been said, if every intelligence / black operative would
  5. As someone who has long worked with Tosh on many aspects of his life, I can assure you that some questions for him naming names or giving details go unanswered by him.....which seems to indicate some level of 'care' about what should and shouldn't be out in the open.....although we can all have our opinions [or guesses] on where the 'line' should be drawn. I'd only add that we are about in the USA to be consumed and destroyed by 60+ years of a 'national security state' run amok in its secrecy and much of what was done within that secrecy and if not exposed - we all [on the planet] will soon pe
  6. Tosh, While I admire your courage and openess and need to set things straight, I question what appears to be your willingness to dangle out those who need to remain in the shadows. After all, you of all should be aware that all is not safe! Al
  7. Thanks, Pat. I knew somebody would have info on this. MV Mark, A few things to keep in mind when dealing internal ballistics; In studying this, we must seperate low to high velocity projectiles, handgun being under 1800 fps and rifle being 1800fps +. These levels of velocity have a considerably different effect within a cavity and how it absorbes and creates a varying wound cavity and dispersion of energy within and with the ultimate exit. Another issue that has to be consider along with this is the position of the body and the receptacle (the head in this case). JFK's head was leaning
  8. (1) YES (2) No FYI: You might be interested in this background references FWIW http://groups.google.com/group/alt.current...d25d?hl=en& I have most of the books mentioned in the article. However, none of them mention what Hull was doing before 1980. The most comprehensive account of Hull is in Peter Dale Scott's Cocaine Politics. But once again nothing about his early life except that he was born in in Evansville, Indiana. I have found the answer to question 2. It appears in Robert Parry's "Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & Project Truth" (1999). Parry points out
  9. Brendan, Do your research please! You have provided nothing other than to try and derail serious threads. You are similar to Purvis with the exception that Purvis is trying to introduce "something" and you are simply attacking others. It is time you grow up and get another hobby. Come back when you grow up, okay. Why is it that persons who have nothing serious to add to a serious topic resort to personal attacks that are consistent with 10 year olds. I have two kids who I would punish for behaviour consistent with what you and Purvis display. I deal with mentality like this at work when cit
  10. Actually Al; Just perhaps there is developing a "following" of persons who now are beginning to recognize the quite simple forensic; ballistic; pathological; and physical facts of the assassination, and in so doing, are also beginning to recognize that you have been blowing smoke and BS. you keep outdoing yourself with rudeness and namecalling, Just my nature! I have always been quite rude; crude; and generally socially unacceptable when dealing with ignorance, as well as ignorant persons. Hell, I even dislike myself when I do something stupid. Just remember! You are the one who starte
  11. So bizarre that none of you losers has managed to put a dent in it lo these past 43 years. I liken you to isolated Japanese soldiers in 1946 and beyond, blissfully unaware that the war has ended. Of course, they were detached from their units and from all forms of official communication. What's your excuse? Nah, there's so much to ridicule right here. I imagine I'll be busy for quite some time, provided the super scary "military industrial complex" doesn't get me first. Time to up your meds, Mark. To John Simkin, While I have to admit that I have put Purvis on my top ten most disli
  12. Mark, Dawn and All, Thank you for your postings here to Mr. Purvis. I am extremely tired of it and it is nice to see that I am not alone at being offended by his arrogance and rudeness and am going from being honored by his personal attacks to just tired of them. He is from Mississippi and calling me a "podunk"??? Where a high school diploma is considered a masters degree??? Allow me this one dig please. Back on track and I am directing this at the forum in general, not Mr. Purvis as I do not care to debate those who cannot intelligently or respectfully debate. What one must consider that
  13. which is typical of those who do not have ammunition for an intelligent debate. Al Were it that I were debating, and/or debating with someone who demonstrated an intelligent capability, as well as the ability to conduct factual research, then there would be little problems. Come on "Big Al", inquiring minds want to know about all of the evaluation of the evidence you have conducted, as well as what new revelations you can prove. I do recall some time ago, on Lancer, when I first posted information relative to the weight loss to a bullet merely from having been fired, and that had not be
  14. David, That is correct by the most part. Many agents came from either the military or civilian LE and some had basic training in crime scene preservation and evidence collection. However, their focus as dignitary protection agents of the secret service was just that and under the stress of a major incident such as this, they would focus on their responsibilites. In any dignitary visit whether it was 1963 or 2006, the SS would have one agent assigned to head up each duty, such as motorcade, sight security, airport detail, intelligence. In a briefing the day prior to the visit, these agents wou
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